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The COMPLETE Pixar Theory

Hey Brother! Ben way back in 2012, we made
a video called The Pixar Theory and it would change our
lives and this channel forever. Since then any time a new Pixar movie has come
out we’ve made a full video explaining how it fits into the greater Pixar
universe but it’s been six years since then and it’s getting a little hard to
keep track of everything. So today, we’re simplifying things and making a new updated Pixar theory covering everything from Toy Story through The Incredibles 2 This is the Pixar Theory *Super Carlin Brothers Intro* Hey brother! Now if you love Pixar movies as much as
we do, you know that Pixar loves to leave Easter eggs in each of their movies as little nods to their other projects, but what if they weren’t just little nods
what if instead they were clues? Clues that every movie actually takes place in the same universe? *That* is the Pixar Theory The idea that every Pixar movie
is actually taking place on one giant timeline and telling one huge story and as ever I want to point out up front that we did not invent the Pixar theory It was introduced to the world by a man named John Negroni who has even written a book about it now. And since then of course the Internet has gone crazy with it and there are tons of different versions and interpretations of the Pixar Theory out there but what you’re going to hear today is simply our version what we
have come to accept as canon for the Pixar universe here at Super Carlin
Brothers Let’s begin Now it is a lot to cover so we’re gonna go about it in two
ways First we’re gonna tell the entire story of the Pixar theory And then we’re going to talk about how it works and get to the bottom of why it even exists Now the movies don’t come out in chronological order.
We have to figure that out after the fact. But the first one’s pretty easy It happens way back in
time, prehistoric times with The Good Dinosaur which immediately offers us an
explanation for why the Pixar universe which is so similar to our very own,
is just ever so slightly different and it’s right here, when the asteroid that should have wiped out the dinosaurs misses. And as a result the dinosaurs don’t go
extinct, we can see some primitive looking dinosaurs see the asteroid miss
right here but then millions of years pass and we’re introduced to a bunch of
characters who have evolved out of that primitive state and have started
developing things like agriculture and ranching But as we will soon learn in
Brave, the dinosaurs don’t have a witch to help them change their fate and so
fate eventually catches up with them in the form of crazy crazy weather, which
wipes them all out. And when the story starts you can see it’s already been happening for a while I mean Arlo goes on this grand journey but he really doesn’t run into that many characters I mean life is pretty scarce, the
pterodactyls used to hunt well but now have to follow the storm because
it’s killing everything in its wake The T Rexes which should
just be hunting everything have started ranching things for food and their herd is so valuable it’s under constant threat of theft by Raptors. Even the pet collector, a Styracosaurus which typically travels in herds is now
all alone and obviously quite terrified [Pet Collector] It’s terrifying out here [J] Meanwhile though, even the smallest of
humans is doing well surviving the storms proving their intelligence and resourcefulness early on. But what The Good Dinosaur really helps us establish here is that if you were the kind of animal
that can survive for millions of years without human intervention
like I don’t know, rats or pelicans or anything underwater you are probably going to
develop some kind of intelligence in the Pixar universe But that’s not the only way you might gain intelligence You also might be a human who was turned into a
giant bear like in our next movie, Brave. This takes place centuries and centuries
later in medieval Scotland, where a young princess is trying to change
her fate by not getting married. [Merida] I’ll be shooting for my own hand! [J] Which leads her to follow a path of will-o-wisps into the forest where she meets a very interesting character indeed a witch And the witch’s workshop is by far the
most curious thing about this movie especially as it relates to the Pixar theory. For one, it introduces us to magic which is
the first example in the Pixar universe of things not behaving the way they’re
supposed to. Her crow can talk to humans, her door doesn’t work the way I’ve known doors to work, and the witch herself even seems adept at wielding magic, although she’s obviously not the source of the magic. For example all the knives and other various sharp objects in the shop quickly turn on the witch when she’s
about to refuse Merida generous offer, suggesting they do have some sort of
