The Career Center Presents: 7 Competencies You Need To Be Career Ready
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The Career Center Presents: 7 Competencies You Need To Be Career Ready

Do you know the 7 competencies you need to
be career ready? One. Understand sound reasoning and are able
to make decisions and overcome problems. Two. Articulate thoughts and ideas clearly
in written and oral forms to inside and outside partners of the organization. Three. Build collaborative relationships with
colleagues and customers representing diverse cultures, races, ages, genders, religions,
lifestyles, and viewpoints. Four. Select and use appropriate technology
to accomplish a given task. Five. Leverage your strengths and help others
to achieve a common goal and use interpersonal skills to coach and develop others. Six. Demonstrate integrity and ethical behavior
and act responsibly in the interest of the larger community in mind and are able to learn from
your mistakes. Seven. Identify and articulate one’s skills,
strengths, knowledge, and experiences relevant to the position desired and career goals and
identify areas necessary for professional growth So, how do you develop these? Chances are,
you are already doing it! Through classes, internships, and campus involvement.
All of these contribute to making you career ready. Summer is a great time to develop and take
stock of your progress in each of these areas. Choose an option below to see how the experience
contributes to career readiness. For your internship, one of your job duties
was work closely with international clients. What you actually did was adjusted to personal
and professional culture differences, listened to and learned from international clients,
developing an appreciation and better understanding of diverse cultures, presented research findings
to clients; addressed questions and made suggestions for next steps. Some of the competencies you’re developing
are: critical thinking and problem solving, oral and written communication, teamwork
and collaboration, and professionalism and work ethic Continue thinking about your experience to
fill out the form. On the left hand side write down all of your
job duties. In the center, write down what you actually
did. And on the right-hand side, mark all of the competencies that you’re developing. So what are you doing this summer? And how
will it make you career ready?

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