The BIG Email Segmentation Myth & The Best Email Marketing Strategy Revealed.
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The BIG Email Segmentation Myth & The Best Email Marketing Strategy Revealed.

Hey, Miles here… This video
reveals the email segmentation myth because in the world of email marketing, there’s a
gigantic myth around segmentation and you’re going to learn what that myth is. You’re going
to learn the right way to do email marketing, and then finally you’re going to learn about
a free email marketing course that I’m personally studying. I highly recommend that is absolutely
brilliant, but first we got to talk about the email marketing segmentation myth because
if you start to buy into all this hype, you may get zero traction when you need momentum
more than anything. So what do I mean? Now, whether it’s the actual software creators,
right? The people who are creating and selling email marketing software or those gurus out
there who are selling you the $2,000 courses because you need dynamic behavioral response
marketing and all these fancy terms. The truth is when you’re getting started,
when you’re growing to $10,000 per month, you generally do not need advanced email marketing
segmentation. Now I’m happy to admit that there’s a point in the digital marketing business
where having some segmentation will come in handy and can help you improve profits. I
am using some of these things and we’re going to talk about that here in a minute, but the
key, the core key right now is that if you’re generating $1,000 a month revenue, $2,000
a month revenue, $3,000 a month revenue, and you’re not at that 10 grand a month mark,
you need to be focused on more marketing activity that’s going to bring more people into your
ecosystem and making more offers and the act of taking the time to build out all of these
sub sequences, all of these fancy tagging and automation systems is actually distracting
you from what you need to be doing. So how does email marketing segmentation work?
Well, the theory is multifold, but you would generally be using some sort of an event as
an identifier for a specific person. Maybe they opted in on a specific opt in page, so
you tag them and they run down a specific followup sequence or maybe on email for they
click a link and you add a specific tag that says they clicked and showed interest in product
B. Therefore they go down a separate autoresponder sequence that gives them more information
about product B. Now this can make sense if you’re bringing in thousands and thousands
of new leads through your autoresponder each and every week, but if you’re just getting
started, the absolute best email marketing system to implement is to have a dedicated
followup sequence. Personally, I use about a three mail, three email sequence, and then
they move onto my broadcast segment. My wife sends about 10 emails and then everyone
ends up on her broadcast segment. This is it. This is the only segmentation that we
do, and this is the only segmentation we’ve done in the first six or seven years of our
business and we were able to grow to a $40,000 per month business in this time frame using
one simple automation of when they finish the followup sequence, put them on the broadcast
list, and this allows us to focus our time and energy because that is your most valuable
resource when you’re trying to really build up your business and the marketing activities
are focused number one on reaching new audience members through youtube videos, through social
media content, through ads on Facebook, through videos, et Cetera, et Cetera. Then we have
calls to action for people to join our email list. Those subscribers will then go through
that autoresponder sequence and then they end up on our broadcast list and on average
between four and six times per week, my wife and I emailed that broadcast sequence. Now you might be thinking, well, miles, I
have topics, different topics. Am I really going to send one email to everyone? And the
easy answer is yes, you can do this. So let me give you an example from my business now.
My first autoresponder sequence, my first opt in was all about a abundance meditation,
Kay, and the bit was that the mindset that the conversation you’re having upstairs in
your head is what’s holding you back from the success that you want. They opted in,
they got access to the meditation, they went through 10 emails, and then they got put all
my main broadcast list. Now I know these people are interested in mindset and they’re interested
in growing a business because that’s what a my audience is about and that’s what the
offer was. My second autoresponder sequence and my second opt in page was about a Facebook
advertising case study and I gave away a case study where I was able to get about $880 worth
of traffic. Oh, excuse me. I was able to get $14,000 worth
of traffic for $888 on Facebook advertising, and that was the bit they went through about
a 10 email sequence on Facebook ads that walked them through my best videos on the topic and
then it landed them on that same exact broadcast list. And now today I have my free course
that takes people from how I went from side Hustle to seven figure business and that walks
them through the process that I went through and they end up after three emails on my broadcast
list. Okay, so now what do I do? My daily activities. I need to email a broadcast list.
This simplicity of I you make videos for you so I can grow my audience. I need to get my
videos into blog posts so I can grow my audience. I need a socially share my videos so I can
grow my audience. All roads lead back to my highest converting
opt in page, which is the miles forward slash free dash course offer. It converts
it about 56% of visitors who land on that page will opt in for the free course. And
then all I do every day is emailed my list. So it minimizes the number of moving pieces
for me, the content creators, so I can stay focused on what is most important, which is
audience growth, which is giving value to you, which is moving this relationship forward.
And for those of you who are my email list, you know that I send out as many and as often
as I can, as many helpful emails as I possibly can to help you move your business forward.