mind of their own. And we’ll dive into that a lot deeper later but for now the other important piece of magic we see the witch do is the ability to change
someone’s fate. [Merida] That will change my fate? [J] And Merida even gives a pretty good
description of how fate works: Some say our destiny is tied to the land
much a part of us as we are of it, others say fate is woven together like a cloth,
so that one’s destiny intertwines with many others. It’s the one thing we search for,
or fight to change. Some never find it but there are some who are led. Now as it relates to Brave, Merida is just offering us a little bit of foreshadowing about herself but as it relates to the greater Pixar Theory, it is actually giving us a very interesting clue about the witch So just bear that in mind as we move forward, but so far we’ve established that humans
and animals are both capable of intelligence but as we get to our next movie, we’ll
introduce the third player to the game The Machines And the power struggle between these three groups, animals, humans, and machines, will pretty much define the middle section of the theory. And I use the word “power struggle” pretty
loosely here, because no one’s really ever trying to be in power, it’s just the different groups rise into it often at the cost of the others And honestly for the animals their ship sailed with the dinosaurs They are never really gonna rise back up For now, let’s focus on the introduction of the machines, which
happens in The Incredibles taking place somewhere in the 1950s or 60s. Here, we are introduced to the Supers,
the peak of human existence, who live in a world of constant crime endangered,
who do their best to fight it, until one day they’re outlawed. But not before Mr. Incredible, the very best of all of them, offends his biggest fan, Buddy Pine, aka Syndrome He does not take it well and spends the
rest of his life developing technology that will help him kill the Supers,
so that he can pretend to be one. Slight hiccup however, the AI he creates to defeat the Supers,
also turns out to be smart enough to defeat him. And although the Incredibles step in and defeat the Omnidroid and kill Syndrome, the damage has been done. Syndrome has introduced artificial
intelligence into the world And this will mark the end of the humans in terms of power, but it will take quite some time because the machines won’t take control right away. Instead for the next few movies in the timeline we’re going to see that animals continue to get smarter while the humans remain in the driver’s seat, well except for that one time Dory drives a truck off a cliff (Screaming) Next up are the Toy Stories, Inside Out, Up,
Ratatouille, Finding Nemo, and Finding Dory Finding Nemo gives us a glimpse
back into the world of the animals and especially undersea, they have been
left alone for quite some time, and as a result have developed quite a bit of intelligence. I mean they have school systems, traffic lights, and a real estate market, I guess? [Coral] A lot of other clownfish had their eyes on this place [Marlin] You better believe they did [J] And not only that, we see a lone fish successfully circumnavigate in the ocean to locate his son and a separate group of fish successfully overpower a human while another human looks on reading his Incredibles comic book I mean obviously he missed out on that Buzz Lightyear on the ground. What are you doing kid, jeez? But not all the animals are out to fend off the humans. Remy the rat in Ratatouille becomes the greatest chef in the world, which is pretty significant because up until that point cooking was exclusively a human activity. Although to be fair Remy is sort of the exception to the rule. His father sees humans as the enemy and even names them as such and he’s not wrong. Eventually
that’s going to be very true But the information about Remy being a
spectacular chef, while mostly kept secret from the public is known by four
people at the end of the movie. Collette, Linguini, Anton, and Chef Skinner,
who promptly blabs to the press about it. And while most people are obviously
grossed out by the rats in the kitchen, a clever person may have noticed that it
coincided with renowned critic’s Anton Ego stunningly wonderful review of Gusteau’s and put two and two together. So hmm, do we ever see anyone else being
served food by animals? [Muntz] Epsilon is the finest chef I’ve ever had [J] Ah, Charles Muntz, the man literally waging war
on animals in the Pixar universe or maybe just a single animal to be more
specific. A prehistoric animal, I might add which per the Pixar Theory, you’d expect to be extremely intelligent and indeed Kevin is successfully evading
capture for 70 plus years. And Kevin’s not just evading anyone she’s evading Charles Muntz, a guy clever enough to realize the potential of his dogs and invent collars that let them talk to him. And again this totally fits.
