The 4 Step Video Marketing Strategy to Create Explosive Growth in Your Business This Year
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The 4 Step Video Marketing Strategy to Create Explosive Growth in Your Business This Year

– As you know by now, viewers are 64 to 85% more likely to buy after watching a video
on a product or service. The question is how are you
using video in your business to exponentially increase your sales and set your business on autopilot? Well, throughout the course of this three-part video marketing series I touch on what’s required to make a half a million dollars in sales in nine months or less leveraging video and the top mistakes
business and companies make when developing their
video marketing strategy. If you haven’t seen part one or part two be sure to jump over to
Entrepreneur’s YouTube channel and search Ben Angel to find them. Well today I’m gonna step you through a four-step marketing strategy
to help you get started. Step one begins with identifying a
specific product or service that you’re going to sell via
a direct sales video script. As I mentioned in part two, a direct sales video is the
first and most important video that any business needs to
create because it drives profits, it drives revenue and you can directly
test the results from it. This direct sales video will
be hosted up on a landing page that talks all about the
specific product or service. It could be watchbands,
it could be jewelry, it could be scarves, it
could be a coaching service, an accounting practice,
a massage therapist that’s outlining first of all the problem that their customer is experiencing and then outlining a possible solution, offering a plan, and a
direct call to action to purchase. Step two, once you’ve directed
them to your shopping cart the buy now button via
your direct sales video you need to sell them at checkout to maximize your profit margins. There’s a fantastic
example, it’s called T25. T25 is a fitness workout program that you’ve probably seen
on TV, huge, high energy, totally full on activity that just makes you
absolutely sweat like nuts. What they actually did was they made seven different offerings after they’d actually
added the initial product to their checkout. A lot of you may be saying,
well this is just crazy because if it was me I
just wouldn’t buy it, I’d probably just close
the tab and go away. Now what they found in a case
study that was reported online a believe a year or more ago now, is out of $1,000,000,000 in sales half a billion dollars in sales actually came from these
upsells at checkout. So the question I’ve got for you is after you sell the
initial product or service and captivate them via a video, and only a video can actually achieve as opposed to a static website
for a static landing page, what are the other complimentary
products or services are you actually offering to them? So it’s not like you’re selling McDonald’s and then trying to sell
them like a skipping rope or a jumping rope after that. They’re obviously not complimentary. It’s like going to Dominoes website. You order your main pizza and
then they’re gonna offer you soft drinks, and then after
that what comes next, dessert. Follows a logical process. So how can you build a
story of these upsells via the checkout process to ultimately maximize your profit margin? Step number three, you need to support your
video marketing plan with a solid automated
email followup strategy as well as Facebook re-targeting. And by doing these two simple steps this can equate to an additional 40 to 50% of additional sales within your business. You think about this. For those of you that have
tried Facebook advertising or any kind of marketing before capturing an additional 40% of income is potentially enough to not only make your business profitable if it’s been struggling but to push it into the
next realm of growth. This is a key area that not enough people actually pay attention to. When you’re driving advertising campaigns to your website or ideally
to your landing page which you can test your conversation rate on the video as well
as on the landing page when you’re doing that you wanna be able to protect the downside. The downside of that is
all of those individuals that visited the page but
didn’t end up purchasing. So we can re-capture them
either via automated email or Facebook re-targeting or even Google re-targeting campaigns. That’s step three. And finally step four. Hone in on lead generation and traffic to scale your business. Always be testing. Right now the cheapest
traffic that we found is via video adverts on Facebook which is why video is
so incredibly critical to businesses right now,
especially those companies that have only been doing image ads and have found that they’re
not longer profitable or working for them. That’s not to say you’d
ditch the image ads because we run loads of image ads. But what we found is the cost of video ads is sometimes 10 times
less than an image ad. So you’re generating 10 times more traffic than what you are with an image which means you’re competing on a scale with companies that have
multimillion dollar budgets. The playing field has
been totally evened out. Once you have your videos in place you wanna be testing these lead generation and traffic generation
sources and maximizing them where you absolutely can. The question now is how do
you tie all of this together? What equipment do you need, which software or editing
tools should you use? What should you do if you
don’t wanna be on camera and how do you write a video script that’ll make you hundreds
of thousands if not millions in sales per year and
structure animated videos? Well, that’s easy. Head over to and I’ll give you a free personalized 10-point
video marketing checklist to help point you instantly
in the right direction. That’s If you haven’t checked
out part one and part two be sure to check it out now
on Entrepreneur’s channel and I’ll see you guys
again very soon, take care. (light dubstep music)

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