The Difference Between Marketing vs Branding Strategy
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The Difference Between Marketing vs Branding Strategy

Hey there, Adam Erhart here,
modern marketing strategist, and welcome to the Modern Marketing Show. Where we help you make
marketing that matters. (rock music) And on today’s episode,
we’re talking all about one of the hot button issues
of 2018, which is data privacy. And especially the topic surrounding the Facebook privacy problem. So it’s no surprise that
Facebook has come under a lot of heat in the last few months specifically in regards to data privacy, how much they’ve got access to, and what they’re doing to
keep that information secure. Specifically, one of
the biggest complaints when it comes to data privacy
is a feeling of helplessness that people get when they’re kinda forced to use these platforms and forced to put all
their information on them and then the company does nothing to do anything to protect
it, to keep it safe, and to keep it out of the
hand of spammers or scammers or kind of unethical organizations that’ll use it against them. So to this point I’ve got a couple things. First of all, no one’s forcing you to use Facebook or to use Google. That said, I understand they’ve got kind of a monopoly on
this whole online thing. So if you choose to
participate in this world, well, you’re gonna have to
kinda use those organizations and those software pieces. So with all that said, the argument to not have to use Facebook or Google, that’s kind of a moot point. You basically have to
use Facebook and Google. Especially if you’re
involved in online business. Okay, so now that we’ve got that covered, next, do they have an obligation
to keep your data safe? Pretty sure we’re all
gonna be in agreement here that yes, they do have an obligation to try and keep your data safe. Alright, so moving right along. Now let’s say that
someone that’s unethical or a spammer or a scammer
get a hold of your data. Well, whose fault is this? Is it Facebook’s, is it Google’s? And how much data do
they really need to have? First of all, in regards
to protecting the data, yeah, that absolutely is
gonna fall under Facebook or under Google to keep
your information safe and secure on their platform. There’s a bee around here. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get stung. Now granted, there are
limits to how much data you may want to or may have to upload to the program, including
credit card numbers, or date of birth, or relationship status, or anything to do with your
socio-economic background, or anything like that. So yes, you can be cautious,
but here’s the reality. Yes, Facebook and Google and
other platforms like that have a lot of information and you do upload a lot
of information to them, voluntarily often and sometimes
they go and scrape it, or get it from other sources. But that’s kinda the
point that I wanna make. You see, the way that Facebook
gets most of their data is from other sources. You see, any time that
we create a Facebook ad or do some kind of targeting
based on, let’s say income, well, where Facebook is
getting this income data is from your credit
card and from your bank. So this means if you don’t want Facebook to have the information
about your credit card or about your bank, you really
gotta go talk to your bank. And in fact, for the vast majority of targeting options
available and all the data that Facebook has stored,
well, they’re collecting this from all sorts of different places. Including where you buy insurance or if you have a mortgage or where you do your shopping,
both online and offline. All of this data is aggregated and then sold to Facebook. Now of course Facebook
has come under heavy fire because they’ve got such a massive impact and a massive role to play
in the world we now live. But the reality is unless
you’re willing to live completely off the grid,
you’ve got some data there. And businesses are going to be using it. So at this point, you
really have two choices. One is you can really
dive in and understand the laws and the
protection around your data and around what it’s being used for, and you can take the necessary
and any precautionary steps to make sure that you’re covered and make sure your data is safe. After all, identify fraud is no joke. But once that you’ve accepted
that this level of openness, this level of transparency
and this level of access to data isn’t going away and in fact, it may be getting worse. Well, the next thing you have to decide is are you willing to play along or are you going to take extreme actions and go completely off the grid. Which would also mean
getting rid of any property, getting rid of any credit cards, stopping all your spending
and limiting it to just cash, and essentially swearing
off the system in whole. Yeah, it might work for a select few, but if you’ve got a business to run, that’s a fast way to tank your sales. A safer and less extreme option is simply to take some time and go through the
Facebook privacy settings. Take a look at what data’s
being shared and with who. You might wanna maybe turn
off who can see your birthday, for example, or if you’ve
got any preferences in regards to pages you
like or anything like that. And maybe just limit the
access that other people have. But once that’s done,
you have to understand that you are playing in their world. It’s scary, I know, but it’s
the world we now live in. So does Facebook have a privacy problem? Yeah, probably. Is it going away any time soon? Not likely. And do they get most of their data from other sources anyway? Yes, definitely. It’s just that Facebook
is an easy scapegoat. After all, they’ve kinda
brought to the forefront this whole data privacy issue. So we need someone to blame. And they are at fault for
letting a lot of data leak when they really shouldn’t have. And not that it excuses it, but so have others many times before, and it’s probably gonna happen again. So with all that said, keep your data as safe as you possibly can. But then understand that
there are inherent risks involved with playing in the
world that we now live in. So let me know, do you have any tips for keeping your data safe? Have you even been the
victim of identity fraud or data breach or anything like that? Or is there any software or tools or anything else that you can recommend? If so, I’d love to hear
them in the comment section below this video, so that we
can all be a little bit safer and little bit more secure. Alright, with all that
said, I’m going back inside to hook up to the Matrix
so I can upload this video. So thanks so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed the episode. If you have any questions, comments, tips, or suggestions for a future video, be sure to leave them in
the comments section below. Also if you enjoyed the video, make sure to give it
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