The Best Marketing Plan To Sell Your Home For Top Dollar – Joshua Inglis Reviews
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The Best Marketing Plan To Sell Your Home For Top Dollar – Joshua Inglis Reviews

Josh you are unbelievable it’s fun to
thank Josh for helping me sell my house very quickly I would recommend you to
the world and you’ve been wonderful to us thank you so much thank you
I would recommend him highly to the use of their phone my experience was
commended I really have a deep and profound
appreciation through exhausting for us really yeah just our you know we are so
grateful if you are looking for an agent who
utilizes cutting-edge technology invest in aggressive marketing gives personal
attention to each of his clients and sells his client’s homes for top dollar
keep watching I’m going to be going over my marketing plan with you let’s get
started step one we are going to create a custom website for your home if you
live at one to three main streets we are going to have the domain ww one two
three main com we do not want buyers to have to go to third-party sites like
Zillow Trulia or redfin where other homes get suggested to them
while they’re looking at your home rather we want buyers to go to your home
in your home exclusively by going to your domain there they’re going to find
pictures high-definition video the 3d tour floor plans what’s nearby and
school information this is very important step two we’re going to create
a 24 hour text line and QR codes for your home so this gives potential buyers
four ways to get information about the home when they’re driving by they can
either call me the agent but sometimes they don’t want to talk to a real estate
agent to get more information or they can scan this QR code this is especially
important for millennials and all the information about the home will be
instantly sent to their phone with the link to your website or they can text
the custom code to seven nine five six four that we create for your home or
lastly they can visit the website that we’ve created because all of our
websites are mobile optimized step 3 we’re going to hire a professional
photographer to take brilliant high-resolution photography of your home
which is very important because potential buyers make a split decision
online whether they’re interested in your home or not if they click net or
not interested they will likely never see your home on a search result again
which then we’ve lost that potential buyer and why high resolution
photography is in the stuff step four we are going to virtually
stage empty rooms technology has advanced tremendously where we can make
empty dull rooms look amazing when you virtually stage a room this gives the
buyer the true potential of the home and this is especially important for small
rooms because we show the buyer what can be done with that room virtual staging
is an important tool if you have any empty room step 5
we’re going to hire a professional videographer to create a high definition
video of your home let’s take a look at some examples as a seller you’re entering an online
competition that thousands of homes for sale if you don’t have a way to expand
out your home is going to be overlooked and in many cases we’ll even hire a
professional production team which includes a producer writer actors to
create a truly one-of-a-kind unique video for your home let’s take a look at
some examples my mom said – you live in the best
neighborhood your schools a grit and being you’ll advice a metro train yeah
maybe we could be neighbors step 6
we’re going to create floor plans for your home just like an architect through
them so buyers can see the room dimensions and flow of your home
step 7 we’re going to create digital floor plans the buyers can see furniture
layout for in the home and will also create a dull how to you which is very
interactive for the buyer step 8 we’re going to create a 3d
virtual reality tour for your home this is important for buyers who may live
overseas or out-of-state buyers no longer need to get on a plane for your
home they can virtually walk through the home like they’re physically in the home
and now they can confidently make an offer on your home buyers can do this
from their smartphone their tablet their computer or actually put on 3d virtual
reality goggles and they’re transported into your home it’s really often
technology visit 3d tour luxury com2 gentlemen step 9 aerial photography and
videography nothing quite captures your home like aerial photography with the
drone this is a wonderful form of promotion and highlight your home block
size step pen we’re going to create a Facebook page profile for your home so
now we can engage with fires socially on social media and engage with the
community step 11 we are going to create Facebook advertisements for your home
with that custom Facebook page profile you created for your home this is
important because now we can target specific buyers likely to move that make
certain income levels and can afford your home we can reach thousands of
potential buyers with an ad step well we’re going to promote your home on
other social media platforms like Twitter Linkedin Pinterest and Google+
step 13 we’re going to verify tax records
many times tax records have incorrect information it may not even have the
proper square footage this is especially important if the tax records say that
your home is smaller than it really is step 14 we’re going to complete a market
analysis for your home this is important because many times a home is the largest
asset that you own in our market analysis we’ll give you detailed
information that will help you make a business decision that most benefits you
step 15 we’re going to complete market research for your home we have partnered
with the MLS to give very specific information about various price points
for your home we can see exactly where the buyers are many times a home that’s
listed at 975 will have left buyer than a home that is listed at $1,000,000
we’re going to look at this data and work with you the homeowner to achieve
your goals step 16 we’re going to strategically
price the home through the market research and market analysis that we did
on the last two steps we want to have as many qualified buyers looking at your
home as possible the biggest mistake that I see real estate agents make
there’s a list a million dollar home for nine hundred and ninety nine thousand
dollars the reason that agents do this is the same reason that candy bars are
$0.99 and not a dollar the problem with this logic is that the internet is set
up on even searches in five thousand ten thousand twenty five thousand and fifty
thousand dollar increments just visit Zillow Trulia and
give it a try if you listed a home for nine hundred and ninety nine thousand
dollars your home would not be seen on any of those sites
if the buyer started their search at 1 million dollars
that’s why strategically enticing the home is important so we need all of your
goals step 17 we’re going to broadcast your property out to over 3,500 websites
and hundred and forty international markets
that’s why having the high-resolution video photography and 3d store is really
important step 18 we’re going to optimize your home for Google Yahoo and
Bing through meta tag keywords and SEO step 19 your home on YouTube it’s
important to utilize YouTube since it’s the second largest search engine next to
Google and more importantly Google owns YouTube so you will actually get indexed
in Google results step 20 we’re going to create property business cards for your
home these are great because they can be given virtually out to anyone and they
fit in a person’s wallet or purse and is a great way of promotion for your
property step 21 we’re going to have brochures pamphlets and flyers
professionally printed for your home step 22 we’re going to send out a
thousand to 2,000 mailers to the community to give your home maximum
exposure here you can see a photo example of how Facebook ads and mailers
work together to completely saturate a market with our listing step 23 we’re
going to list your home at 12:01 a.m. to give your home maximum exposure for the
day days on market are extremely valuable so we want to make sure we give
your home a full 24 hours the first day we list also we want to make sure all
the input fields in the MLS are completely filled out for example if
your home has a first floor bedroom and first floor bathroom we want to make
sure those features are highlighted in the MLS with property features because
buyers may be specifically looking for homes with those features the same thing
with the second floor laundry steps 24 all of the marketing that we created
like the website the search engine optimization google rankings high def
video this is all to drive massive amounts of traffic to your first mega
open house step 25 sell your home for the most
amount of money in the shortest amount of time all the steps contained in this
video are to maximize your exposure to qualified buyers and sell your home for
the highest price possible if an agent doesn’t implement all 25 steps within
this video and you’re probably leaving money on the table I will work hard to
sell your home for the highest price possible and achieve all of your goals
step 26 we will donate to the charity of your choice
contribution is of the utmost importance to us and giving back to the communities
is vitally important and we value long-term relationships for that reason
we will donate to the charity of your choice in your name after closing I hope
you found this video informative my name is Joshua Inglis broker with
United Real Estate, feel free to contact me at the information below I hope to
talk with you soon

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