The Best Influencer Marketing Platform – discover How It Works!
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The Best Influencer Marketing Platform – discover How It Works!

Hello and welcome to indaHash indaHash is an end to end, full service influencer marketing solution with the greatest brand safety working with a massive amount of fortune 500 brands and agencies our technology is their tool of choice for setting up and knocking down engaging influencer marketing campaigns on all major social media platforms essentially we’ve streamlined the influencer marketing process through our application and our dashboard so now users themselves can easily create and distribute branded content on their social media profiles here’s how it works from the clients’ perspective first things first clients can set up a campaign super easily and target very effectively by influencer, by age, gender, location, zipcodes, interests, hashtags, audience archetypes you name it, we got it clients tell us what they’de like to promote their objectives for the campaign how they want influencers to promote it we run that through our tech and it goes into the app so influencers then see the campaign in the app they then can create and submit their content and it goes to review then the content goes directly into the dashboard Yes! the dashboard this is my favorite part! in the dashboard clients can moderate just about anything about their campaign they can accept, reject, or revise content download newly owned content get the reports, statistics create their influencer whitelists for the campaign you name it you can pretty much do it in the indaHash dashboard so once the client accepts the content in the dashboard the influencer is notified, they post it and distribute it on their social channels and they’re paid their rate per post easy as that! then all the info is automatically updated in the live status bar in the dashboard and full indepth reports are generated once the campaign is done the best part is clients can reuse this influencer generated content as they wish maybe digital out of home, put influencer generated content up in Picadilly Circus in shopping malls, use it on their own social channels or programmatic buys to get higher click through rates use it on their websites, you name it the client gets to use it well that’s what it looks like to run a campaign with indaHash from the clients’ perspective let us know if you’de like to give us a try I’ve been Joe, you’ve been here with indaHash let’s engage your consumers Bye

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