The Best SEO Blogging Strategy + Tips For Ranking A New Website In 2020
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The Best SEO Blogging Strategy + Tips For Ranking A New Website In 2020

hey guys a Neil with Ebadore Digital and today
I’m gonna share with you a strategy I use it’s the blogging SEO strategy that
can help you rank a brand new website it can be a new website it can be an old
website this SEO strategy helps everyone typically with a like if you’re
servicing in a specific area so I do website design and digital marketing and
branding in Northwest Arkansas we service all over the United States but
we primarily help people in the local community so I use this strategy all the
time what we’re gonna be doing we’re gonna be creating blog posts where we’re
gonna be targeting services that we offer and service location that we offer
those services in so we’re going to be creating blog posts that like it would
be titled website design Rogers Arkansas or digital marketing Bentonville
Arkansas or SEO Northwest Arkansas so we’ll be creating blog posts like this
that target like I said it targets your service and then it targets your
specific area so this could really work for anyone in like in-home services like
HVAC plumbers house cleaners that can work for people in my industry it can
work for lawyers a can work for it can work for hospitals anywhere where you
might have a physical location or you service you can be doing this taking
taking this strategy and running with it so what you’re gonna need to do this
you’re gonna need a website and what I recommend is a WordPress website even if
you don’t know how to design a website yourself I recommend just go ahead hire
someone to build you a wordpress website and from there you can start blogging
yourself or you could hire someone here abidor digital we do this service for
people in our clients see amazing results but this is also something you
can do yourself and that’s what this video is about so you’re gonna need a
wordpress website and then about that websites gonna need a blog on it and it
doesn’t you don’t actually need to be posting these blog posts to your main
blog section I actually have down at the in the bottom footer of my website now a
lot of people look through the the footer links and I just have a link on
there that links people to a services area page and on that service area page
it’s another blog feed and it just talks about it just has a blog posts like
we’re talking about now that says digital marketing Rogers Arkansas and
like a plethora of just different blog posts that target specific services in
specific areas so once you have a WordPress website and you have a blog
set up on that website you’re gonna need a few once you start to make your blog
posts there’s some things that definitely need to go in that that’s
what right now I’m going to give you a list of things and the first one is
gonna be you’re gonna want to add your service and the city or area that you
service that you offer that service in that needs to be your title so for me it
would be digital marketing Bentonville Arkansas you could say digital marketing
service in Bentonville Arkansas digital marketing company in Bentonville
Arkansas the best digital marketing company in Bentonville Arkansas you
could say any of things the main point is that your
service and the Sur area you service in are in the title of this blog post now
number two you need to write about the service you provide and how it helps
people in that specific area so what you’re gonna want to do I actually have
our a pre rate an example I believe once I let me skim this post
now I didn’t do an example in the blog post article if you want the show notes
to this look down below there’s a link but anyway so write about the service
you provided how both helps people in that specific area so constantly
throughout your blog post you know talk about your specific service you don’t
need to be talking about the town that you service in you need to talk about it
but you don’t need you just need to be talking about your service and how it
benefits the people in that town and not so much giving details about the town
itself because I’ve seen people do that it’s just unnecessary just give details
about your service so I’d be like our search engine optimization service in
Bentonville Arkansas helps small businesses because it helps them rank
higher in Google search and drive more traffic to their website and their
business so just talk about it like that okay so number three is link to the
town’s website that you’re trying to rank in so with the example I just gave
you I said Bentonville Arkansas I would go
to the Bentonville Arkansas website the official city website and copy the link
and I would paste it in there and and have it where it says Bentonville
Arkansas I would have linked to Bentonville Arkansas website
because what it does is it creates a link it links like literally it links
our website to Bentonville Arkansas something Google can say hey look these
people are talking about this Google can be sure because Google can read things
and and somewhat understand it but it always helps if you can offer a helping
hand and actually link your website to where you’re servicing and Google can
say oh look these people are are talking about this specific town they offer this
service in this specific town number four this is tip number four you have to
do all these number four is make your URL slug your keyword or keyphrase
okay so what do you RL slug is really it’s called a slug I say your else was
just so people can understand but this is your URL the back end of your URL
where it would say Evan or com forward slash and then your slug goes there so
Evan or comm forward slash blogging – SEO is the article for this video so
make your slug your keywords so if you want to rank for search engine
optimization Bentonville you would put in there your your slug would just be
search engine optimization Bentonville you can i will use dashes you don’t have
to use dashes in between the words by the way okay number five is add featured
image so create a featured image WordPress allows you to do this and you
can you can just do if you don’t know what a featured image is it’ll be on the
right-hand column of where you’re creating blog posts and you scroll down
you’ll see featured image WordPress allows you to add
we call alt-text and what alt-text is is it’s a text that you add to an image to
an images file to allow people that use screen readers so people some people
don’t see the screen so they use a screen reader and whenever the screen
reader goes over that image it tells people what’s what that image is so if I
uploaded an image that’s of like some search engine optimization specialists
and doing SEO in Bentonville Arkansas or Northwest Arkansas maybe it would be
like some people just sitting over a computer computer screen writing a blog
post you would want to tell people in the alt text
epidurals SEO specialists creating blog posts to rank a business higher in
search engines so then people know what that type what that image is about but
even deeper than that yeah Google doesn’t understand what images are
either so whenever you add alt text it tells Google exactly what that image is
about so always add alt text to your images because it helps create a better
user experience because people with screen readers can then know what that
image is about that helps you rank higher and then also you’re telling
Google exactly what that image is so Google can relate your blog post a
little bit more number I believe this is number six I’m sorry if I’m wrong create
a meta description for your posts that includes your keyword so what a meta
description is is whenever you it’s a short brief description that tells
Google or being or users are using search engines oh what a brief overview
of what your post is about you can find the meta to
by doing a simple google search and you’ll see the title to the blog post
and then underneath that you’ll see some more text little bitty text that tells
you more information about that post or that page that’s a meta description you
should add a meta description you can do this really easy with a plug-in called
sorry guys with a plug-in called Yoast SEO that’s what I use and I’ll
actually link Tio’s in down below and what Yoast allows you to do like I said
it allows you to easily add a meta description and in your meta description
you just want to do a brief overview of what your post is about but make sure to
add your keyword or synonym of your keywords now boom that’s it that’s six
steps to help you rank higher in search engines remember to add your service and
the service area the area that you service in and write about your service
and how it provided benefit how it’s beneficial to people in the locations
that you service link your website to link and put a link in your blog post
that links to the city’s official website where you provide that service
and make your URL slug feature the keywords add a featured image and
include alt text that includes your keyword and create a meta description
that features your keyword as well if you do these things you will start
ranking in your local area for search terms that relate to your services and
it like honestly will be super beneficial if you have questions go
ahead and ask them down below subscribe ring the bell like this video I’ll talk
to you guys soon I hope this helped thanks for watching

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