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The European Union Explained*

Where, is the European Union? Obviously here
somewhere, but much like the the European continent itself, which has an unclear boundary,
the European Union also has some fuzzy edges to it. To start, the official members of the European
Union are, in decreasing order of population: * Germany
* France * The United Kingdom
* Italy * Spain
* Poland * Romania
* The Kingdom of the Netherlands * Greece
* Belgium * Portugal
* The Czech Republic * Hungary
* Sweden * Austria
* Bulgaria * Denmark
* Slovakia * Finland
* Ireland * Croatia
* Lithuania * Latvia
* Slovenia * Estonia
* Cyprus * Luxembourg
* Malta The edges of the EU will probably continue
to expand further out as there are other countries in various stages of trying to become a member. How exactly the European Union works is hideously
complicated and a story for another time, but for this video you need know only three
things: 1. Countries pay membership dues and 2. Vote on laws they all must follow and 3. Citizens of member countries are automatically
European Union citizens as well This last means that if you’re a citizen of
any of these countries you are free to live and work or retire in any of the others. Which
is nice especially if you think your country is too big or too small or too hot or too
cold. The European Union gives you options. By the way, did you notice how all three of
these statements have asterisks attached to this unhelpful footnote? Well, get used to
it: Europe loves asterisks that add exceptions to complicated agreements. These three, for example, point us toward
the first bit of border fuzziness with Norway, Iceland and little Liechtenstein. None of
which are in the European Union but if you’re a EU citizen you can live in these countries
and Norwegians, Icelanders, or Liechtensteiner(in)s can can live in yours. Why? In exchange for the freedom of movement
of people they have to pay membership fees to the European Union — even though they
aren’t a part of it and thus don’t get a say its laws that they still have to follow. This arrangement is the European Economic
Area and it sounds like a terrible deal, were it not for that asterisk which grants EEA
but not EU members a pass on some areas of law notably farming and fishing — something
a country like Iceland might care quite a lot about running their own way. Between the European Union and the European
Economic Area the continent looks mostly covered, with the notable exception of Switzerland
who remains neutral and fiercely independent, except for her participation in the Schengen
Area. If you’re from a country that keeps her borders
extremely clean and / or well-patrolled, the Schengen Area is a bit mind-blowing because
it’s an agreement between countries to take a ‘meh’ approach to borders. In the Schengen Area international boundaries
look like this: no border officers or passport checks of any kind. You can walk from Lisbon
to Tallinn without identification or need to answer the question: “business or pleasure?”. For Switzerland being part of Schengen but
not part of the European Union means that non-swiss can check in any time they like,
but they can never stay. This koombaya approach to borders isn’t appreciated
by everyone in the EU: most loudly, the United Kingdom and Ireland who argue that islands
are different. Thus to get onto these fair isles, you’ll need a passport and a good reason. Britannia’s reluctance to get fully involved
with the EU brings us to the next topic: money. The European Union has its own fancy currency,
the Euro used by the majority, but not all of the European Union members. This economic
union is called the Eurozone and to join a country must first reach certain financial
goals — and lying about reaching those goals is certainly not something anyone would do. Most of the non-Eurozone members when they
meet the goals, will ditch their local currency in favor of the Euro but three of them Denmark,
Sweden and, of course, the United Kingdom, have asterisks attracted to the Euro sections
of the treaty giving them a permanent out-out. And weirdly, four tiny European countries
Andorra, San Marino, Monaco & Vatican City have an asterisk giving them the reverse:
the right print and use Euros as their money, despite not being in the European Union at
all. So that’s the big picture: there’s the EU,
which makes all the rules, the Eurozone inside it with a common currency, the European Economic
Area outside of it where people can move freely and the selective Schengen, for countries
who think borders just aren’t worth the hassle. As you can see, there’s some strange overlaps
with these borders, but we’re not done talking about complications by a long shot one again,
because empire. So Portugal and Spain have islands from their
colonial days that they’ve never parted with: these are the Madeira and Canary Islands are
off the coast of Africa and the Azores well into the Atlantic. Because these islands are
Spanish and Portuguese they’re part of the European Union as well. Adding a few islands to the EU’s borders isn’t
a big deal until you consider France: the queen of not-letting go. She still holds onto
a bunch of islands in the Caribbean, Reunion off the coast of Madagascar and French Guiana
in South America. As far as France is concerned, these are France too, which single handedly
extends the edge-to-edge distance of the European Union across a third of Earth’s circumference. Collectively, these bits of France, Spain
and Portugal are called the Outermost Regions — and they’re the result of the simple answer
to empire: just keep it. On the other hand, there’s the United Kingdom,
the master of maintaining complicated relationships with her quasi-former lands — and she’s by
no means alone in this on such an empire-happy continent. The Netherlands and Denmark and France (again)
all have what the European Union calls Overseas Territories: they’re not part of the European
Union, instead they’re a bottomless well of asterisks due to their complicated relationships
with both with the European Union and their associated countries which makes it hard to
say anything meaningful about them as a group but… in general European Union law doesn’t apply
to these places, though in general the people who live there are European Union citizens
because in general they have the citizenship of their associated country, so in general
they can live anywhere in the EU they want but in general other European Union citizens
can’t freely move to these territories. Which makes these places a weird, semipermeable
membrane of the European Union proper and the final part we’re going to talk about in
detail even though there are still many, more one-off asterisks you might stumble upon,
such as: the Isle of Man or those Spanish Cities in North Africa or Gibraltar, who pretends
to be part of Southwest England sometimes, or that region in Greece where it’s totally
legal to ban women, or Saba & friends who are part of the Netherlands and so should
be part of the EU, but aren’t, or the Faeroe Islands upon which while citizens of Denmark
live they lose their EU citizenship, and on and on it goes. These asterisks almost never end, but this
video must.

