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The Enterprise-to-Local Digital Marketing Strategy | DAC

An Enterprise-to-Local strategy
is a full strategy that intends to allow brands to meet a consumer
from the enterprise or brand level all the way down to the hyperlocal level.
Local is having a comeback. It’s something people used to think of separately.
Brands need to understand that it can’t be siloed anymore
because it’s one more touchpoint in the decision journey.
They have to make sure it’s part of their strategy. If you execute as a brand
on an Enterprise-to-Local strategy effectively, you will capture consumers at every touch
point they’re looking for your product or services. DAC is the only agency that brings that piece
plus a full agency offering on top and can tie that together in a cohesive strategy
without giving away pieces to third parties. If you want to find out more
about the Enterprise-to-Local strategy, we have a playbook that’s available
for download on DAC’s website. It walks you through all the elements
of an Enterprise-to-Local strategy and considerations for marketers and brands
when they’re going to deploy one.

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