The 80% Branding Fact Nobody’s Talking About
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The 80% Branding Fact Nobody’s Talking About

I’m gonna read something to you. This is amazing. This is from the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. 80% of Brands believe they deliver great consumer experiences. Only eight percent of consumers agree. I don’t claim to be a great math wiz. Well, let’s see. That’s a 72% gap. That means, three quarters of your odds are kind of like, “Maybe, maybe not.” You’re kind of guessing. That is a lousy way to operate. What you do I don’t care about. And what you do, your customers don’t care about. The only thing that matters is your transformation. If you work it from the transformation that you bring about and work it backwards, you will close this gap of 80% and 8% — that 72% gap. You will close it. If you want to close the gap between what you THINK, and the REALITY, then what you need to do is, build your brand from the consumer experience and their values and the transformation you bring about backward to your product. You do it that way: You’re good.

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2 thoughts on “The 80% Branding Fact Nobody’s Talking About

  1. Great vid David! That is a heartbreaking statistic for brands and a wake-up call to branding professionals for how they can best help their clients!

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