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    Never in the history will you find another example like EU where people from the different historical backgrounds, speaking different languages and following different customs, traditions and values have come together to work together for the benefit of all Europeans. they have been able to pull this miracle off because they have learnt the lesson that more could be achieved by working together than by working against one another. I wish the world could learn from the European Union.

    The European Union could be the future of humanity if humanity could find the honesty, courage and the wisdom to learn from Europeans. We may resolve all our disputes and issues and turn our regions into heaven by following the model of the European Union.

    bless the hearts of those who created this miracle called "European Union".

    Zulfiqar Tareen, a friend of all, the enemy of none.

  2. The EU theme tune the national anthem sounds like diarrhoea going off all the time that's what it sounds like the British anthem sounds great

  3. "The European Union explained"

    Basically it is a dictatorship run by pigs who force countries to accept Islam as their masters and slowly erode the native nationality away for the sake of "diversity".

  4. Bunch of Criminals the lot of them… We can't wait to be FREE from that Marxist Dictatorship….. OUT NOW NO DEAL !!!! No Surrender, God save the Queen !!!

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  6. CGP Grey: Makes a video explaining the structure of the EU without any political opinion
    Comment section: Call the EU a marxist dictatorship/Fourth reich/Roman empire

    Good ol' comment section, mistaking an explanation video for an opinion video.

  7. Sweden does not have a formalized right to not join the Euro-zone. We have simply neglected to align our currency with the Euro. Thus making it impossible to join the Euro.

  8. Turkey as EU country? Lol. European Union doesn't mean anything at this point. An almost Shariah Law country will join the "EU".
    The EU is nothing but a bureaucratic monster. Despite the UK. leaving the EU, it doesn't matter because it's just a label, the UK will always be part of Europe, but not a member of the union that just passed Article 13. The European Union is going to be the death of European countries, because illegal economic migrants posing as war refugees just keep on coming, that's not the worst part, they carry their regressive old-world ideology and create enclaves then impose their beliefs as if it were the law there. The people living under EU never voted for this change. These immigrants have no interest in gaining European heritage, even the ones who are born in Europe, rather they expect Europeans to facilitate and adapt to their culture. But mainstream media ignores this of fear that constructive criticism is 'racist'.

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    "Porque a os he dado entendimiento y a ellos no"

    – L'Am*O*R

  12. the us dont want that the eu becomes a state simply because they would than have an third economic rival besides china

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  14. Meanwhile contrary to the theory.I'm a German citizen.I live since 17 years in france.since 2016 I need a visa for europe (which is valid for 8 years) to be allowed to stay in europe.following writing to several institutions of france, Germany and the EU citing the laws allowing me to stay in europe as European citizen without the need of a permet, I got mostly no answer, or "not our responsibility" until the office for finding solutions if EU law is disregarded (SOLVIT) wrote me "we don't give juristic help", but I can appeal to SOLVIT so that they can write me what they think of themselves.a certain wwII fraction wanted to conquer the world and started up conquering Europe, which means that each nations identity was annihilated.the Lisbon treaty law §4, which insisted on the right to maintain each nations and even regions identity was abolished without replacement in 2007.

  15. San Marino, Monaco. Andorra and Vatican can't print Euros. No country can single handedly. Now, if Andorra wants to use your coin, what are you going to do? Invade them? It's good for your coin. That's why some southamerican countries use USD.

  16. It’s funny how u only mentioned Greece as “liars” about their numbers and then didn’t bother to explain anything. How for example rich countries benefit from the poor ones and all that jazz. Let me tell you that all Baltic countries and other Balkan ones faked their numbers and the leaders of EU knew everything. It’s obvious that you have a problem with Greece since in this tiny video you get to shame us twice, along with the area of Athos. I’m obviously not defending anything but if we were to start shaming nations why not even mention Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Rep that with their fascists government they are pushing us back every day? Why you don’t make a little joke about how the Vatican rapes kids? Where is your humor smart-boy? I guess it’s not funny to be racist…. Is it?



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  23. Please never let Turkey joying the EU. No islamic countries please. We have already Poland. A ultra catholic fundamentalist State is already bad enough for democracy and freedom.

  24. If the EU loves to add asterisks to complicated agreements, surely it could add an asterisk to a trade deal with the UK to continue free market access, end freedom of movement and have an invisible boarder in Ireland without the backstop.

  25. 3:58 You put St. Martin as integrally part of France when it is just an overseas collectivity. Mayotte is the other overseas region.

  26. I think EU transforms into US with 2 political parties one for more common rules and the other for more regional rules

  27. The British stand with democracy that's why we can't follow the road the E.U is taking. They even bullied other counties that tried to leave before us.

  28. EU is actually the German's Pan-European German Empire – FOURTH REICH.
    Hitler's dream was his Third Reich encompassing all of Europe – and Tomorrow Die Welt!
    His fantasy lasted about 12 years!
    Immediately Germans were granted home rule after WW2 they started planning The FOURTH REICH.

  29. Goodbye Brussels, we really won't miss your dictatorship and it looks like there are many more countries hoping to leave too. YOU ARE FINISHED!

  30. The European Union is nothing but a Nazi Death Camp for Christian White People. They want to replace the white race with Africans.
    Well why not just go to Africa?

  31. why doesnt asian countries form a similar instute (i am not a native speaker and i dont know how to spell instutution please dont make fun of me)

  32. I'm le tired!! Please tell me if this was 'inspired' (or maybe you also made it:-) by a super old animated video called: 'The end of ze world'? That was one of my first ever favourite internet vids! I hope this is the case.

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