Text Message Marketing Tactics for Online Retailers in 2020
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Text Message Marketing Tactics for Online Retailers in 2020

Hello everyone. Derek Johnson with tatango.com. If you’re an online retailer, you’re gonna
wanna watch this video because I’m gonna show you some tactics that we’re seeing more online
retailers use to grow their SMS subscriber database. So, I’m gonna show you three different examples. I’m gonna throw up on my screen up here. My screen on the phone. And, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go to
some websites. The first one is Supergoop. These are all kinds of very D2C type brands,
direct-to-consumer. We’re seeing a lot of the new and innovative
brands who use these techniques. So, I’m gonna go to Supergoop. And watch my screen here. So, I’m on the website. It’s loading. And then, as I was just scrolling through,
you can see essentially a massive pop-up. So, this is a pop-up. You can see the X in the corner top right
there. So it says, “Unlock 10% off. Sign-up to text to get 10% off your next order
plus early SPF access, education and more.” So, there’s a couple options. I can X out of this. I can click “get 10% off” or I can click “no
thank you.” I’m gonna click 10% off so you can see what
it looks like. So, when it does that, what is doing is it’s
precomposing a message to the short code, and then it’s using at the very bottom here,
right here…where is it? Right there. That’s essentially telling that SMS provider,
“Hey, this is Supergoop, opt them in.” They’re opting it from the mobile website. So, kind of a cool way to do it if I enter
here. You’ll see once it comes through, so yeah,
you subscribed. Yeah. That’s all you need to do. Pretty easy. And then you get the promotion. So, let’s go back. Let’s now look at Solstice Sunglasses. Solstice Sunglasses. Okay. Another D2C brand. I’m on the website. It’s loaded and, boom. Right there. Huge, 10% off. The best part about this is we found, I think
it’s like five times more likely consumers are to give up their phone number if you offer
something in return for that phone number. So, 10% off, 20% off. If you’re a restaurant, free cookie. You get the idea. So, 10% off. I’m gonna click this just to show you what
it looks like. Again, they’re using that reference number
which will then tell the SMS provider what list and where to put them. Welcome, and then the follow-up text message
with the actual promotion that was advertised on the website will come in the next text
message. Then, we have one more. Just wanna give you an example. This one is Rainbow. Rainbow. Okay. So, I’m on this mobile website. Looking through. So, this is a little bit different. This is not as aggressive. Now, the nice thing is, with mobile, you could
choose to be really aggressive. You can choose to be very little aggressive. It’s up to you. Also, it depends on how many times they visited
the website, how long they’ve been on the website. You can set all these different things. So, as you can see the very bottom of the
left-hand corner here, it says, “Get 10% off.” I click it. Now, this is an interesting one because as
you see here, this is asking for the email address. So, why is it doing this? Well, this brand, most likely, they see emails
as kind of being the top priority. And then as you’ll see here when I click continue,
now it says, “Unlock 10% off your order.” Complete the sign-up. And, it’s again the full image or full take
over of the page. So, for this one, instead of just collecting
the phone number, they’re collecting the email address and then they’re like, “Hey, to finish
this, you need to essentially click this button.” So, I’m gonna click it. Again, reference number, short code. Gonna text it in. So, now this brand has my email and my phone
number, which from statistics and studies that we’ve seen, if you have both an email
subscriber and an SMS subscriber, they’re going to convert higher than just an email
subscriber. So, it’s always good, if you can, to get somebody
that’s a dual subscriber, email and SMS. And as you can see here, I got the welcome
message. And now, I’m getting the message with the
“unlock your 10% off.” So, anyway, that’s just an interesting tactic
that we’re seeing a lot of online retail shops using, especially when they’re on their mobile
phone to grow SMS subscribers. It’s kind of marrying a lot of different things. Number one, it’s marrying kind of mobile and
how easy it is to click through, and you saw that I just quickly subscribed. I didn’t even need to text a keyword and all
precomposed for me. Second, is we know that consumers, if you
give them something, they’re much more likely to give up their mobile phone number and subscribe
to a list. So, those two things combined really is a
great opportunity for brands, especially online retail D2C type brands to grow their SMS subscribers. If you have questions about this, or looking
for online tactics to grow your mobile subscribers, definitely check out tatango.com, or check
out our YouTube channel youtube.com/tatango for all kinds of tips on how to do effective
text message marketing. Again, my name is Derek Johnson with tatango.com.

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