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13 thoughts on “The #1 Hack to Get a Marketing Job (Start a Marketing Career in 2019!)

  1. I'm sitting at home messaging people and owners offering free Google ranking and no one takes it. I'm tired man of not making any money.

  2. I am seeing your youtube channel due to Neil. But Your content is amazing. For new channel youtube SEO have a great hand. But you are not optimizing for one best keyword. I am also working as full-time freelancer and I want to work with you guys.

  3. 👏 to Manav.

    I think the dynamics with doing things for free are hard if you don't have the right mindset. It's easy at any point in time for the brain to tell you that you're "better than this" lol.

    However, it's also a trade-off between the why and the what. If you have a strong why and want to work with someone or a company it's easy to get past the what, which is the money.

    All becomes easier when you know yourself good enough, but it definitely takes time because you can't train all the things in your life at the same time. Otherwise, we'd have a bodybuilder called Eric Siu winning the Nobel prize for digital marketing while also going for president of the US. 😂

  4. Free work is not valueless, even if you don't do it for others, do it for yourself. My last 3 job opportunities have been a result of the work I do off the clock.

  5. i'm about to start my senior year of college and i've finally realized that i'm really interested in marketing. what kinds of internships would you recommend? what kinds of skills did you learn in your internship? i'm not majoring in business, im studying political science with a minor in applied psychology, do you think that would that hinder my chances of getting an internship? thanks for the informative video!

  6. My mentor from GenM brought me here. Great insight! you need to put the work to acquire the skills to succeed, even if it is not paid. currently, I am specializing and seeking a position in a paid search role. any advice?

  7. I trying to get into digital marketing. I've done my own work with my site and just need a job in the field to enhance what I know. Trying to get an internship is not as easy and working for free is fine but not as productive when you are given no direction. If you have resources for me to check ou, I'm all ears also if you could review my Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/troy-stamps that would be great!

  8. This goes back to the beauty of capitalism that poor people with a family to take care or huge student loan will never even be able to take the opportunity. What an obliviously democratic tip. All the comments just trying to suck your ass for an internship. Sad

  9. I'm looking for some entry-level content marketing gigs. I've got some experience but it's all over the place. I want to start focusing on content.

  10. Hey Eric,

    Hope you’re well. I’m looking for an internship in Marketing in Manhattan. I live in NJ. Any chance you could help me?


  11. Working for free it is not entitlement. It's a basic need when you're not privilege. How are employers expecting graduates to work full time for free and survive?
    Only people with family support or money can do that?
    Please enlighten me if you can tell me how to work for free and yet not ended up homeless

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