Thai Food at Tha Kha Floating Market (ตลาดน้ำท่าคา) – Don’t Miss Aunty’s Fried Oyster Omelet!
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Thai Food at Tha Kha Floating Market (ตลาดน้ำท่าคา) – Don’t Miss Aunty’s Fried Oyster Omelet!

– My plate of hoy tod is coming along, and she just added the egg, and I love, she cracked on the egg, and
then she chucks the eggshell into the bucket of eggshells, expertly. Oh, that’s a beautiful thing. (cheerful instrumental music) Good morning everyone, it’s Mark Wiens with
in Bangkok, Thailand. There are many different floating markets that you can visit when
you come to Bangkok, and there are a couple
right within Bangkok, I really recommend Khlong
Lat Mayom, by the way, and then there are also some
really famous floating markets about an hour and a
1/2 outside of Bangkok, in a province called Samut Songkhram, and some of the really
famous floating markets like Damnoen Saduak, and
Amphawa floating markets are all located there. But today, my wife and
my sister and my mom, and our kids, a couple of our kids, we are gonna go on a day
trip to Samut Songkhram, and hopefully go to a couple
of kinda more lesser known floating markets, so stay
tuned for this video, some lesser known floating
markets and some delicious food coming up. Are you ready for another road trip, Mika? (woman singing lullaby) According to Google
Maps, it’s 86 kilometers from where we’re leaving,
and we’re in the Bangna area of Bangkok, and it’s gonna
take an hour and 36 minutes to drive there. (cheerful instrumental music) You know when you’re in the countryside when the dog just lounges
in the middle of the road and you have to go around him. We are following Google
Maps, and we’re now on this small little jungle
road, and I’m loving it. Oh, this is such a beautiful province, I love being around these areas. Achoo! We made it, this market is
called Talat Nam Tha Kha, and the literal
translation, talat is market and then nam is water,
so it’s a water market, and I’m already loving the simple, kinda slow feel of this market. When you arrive to this
market, you walk through this little entrance
section which is covered, and there’s some souvenir
shops, and then immediately, you get to the floating market section, it has such a quiet,
peaceful, nice feel to it, there are plenty of boat vendors, some of which are selling
ready-to-eat things, and then some people who are selling a variety of different
ingredients, lots of bananas, some onions and some garlic and shallots, and then produce from their gardens, probably right from their
gardens right at home, and they just load
everything up onto their boat and then come to the market to sell. But what I really like is how small, and how friendly it is so far, and I just, actually, I haven’t really
walked around much yet, but I just came into the market, walked up this little bridge so I can just kinda get a birds’ eye view
of Tha Kha floating market. (woman speaking in foreign language) So far, the ladies selling
things at this market are all very friendly, and
they all wanna see Mika. Looks like they’re buying something here. – Popiah!
– Popiah. My sister Anyin just got
some fresh spring rolls, and they are really hot
and fresh, fried fresh. Mm! Oh yeah! Filled with mung mee
noodles, and maybe carrots. Mm, they’re good. Nice and hot still. (baby wailing) As you’re walking along the
edge of the water on the market, they have these coconuts set up where you can massage your feet. Kinda go like this, it kinda hurts! Am I doing it, (speaks
in foreign language). (speaks in foreign language) It’s coconut sugar. (woman speaking in foreign language) You can smell it, you can smell it. – [Anyin] It’s supposed to
be better, so I use that instead of regular sugar. – There’s a lot of good
produce at this market, and also, you can buy fresh coconut sugar, and coconut syrup, and
lots and lots of bananas and coconuts. Hoy tod. Yeah. (woman speaking in foreign language) I am squatting down
here on a floating raft, and I just ordered
something called hoy tod, which is fried oysters with egg, and this is a beautiful stall, it is an amazing grandmother
who is cooking up, and she is using charcoal on a hot plate, and adding in the batter,
the oysters, and then egg. Oh, and it’s just going up in
a cloud of beautiful smoke. My plate of hoy tod is coming along, and she just added the egg, and I love, she cracked on the egg, and
then she chucks the eggshell into the bucket of eggshells, expertly. Oh, that’s a beautiful thing. Oh, I think that’s some lard going in. (woman speaking in foreign language) There are bean sprouts in it, there’s egg, there’s the rice flour
batter, as well as oysters, I asked her, they are oysters, and then also bean sprouts and cilantro, and then after it was finished, she dished it onto a
plate, added some cilantro and then some pepper. And I’m sitting down
here with my mom to eat. Oh yeah. It’s good. Oh, the fresh, crisp bean
sprouts, the oyster in there, and then like the gooey batter flour. As we were sitting eating
that oyster omelet, I could smell the smoke
coming down the canal from the grilling skewers of
gai ping and maybe moo ping, I’m not sure, I think
she mostly has chicken, but that sounds delicious right now, grilled meat on skewer. (woman speaking in foreign language) Okay, how many skewers would you like, ma? – [Mom] One or two. (woman speaking in foreign language) – [Mom] Sticky rice. (Mark speaking in foreign language) – We got a full baggy of
grilled chicken, and also tab, which is liver, and liver’s
one of my favorites. Oh yeah. So creamy, and then it
has a marinade on it, so it’s a little bit sweet
and a little bit salty at the same time, but with a really good, smoky flavor to it. (cheerful instrumental music) Oh, thank you! I stopped to buy some starfruit, starfruit is an excellent fruit, not only does it look cool,
but it tastes incredibly good, so every opportunity I have
for starfruit, I go for it. Mm! It is so juicy! Oh, that’s just an entire
mouthful of starfruit juice. Oh, that’s delicious,
and it’s sweet and sour. The next snack that we
got is called toong tong, and the literal translation
