The “Commerce Clause” in 2 Minutes
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The “Commerce Clause” in 2 Minutes

Supporters of the monster state want you to believe the feds can do just about anything they want under the commerce clause. They couldn’t be more wrong. The so-called “interstate commerce” clause is found in Article I, Section 8, Clause 3 of the Constitution. The founders explained that it authorizes the federal government to regulate the exchange of goods across state lines, along with some closely-related activities, such as navigation and marine insurance. This included policies traditionally governed by the rules pertaining to merchants. “Commerce” did not include other economic or non-economic activities. But today, the courts, bureaucrats and politicians have expanded the meaning of the clause to include any activity that merely affects economic activity. According to their view, growing six plants in your backyard is considered “interstate commerce.” In the of the Constitution, their position is totally absurd. Here’s how James Madison described the Commerce Clause: it “was intended as a negative and preventative provision against injustice amongst the states themselves, rather than as a power to be used for the positive purposes of the General Government.” Simply put, under the Constitution, the Commerce Clause is not something that authorizes the federal government to regulate, control, or prohibit anything and everything they want.

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12 thoughts on “The “Commerce Clause” in 2 Minutes

  1. It's so hard to get people to understand this. In fact, they think you're a nut job when you tell them SCOTUS got it wrong. Because, you know, the government is always right and looking out for our best interest.

  2. Obviously though what matters as usual is the first refuge of any tyranny…the courts. Our capitalist courts hired specifically for that purpose accommodated the capitalist, are who decided that the ICC gave the feds rule.

    It was the federal courts that removed personal liability from the corp. which empowered not only their compete corruption but allows the corp. to…get away with murder. They murdered people numbered in the 100s of not 1000s by the corp. or his hirlings and even the state national guard,.,.and got clean away with it. Still is now for oil cos. and mining cos. for just two rather obvious killers.

    It is much easier to bribe and create plutocracy with 1 govt. rather than 50.

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