Animals like fish or rats or Kevins have gone largely ignored by humans and as such
have developed intelligence naturally. Whereas dogs like Buster we see in
Toy Story have not But Muntz has found the bridge between the two groups and as a result has, like, hyper intelligent dogs capable of, as we said, cooking food or I
don’t know piloting planes. Man, Up a weird movie sometimes I guess mostly I don’t notice it because
I’m watching the movie through so many tears. But Up does introduce some other
important aspects of the Pixar Theory most importantly BnL, the faceless face
of the machines let me explain BnL, aka Buy ‘n Large, is the company at the beginning of the movie forcing Carl to move out of his house. They are the faceless brand, that’s the word I was looking for, of the machines on their rise to power. Yes for now they have physical humans working for them, but I mean do you think it’s any coincidence that
this guy looks like an agent from the matrix? [Bernie] Coincidence? I think not! [J] Exactly Bernie you get it And BnL shows up a lot in Pixar movies most notably in Wall-E which we will get to, but also in some other places like on the batteries of Buzz in Toy Story which is not the only connection between Up and Toy Story you can also see Lotso and the little girl from the daycare in this room right here Buzz witnesses a grape soda commercial which happens to have produced the badge Carl wears as
the Ellie badge and then of course there’s the post card on Andy’s bulletin board from the mysterious Emma Jean, who I do not have time to get into right now, but if I want to see the whole video
about her please click the card. But let’s pause on Toy Story for a second because it’s our first great example of
how humans are used in the Pixar Theory which is to say, as batteries How and why the toys are able to come to life and why they fear dying or being
forgotten is an interesting question that’s been around as long as Toy Story
and which has only really gotten a good answer last year in Coco But we’ll get to that for now just know that humans are batteries and their energy is required for life in the Pixar universe Where they are, there is life. Where they
are not, there is not. At least when it comes to inorganic things like toys or
machines or cars Buuut when it comes to animals,
humans aren’t always so great for life and we see this at the beginning of Finding Dory
after Dory, Marlin, and Nemo arrive in California They are immediately in the middle of a
vast underwater junkyard full of all sorts of trash and shipping containers
and a giant bioluminescent squid which sadly isn’t as relevant.
It’s super cool, but just not relevant What is relevant is we start to see a glimpse
of what is beginning to happen worldwide Trash
and even though animals have been on the decline for a while this is
really where they start to drop off because trash is just not good for animal life well unless maybe you’re like
I don’t know rats or something Which hey, wouldn’t you know that’s the very next movie in the Pixar timeline It’s like they’re planning it But we’ve already talked about rats, let’s talk about what happens when pollution gets out of control This is the set up for Wall-E
that the tiny little city-building battery company Buy ‘n Large has now become so big and so powerful they have literally taken over the planet and polluted it so bad that humans have to leave while little Wall-E trash compacting robots clean up the mess So the humans leave for some seven hundred years,
all the animals are dead and what is left? Cars Now you might be thinking ah, wait Cars doesn’t take place on earth right? It’s obviously an alternate reality or something, right? But no, it is definitely the same planet Earth
the humans were on. For one, it has all the same places that
our planet Earth has and we get to visit a lot of them in Cars 2. But so the question is why are the cars coming to life? Why are their names so similar to
people we know from our time? Why do they have their own time line? Like if the cars movies take place during the seven hundred years of the humans are gone then how on Earth did they have things like the 1950s? I mean even if they started their own time line, that’s way too many years. Are they still artificial intelligence?
Are they products of Buy ‘n Large No BnL’s goal is never to create a race that inhabits the planet instead their goal is to control the humans with consumerism and capitalism and that means treating them
as comfy as possible at any cost I mean just look at how
they’re treating everyone on the Axiom. It’s an interesting shift from the AI’s first encounter
with the humans with the Omnidroid it’s like they realize the better way to control them is just to pamper them into death hashtag pampered to death And of course what the machines get
from it is the human energy which again we’re going to talk about later. Which brings us back to the cars which aren’t coming to life via AI instead it’s very similar to the way the toys come to life or the monsters will later fuel their cities with human energy. It’s similar to the toys but with a few key differences obviously the cars aren’t coming to life
