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Hello there, did you know that Texas is an electricity Deregulated state that means that 6.2 million Texans have a choice of where to buy electricity But guess what? 35% never switch and 23% of homeowners switch only once most do not know how to shop for electricity or they believe switching retail electric providers is complicated but in reality This just isn’t true Why is that? Because Texas electricity rates are all over the map the reps who are middlemen buy wholesale Electricity from the electricity generators and sell it to you at whatever the market will bear Then the brokers who are double middlemen sell rep plans with agency mark ups to unsuspecting Texas residents the tdsp delivery charges are passed along to the customer Do you know the difference between a broker and a rep you should? The reps used fact sheets to convey the terms of sale of electricity to you the consumer But these fact sheets are complicated and confusing They use teaser rates of one and two cents per kilowatt hour Fees credits and other tactics to attract unsuspecting customers So there are two ways to select a retail electric provider method number one Do it yourself by trying to analyze all available plans We call this the standard method or method number two use the electricity calculator comm method Let’s see how this works. So Here’s the standard method go to rep website Homeowners enter their zip code and hundreds of plants are presented homeowners have no way to Mathematically analyze all the rep plans and compare them to their annual kilowatt per hour usage and cost Consumers are often fooled into believing the lowest kilowatt per hour rate is the cheapest or best plan This just isn’t true and so on average Texans in depth paying $1,750 annually, according to the t cap at electricity calculator com We’ve developed a trade secret algorithm which deciphers all the reps confusing charges We then take your personal usage data normalize it for 12 months then mathematically evaluate all the available rep plans in just seconds even if there are hundreds of choices and provide you with the absolute lowest cost plans Math is fun. It never lies on average. We find we save homeowners 50% imagine what you could do with this extra money and Finally according to data from one of the TDS PS not switching when their contract expires Could mean your bill goes up by as much as 65% We keep track of your expiration date and notify you when it’s time to change. So this will never happen to you So here’s how the electricity calculator comm process works Step 1. Why not? Let us calculate your savings for free simply go to WWE electricity calculator comm and click calculate savings Grab a copy of your electricity bill. This is important page 1 and page 2 please then upload and send it to us We also need to know if you have gas or electric heat and a pool. Yes or no Within hours, you will receive an email with a link to your savings simply amazing Step 2 review your savings and joining If you like what you see and are not under contract click join now you will be taken to the payment information page and be assessed our 99.95 cent full-service annual membership fee If you are still under contract Simply enter your expiration date and click remind me we will then contact you when it’s time for you to switch Step 3. Choose your plan the best plans for you will appear a 12-month fossil-fuel plan and a 12-month clean-energy plan. You make the choice and click choose plan step 4 Enrollment form you have chosen your plan. And now we need to collect some information so we can handle the rest from here So you don’t have to Reps require confidential information and we ask for an authorization Form so we can deal with your new rep for you to handle the switch process This information is captured in a secure third party location with high-grade banking level encryption You only have to do this once next year you simply get an email and a phone call from us Informing you of your two plan recommendations and we switch you. There is no interruption of service And your old contract is automatically cancelled. It’s easy and you save lots of money so please remember Electricity calculator comm is a consumer advocacy company our goal and purpose is to make it simple and easy for Consumers and Texas to choose the lowest cost electricity plan available period so go to electricitycalculator.com call 844-883-2252 Remember David Lieber watchdog of the Dallas Morning News Recommends services such as electricity calculator comm as an electricity consultant for Texas residents

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