The Differences Between Sales, Marketing & Branding – Personal Branding Ep. 2
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The Differences Between Sales, Marketing & Branding – Personal Branding Ep. 2

(bass heavy music) – So, first let’s clarify
what’s the difference between sales, branding and marketing, cause most entrepreneurs have no clue. They think it’s the same thing. Sales, marketing and branding,
what is the difference just yell the answer, yell the
answer, what’s the difference what do you think is the difference? – [Male Audience Member]
Branding is selling yourself – Branding is you’re
selling yourself, okay – [Female Audience Member] It’s your style – It’s your style, okay, yes – [Female Audience Member]
Is brand more about the image that people see of you and
marketing is more about the way you get it to your audience. – Okay, interesting, so
branding is how people see you but marketing is how you
get your message out there, okay, close, yes, Nathan – [Nathan] I was going to
stay marketing is the image people have about you,
marketing is getting the message out there and pulling people
in and sales is convincing people to do business with you. – Close, very close, yes – [Male Audience Member]
Branding is about who you are whereas marketing and sales are activities you use to get customers. – Very nice, very nice, very
close, so let me just define those, would that be helpful? – [Audience] Yes – So we’re clear, okay, first of all sales is convincing, what is it? – [Audience] Convincing – Sales is convincing, sales
are the words that you say what you say to people face to
face, to over come objections we talk about how to
handle objections in sales. We’ll learn how to do that,
negotiate a deal, persuade clients to view a situation you’re way. You can identify sales
activities by the fact that your lips are moving You’re flapping your lips, you’re selling. You’re selling, okay. So sales is convincing. In business, do we need sales? – [Audience] Yes – Yes, no sales? – [Audience] No business – No business, nothing
happens until you make a sale. So, is sales important yes or no? – [Audience] Yes – But is it everything? – [Audience] No – No, so sales is convincing. Marketing is generating
business, marketing is what? – [Audience] Generating business – Anything and everything you
do to attract or keep a client is what I consider marketing. So, every activity that
directly generates revenue is marketing, direct mail,
seminars, websites, social media even referrals are marketing. So you can easily identify
when you are doing marketing because it usually
highlights a specific product or service, a price and
directs the consumer to make a decision, to make
a purchase, take action now. When you see something on
infomercial you see this guy, pitchman on TV, saying hey,
buy this thing and it’s a gazillion dollars but if you act in the next 30 seconds it’s
only three easy payments of 29.95, how many have seen that? Yeah, if you call in the
next 10 seconds, it’s I’ll make two payments
of 29.95 and we’re going to throw in free shipping, right? So that’s marketing, right? Marketing is generating business. Now branding is different,
branding is influencing. Branding is what? – [Audience] Influencing – Totally different animal. Branding appeals to our desires
and touches our emotions. It has one goal, just
one goal, to emotionally predispose consumers into
entering a business relationship. Now highlight the key word,
emotionally predisposed. The goal of branding is to
position a product or service in such a way, or yourself
that people feel compelled on an irresistible urge to
purchase your product or service. How many of you buy a
certain brand and you’ve been buying that brand and you
go to, let’s say you go to the supermarket and there’s
a certain brand of drink or product that you buy
and you just recognize the brand, you go there, you
grab it and just buy those you don’t even think
about the other options. How many do that? Yes, that’s branding. Does the company have to
convince you and persuade you every time you go to supermarket, hey, buy me, buy me,
buy me, do they do that? – [Audience] No – You just go in, just grab,
that’s what you always buy, yes – [Audience] Yes – And in fact if your
friends try to tell you, oh, that’s no good, don’t
buy that, I know you’ve been using it for 10 years,
but you should try this. How do you respond? – [Audience] No – Maybe, I don’t know, I
like this brand, I think you’re making a mistake, you
should use my brand, right? Okay, so, branding is influencing. So you’re biggest challenge in business is how do I become more of
people’s blank of choice before they need one? How do I become more of people’s
choice of a mortgage broker of a real estate professional,
of additional marketing consultant, of a coach or whatever. How do I get hundreds or
even thousands of people to think of me as their
go to person, their blank, before they actually need one? Before they actually need one. Before they actually need one. So that’s the biggest
challenge in business. How do we solve this problem here? How do we solve this problem here? – [Announcer] 10 times your finances. 10 times your business. 10 times your marketing. 10 times your life. Hit the subscribe button now.

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19 thoughts on “The Differences Between Sales, Marketing & Branding – Personal Branding Ep. 2

  1. Dan, love ya man. I appreciate all the videos you do. I have learned a lot from you, and I hope on day I can attend one of your seminars. I am poor, and want to improve my life. I'm 42, so getting a late start, but I will not let that be my hold back.

  2. I wish that I could ask a question. But everything in every video is crystal clear! Thank you for teaching me these lessons Dan! Millionaire mindset lesson 5 thought me not to waste my time. This led me to buy FU Money to read on the way to college.

  3. Great explanation on the purpose of sales, marketing and branding. Knowing how to control these techniques allows you to effectively scale your business.

  4. This video is very easy to understand and helps differentiate between marketing, branding and sales. Thank you.

  5. Sifu, I'm so glad i'm enrolled in the Dan Lok University. I understand the difference now and thank you for clarifying this.

  6. This is why I hate my company’s marketing department.

    They advertise at X price, but it never is. It is X+Y+Zed. That starts off attracting the wrong clients wasting time and places the prospect on the defense.

    Lesson do not use the wrong bait then cry about not catching much.

  7. Dan a great video. Made me clarify on all three terminology. I am you great fan and I get huge amount of inspiration from you.

  8. Shifu, what is your advice for this case. Currently Im developing 2 different food industry, do you think it is better to work on my personal brand first, or work on my company brand first? Thank you so much 🙂

  9. Diff. Btw Sales Marketing, Branding:
    – Sales is convincing, negotiation, to take action or to buy.
    – Marketing – Generating business anything that acquire, retain customers
    – Branding – influencing emotionally predispose customers so ppl emotionally feel attached…
    how can i be __ that people go to…
    before they actually need one?

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