while the humans are still around and unlike toys they are still cars,
so they do need fuel to operate. Also unlike toys, cars are not designed as something to be brought to life by a child’s imagination. It’s easy for a child to give personality
to a cowboy or a slinky dog or a walking rearrangeable potato but it’s less obvious for cars and
thus they don’t have built-in personalities so instead the cars are actually taking on the personalities of their old owners complete with their memories but
remembered through a car-ified lens. It would also appear that the cars “wake up” if you will in the same order in which they were cared for which helps explain why there continues to be new generations of cars as the series progresses. In fact we even get a hint as to when the
“real” Lightning McQueen must have been alive based on the band-aid this driver is wearing in Finding Dory. But the real big important note from Cars 3 that helps draw Cars into the entire Pixar Theory is one little line from Cruz when she’s driving on the beach [Cruz] I didn’t want to hit a crab [J] Ah I’m sorry, what? [Cruz] What? It was cute! [J] Is this an animal that isn’t a car in this world? I thought all the animals had died off
but no there’s crabs? Okay It’s seriously like you’re planning this stuff because this fits perfect Do you remember back in finding
dory that junkyard scene? Well guess what happened to be
thriving amongst all the trash? Crabs. So it should be no surprise that even though
the humans have vacated the planet they have survived through the pollution
and into the world of cars. But wa wa wait I hear you saying, when we start out in Wall-E, the planet is way more polluted than we see in cars There’s tons of plant life for the EVEs to be going down and reporting back with. Agreed two excellent points, but both are actually pretty easily explained first of all the humans may have had to leave way before the planet looks like the way we see it in Wall-E And second it’s possible that the EVE drones are specifically being sent to areas that have been vastly polluted to see if life has returned
and is capable of being lived in again but really it doesn’t matter because the AI
is determined not to return home even if the earth was 100 percent clean and the
Eve drones were coming back time after time with vegetation,
they’re just not going back That’s directive A113, stop the captain’s
from knowing the earth is safe. It’s possible that in Wall-E this is not even
the first time that this has happened that Auto has just been intercepting
all sorts of plants and sending them off into space and as for the planet getting
as brown as we see it at the beginning of Wall-E well I think that’s what might
happen if the only inhabitants of the planet for centuries were nothing but
cars But of course the cars died off too because like we said without humans
there can’t really be life The cars can survive on fuel alone for a while but
even by Cars 2 – there’s already an energy crisis. But that brings us back to Wall-E
where one super human-obsessed little robot finally manages to get a plant
delivered to a captain of the Axiom and they come sky rocketing back to the
planet and everything is great… mostly After all they are still returning to a
planet that has been subject to a ton of pollution for a very long time and it
seems to have an interesting effect on the humans over the next few thousand years
which is that they eventually evolve into monsters which I know
sounds crazy but actually it’s not the first time we’ve seen a human transform
into a monster in the Pixar universe Jack-Jack anyone? Now Jack-Jack can of course do it on
denied cookie demand but it does reveal that humans have the potential to make this kind of change under the right circumstances But guess what the monsters are suffering from guys? Say with me – an energy crisis and so what are they having to harvest to run their cities on? Human energy or more specifically human emotions or even more more specifically human memories All right here we go, finally we’re gonna get to how humans work as batteries And it starts with the scare shortage which if you ask me makes no sense I mean we hear all throughout the movie is that both Sully and Randall
are so close to breaking the all-time scare record. The two best scarers of all time are working at tandem next to each other and there’s a scare shortage? [Waternoose] Kids these days,
they just don’t get scared like they used to [J] hmmm indeed Waternoose indeed In the movie the solution to this problem
is discovering that laugh energy is 10 times more powerful than scream but I
submit to you that this does not make sense because of the point I just made
if the talent is at an all-time high why scream at an all-time low and the answer is because of how the scare floor works which is to say time travel Dazjfic Stay with me, Stay with me.