is a golden little bag, or little pocket pouch,
and it’s a little wrapper, which is wrapped really nicely, and I think they had a
minced pork version as well, but we got the one filled
with corn and then deep-fried, and this is a little one-bite little gift, and you can see on the top,
on the top it’s very crispy, and then on the bottom is the pouch where it’s wrapped up with the filling. Mm! Oh yeah. That’s like a spring
roll in different shape. That’s fantastic. Oh, that is tasty. – Surprisingly good! – [Mark] It’s more tasty than
I thought it was gonna be. – Yeah, that’s what I’m saying,
like it was really good! – Ying is having a bowl
of kway chap nankon, which are the rice noodle rolls, in like a braised soup,
and I’m having just ba mee, which are the egg noodles, with pork, and there’s some pork
meatballs, I think in there, and also some daikon, I
think it’s daikon radish, which is also within the soup broth. Let me get a bite with some
pork and with some noodles, there are also a lot of bean
sprouts in here as well. Mm! Some good black pepper in
there, or maybe white pepper, but that’s just a simple,
classic bowl of Thai noodles. Pork noodles. (cheerful instrumental music) (woman speaking in foreign language) I’m watching them make something which is called khao
tom mad, which is rice, sticky rice mixed in a mixture, I think with coconut milk, and then they add in a banana and
wrap it in a banana leaf, and then it’s steamed, and
it’s a very popular Thai snack, but she was telling me
that it’s a bolan version, it’s a traditional version. Very cool to watch them make it. Oh, okay. So this is the sticky rice mixture that includes sugar and coconut milk. (speaking in foreign language) They are making the khao tom mad over a little bit down
there, overlooking the canal, and then they’re selling them right here, so I just got some of the khao tom mad that they’re making freshly right now. They’re wrapped in doubles,
and you unravel that, and then you got two banana
leaf-wrapped packets. Oh, and you can feel
that stickiness already from that coconut milk
and that sugar in there. Oh, and what I love about things that are cooked in banana leaf is you can immediately smell the aroma, that banana leaf, it has
such a wonderful aroma. The sticky rice just sorta melts into that coconut milk and the banana. Really gooey, sticky rice, and then just with a sweet and tart
banana on the inside. This is one of my favorite
Thai traditional desserts. You can really taste that banana leaf, which the steam embedded into it. We spent about two hours
walking around this market and eating and relaxing,
this is a fantastic little floating market, and
I love how it’s so quiet and peaceful and very, very friendly. They also offer boat rides,
which would look really, really nice, but with the babies, I think we’re gonna skip the boat ride, although if you come here, I
think I would highly recommend the opportunity to take a
boat through these canals and just relax, that looks really fun. And from here, we’re gonna go
see another floating market, which is not too far away. Yeah, there’s another
floating market about, it said about 15 minutes
away that I wanna check out, so we’ll just stop by
there for a little bit and see how it is. (cheerful instrumental music) That was an absolutely beautiful drive through the coconut trees to get here, and that was about a 15 minute drive, and this is called Talat Nam Bang Noi, and it is right on the
edge of the Mekong River, I can see it right up here. (jazzy folk music)
Oh man, at first I thought that was a CD playing, that’s a live band! Fantastic! I gotta give it up to the live music, that is a highlight of
visiting this market. This is a really relaxed
floating market as well, but it’s right along the Mekong River, which is a huge river, and then kind of right in the parking lot
on the side of the temple, so it’s almost like a community, it almost has a community
center feel to it. The girls and the babies
are walking around the market shopping. This is a good shopping market, especially for little
Thai things and souvenirs, and so I have taken this
opportunity to sit on the bench near the water and eat some mulberries, and mulberries are, I
think they’re popular to eat at this market,
they’re kinda famous to eat at this market, and I like how she has made a mulberry, a little basket to hold the mulberries in, and then put the mulberries inside,
and then she put it in a plastic bag, too. Oh yeah! Mm! Oh, that gives you an
immediately burst of sourness, before any sweetness. Mm! Those are really good. (woman speaking in foreign language) Mika! We’re walking around the market, and we came back to the car to feed Mika, and also, we’re eating some
snacks, so I’m gonna try. This one is khanom gluay, it’s a banana grilled in a banana leaf, long and skinny. Let me break it in half, oh, very sticky. Loo at that, oh, it’s
hot, right off the grill. Mm! Yeah, it’s really good. It’s nice, you can taste the banana like, tastes like a dried banana with coconut, and then it has like a,
it’s almost like caramelized on the outside. Oh, Mika! What I really enjoyed today was visiting Talat Nam Tha Kha, that
was the highlight of today. It’s about an hour and a 1/2
outside of central Bangkok, and it’s definitely worth the trip, that’s one of the best
floating markets in Thailand that I’ve been to, I just
enjoyed the whole atmosphere of the market, and then
we just kinda stopped here just because we were in the area, and those mulberries were delicious. I’m gonna end this video now, it’s been a, yeah, just a great Bangkok day trip, and good to get out of
Bangkok for a little bit, and I really love this
Samut Songkhram Province in Thailand, and the relaxing markets, and the whole feel of the entire province, this entire area. Thank you very much for
watching this video, please remember to give it a
thumbs up if you enjoyed it, and also, if you’re
not already subscribed, make sure you click subscribe now for lots more food and travel videos, and I will see you on the next video, thank you for watching,
goodbye from Samut Songkhram. (cheerful instrumental music)

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