My whole goal with all of these processes is to become the trusted advisor in the world
of digital marketing. And I do that through great content. Now you
might be thinking, so you have people who walked in through a meditation thing, you
have people who are interested in Facebook ads, you have people who went through your
seven figure, your your side hustle, the seven figure course. Shouldn’t I be sending a separate
email to each one of those people every day differently? No, because ultimately that Facebook
idea, right? The process of running Facebook ads that I still do today, I’ve spent hundreds
and hundreds of thousands of dollars of my own money on Facebook ads. That’s a part of
the grander idea of building the business online, which is a component within my seven
step process and the mindset stuff is absolutely the biggest part. That’s the real key to growing
a successful business is getting this thing on straight. It’s not actually the tactics,
so there’s enough overlap and what I’ve been doing through my daily emails and you know,
maybe my five emails per week is I touch on all of the different sub ideas that are relevant
to each and every one of those people. And my open rates are often around 2020 5%
and that’s because not everybody has time to open the emails every day. Not Everybody’s
interested in every topic that I talk about, but as I rotate around and I talk about Facebook
advertising or conversion rates or growing an online business, affiliate marketing or
mindset stuff, the right people who are interested in my content on that topic are going to open
those emails. They’re going to read those emails and they’re going to click and for
the people who aren’t interested in that topic that day, they’re just going to let that one
go. They’re going to archive it, they’re going to skip it. If it’s not right for them, they
can click unsubscribe and that’s okay because I want my list to be focused with people who
love the different messages that I’m talking about who are committed to doing whatever
it takes. Do you see how this works now? In my wife’s
business, we have reached a point with our email marketing and everyone for literally
the first six or seven years of that business went through one standalone followup sequence
and then they got migrated onto a broadcast list and my wife’s duty everyday was just
to go email that broadcast list. At this point we have two specific high ticket products
in our followup sequence that we’ve mentioned and if someone clicks on those products, they
get two additional emails to give them more information on those products to help them
potentially purchase that thing that they expressed interest in. So in the first email,
in the main autoresponder sequence, it’s just kind of like a blog post about the topic that
we have a course on. And then when they click that, we know they’re interested because they
took that action and that moves them to an automation where they get two additional followup
emails and then they go right back to the main autoresponders sequence where they were. Now, I did not build out technology. This
stuff confuses the BG buzz out of me and I hired a guy named Dave wooding from integrate if you’re interested in somebody building this stuff out for you know that you need
to be making like 10 grand a month for him to be willing to work with you, you need to
have a budget of $1,500 a month to get his ongoing help with automations. And at this
point in my business to have someone set up these automations, help me split tests, the
headlines, et cetera. It’s worth it to me. And that’s the timing when it’s right to move
forward with this email automation idea, there’s a lot of people out there who need to keep
selling you on new ideas. They need to keep selling you on new shiny objects. And the
biggest challenge for you growing your business online is your focus. It’s your time. You have a limited amount
of time and that time needs to be focused, immensely focused on growing your audience,
growing your email list and building relationship with everyone that you’ve connected with.
And email segmentation, right? Email marketing segmentation does not always help you accomplish
that core goal. It can help you achieve earning more income per subscriber when you reach
a certain point in your business. But for most businesses that is going to be three
to five years in. You’re going to be making 10 to $15,000 per month or more. You have
a few key core product offerings that you know convert like crazy. You know your numbers,
you know your average value per lead per month, you know your average customer value for each
of your different products. And with these types of numbers, you know mathematically
that it becomes viable and worth it for you to reinvest. But in the beginning, most people are trying
to figure out what message gets my people to take action. What products do my audience
members actually want to buy? And what sales page outperforms the other. So doing things
like split testing, your sales pages, split testing your different offers, creating lots
of new offers that you’re sending out and even sending valuable emails that have different
subject lines and monitoring which subject lines actually get open more, which youtube
videos get watched more, which youtube videos get watched longer. It’s these kinds of data
points that the people who grow 10,020 $30,000 per month businesses, they do this because
they really deeply know their audience. They use empathy in their marketing. And I know
where a lot of people getting started growing a business, bootstrapped out of very little
money. I know where these people are coming from because I built my whole business off
of a $95 and 40 cent investment and five years of really, really, really hard work. So I’m able to speak to this individual in
a way because I get it because I’ve been there and then I spent time to make 550 videos to
test the different messaging to test the different topic ideas and at this point I had sent out
over 700 emails testing 700 subject lines, about 650 different to action and now I have
a huge dataset and understand clearly what’s working and what’s not and at this point it
may be who’ve me to start to set up different types of automated flows, some marketing segmentation
at this point because I have all of that data. Again, if your email list is not growing by
thousands of subscribers per month, if your main audience, if you aren’t reaching from
your organic marketing or from your advertisements, if you aren’t reaching hundreds of thousands
of people per month, you really need to be focused on the audience growth side of the
equation. You need to be split testing different optin
pages and then just get your email autoresponder sequence to work in a way that takes them
through a standard followup sequence. It moves them onto a broadcast segment and then your
daily actions are number one, focusing on audience growth, podcasts, blog posts and
videos. Then you can share those messages socially if you’d like and if you have time.
The number two task is to follow up with your email subscribers and give them more value.
Every third or fourth value email, you can send them an offer. That’s it. That is literally
the anatomy of a $10,000 per month business and anybody telling you you need fancy automations
is just trying to sell you something you actually don’t need. How do I know you don’t need it?
I’ve grown this business to multiple millions of dollars with an extremely simple system
because the truth is that simple works because I know every day what I need to do, I need
to grow my audience through great videos like this one. I need to send emails out to my list to engage
with those individuals and I need to come up with new ideas of ways to engage you and
ways to help you. Whether those are free, valuable things or whether they are paid courses,
membership programs, masterminds, in-person meetups, et Cetera, et cetera. That’s all
I need to focus on right now and my business is doing really well. I hope this has been
helpful for you and at last I did mention the free course that I’m going through that’s
absolutely brilliant. It’s probably one of the best email marketing courses available
and is 100% for free. It’s by my friend Andre Chaperon and you can get [email protected]
forward slash autoresponder I’ll have a card pop up above my head so you can click on that.
The link will be in the description below and I will put an email, a picture of an email
on the end screen. You can click that. Any of the three ways
we’ll get you to that course. Um, the first page will tell you about it. Then you just
enter your opt in at the bottom. There’s a little button to click at the bottom of that
first page to get access to the list, a to the course for how to grow and how to essentially
build an autoresponder sequence that will a crush it for you. This is the kind of stuff
I’m studying. Thank you again for your time. Be sure to subscribe. If you want notifications
when these videos come out, hit the bell next to the subscribe button. Thumbs up if you
liked it. Questions go in the comments. I thank you and I’ll see you in the next video.

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