I promise it makes sense When the monsters go through the doors
we see them enter the human world but as we’ve established the human world is their world They are just accessing a point in history when
humans were still around because they need their energy to run their cities. Which means when they travel back in time matters In Monsters Inc, in the kids rooms we see a
lot of posters for the newly opened Tomorrowland And boo even has a Jessie doll on the floor of her room suggesting the time frame is around the 50s or a
little after, aka the time of the supers and remember in that time crime was everywhere so it makes sense for fear to be high. So the idea is that when time moves forward in the monster world it also moves forward at the same rate
in the human world They’re just traveling parallel to each other
so as times change in the human world so does what kind of memory is valuable
to the monsters And post-Incredibles AI is introduced to the world which starts making things super easy for the humans until again they eventually are being
nearly papered to death So it makes sense that after AI is introduced Joy
and not Fear becomes the valuable memory because it is now the dominant memory. Which is exactly what we see in Inside Out, by the time Riley comes around a majority of her memory orbs are Joy there’s literally just more for the
monsters to harvest and I mean memories specifically and not emotions because emotions simply color the memories Inside Out also offers an explanation for why kids specifically are better targets for the monsters because as kids their memories are only colored by a single emotion but even by the end of the movie Riley has started to develop a little
bit more and so her memories are starting to be colored by multiple emotions at once which would obviously be harder to harvest and it makes sense that of all things they’re using a memory as a power source in Pixar because memory might be the most important aspect of everything it might be the reason the Pixar Theory exists it’s the message they’re trying to tell
you In Inside Out we are introduced to Bing Bong
and his death is quite powerful because Riley remembers him as an actual being and not just as a single memory he is preserved as a being in her mind and
not contained into a single orb And he spends most of the movie in this state as a memory that isn’t forgotten but one that has also never called upon so instead he’s just allowed to roam
freely throughout her mind until of course he falls victim to the memory
dump and so not so oddly this exact phenomenon is the driving force behind
the entire plot of Coco which is why it should come as no surprise then that the
City of the Dead looks like a much grander version of the human mind because rather than looking at just the single mind of a little girl now we’re looking at the collective memory of the entire country of Mexico. But the rules are pretty much the same sure once a year if your family puts your picture on the ofrenda you can cross back over and
accept an offering from them but either way as long as a single person remembers you as long as one memory orb of you
exists somewhere in someone’s mind you are allowed to continue living in the
land of the dead But if you are completely forgotten much like Bing Bong at the end of Inside Out you then suffer the final death and this is the point of the Pixar theory: To actively remember those who came before you ; to look back as a guide to the future because those who are not forgotten aren’t really gone and this theme permeates every Pixar franchise I mean Bob Parr is afraid that if people forget the old ways that Mr. Incredible will truly die
his true self then will really die in Toy Story Wheezy is sick because Andy has forgotten him In Ratatouille Gusteau’s memory is being
tarnished and Remy is out to set it straight Carl can’t let Ellie’s memory die and carries it around as literal baggage until he finally realizes that instead of remembering her he needs to live the
way she wanted him to live Dory’s whole character is about memory and she shows
us tragically how terrible forgetting can be I mean without the ability to remember she could have swam right up to her parents and not even realized who they were Arlo was controlled by guilt and memory of his father’s death and fears he’ll never make him proud until his dad’s ghost literally appears to him and says [Poppa] You are me and more. [J] The cars on the other hand as
machines and not humans are starkly not concerned with legacy both Lightning and
Doc Hudson both scoff at it But then there’s the adorable little Wall-E also a
machine but one who actively cares about remembering humans and as such what
happens to grow right next to him? A little plant And remember the brown Earth?
Well another explanation might be that all of humanity has literally forgotten Earth. Even the captain has to ask the
ship to look up what Earth is But once he starts to remember well… and finally this brings us all the way back to where we started Brave – inside a little witch’s hut where the most important memory of them all lives An image that has no business existing in medieval Scotland and yet is there all the same It is a carving of none other than Sully because
this is not just some random witch This old lady is Boo (brain explosion noises) Oh you need more proof?
Well for one she’s obsessed with bears which Sully himself kind of resembles and it
might be how you remember him if you only ever saw him as a little girl Two she has a carving of the Pizza Planet truck right here and that’s like huh what cars
don’t even exist yet how would she even know what that is if she’s not actually
from the future? And three where did Sully come
from when she was a little girl? A magic door And what does the witch happen to have on her hut?
a magic door But so why does Boo become a witch? Well the theory goes that she spends
pretty much the rest of her life trying to track down her best friend from the
closet but could never find him but personally I think she figured it out
She obviously learned about time travel at some point but for some reason has decided to stay in Scotland but my question is then why there? and the answer is again memory because she never wants Sully to suffer the final death She never wants him to ever really be forgotten and how do you fight that? By living in the past and remembering something from the future effectively creating a permanent loop As long as she stays here and ensures the events of Brave happen, she ensures the future that she will always go on to be a little
girl who meets Sully and that grows up trying to find him again and eventually
come back to this point Always keeping the memory alive And that is the Pixar Theory Ben, my question for you and everyone else is
What is your favorite Pixar movie? Let me know in the towel section down below Thanks to the Pixar theory for the last six years
YouTube has been our playground and to celebrate we’ve made brand new
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you can check out this video right here or if you want to see how theIncredibles might actually be living in Syndromes house in Incredibles 2 you can check out this video right here but Ben that’s all got for you today man I will see you in another life brother Oh also there was a colony of ants at some
point pretty much put them in wherever you want cuz they don’t make a huge
difference the overall story

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