The Fundamentals of Long-Term Strategic Marketing
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The Fundamentals of Long-Term Strategic Marketing

– Alright, hands up if
you’re a business owner concerned about the
growth of your business? Or perhaps you’ve been hired by a business to help them grow? Either way, you’re accountable
for bringing in leads. As I talked about it in another video, this is not a simple
task especially today. Ugh. That just sounds hard.
30 Rock – Subway Hero [S02E12] – There are literally
hundreds of marketing channels and tactics. There are also millions of
other businesses other there that are just like yours, using these channels
towards similar goals, six million of ’em on Facebook alone, and you’re no longer just competing with other companies either. People aren’t sitting
there waiting for your ads while they’re online. They’re mostly there to learn and interact with other people. There are 500 thousand posts
on LinkedIn, 14 million articles pinned on
Pinterest, 95 million photos uploaded to Instagram, 450
million status updates on Facebook, 500 million tweets
on Twitter and over 40 billion messages on WhatsApp are posted daily on these platforms alone. Holy forking shirt.
The Good Place – Dance Dance Resolution [S02E02] – So yeah, more channels,
more competition, and more uncertainty. And though there are no silver
bullets or one-size fits all answers, there is something
that you can do to help break through that noise more successfully. It’s called… A strategy. Okay. All right. I’m ready. Let’s do this.
Archer – Liquid Lunch [S07E08] – My name is Tara and
this is Truly Strategic. First let’s talk about short-term versus long-term marketing. You need both. And depending on where
your business is at, you’ll need to shift
the balance of the two. In their study The Long and
the Short of It, Les Binet and Peter Field came to the
conclusion that marketers should invest 60% of their
budgets in long-term brand building and 40% in
short-term sales activation. But this formula isn’t a
one-sized fits all either. They talk about the multiple
contextual factors that shift this percentage all the
time such as sectors, audience, pricing, whether
emotional or rational consideration drives a purchase,
and the size of the brand. If you’re an unknown, for
instance, that formula may shift in the other direction. Who are you? You’re nobody!
Futurama – A Pharaoh to Remember [S04E07] – But it really isn’t about formula. Brand building, which is
equivalent to the creation of an emotional connect that
I talked about in my video, Can Companies Have Relationships? Includes the longer-term
higher touch tactics such as content, community
engagement, customer service, public relationships,
sponsorships, and such. All of these require a
longer-term investment and are not driven by
campaigns as much as a creation of a consistent experience. The core driver of this brand building is the emotional connection. And we can all recall that
ad campaign that touched us emotionally, helping us
feel a little bit better about that brand. Why not reach out and touch someone?
The Manchurian Candidate (2004) – But as I mentioned before,
there are lots of channels and tactics to choose from
and most companies don’t have the time, resources, or
money to cover everything. So the key here is to figure
out what the most effective path forward looks like. In fact, the key is to
find the right channels and tactics to reach your best customer. So the first thing you’ll
need is to understand who is that? Get to know me, Stan. I’m amazing.
American Dad! – Spring Break-up [S03E16] – I’ll be diving into this
term specifically in a later post or video, but in a
nutshell, we define your best customers as someone who number one, needs or desires what you’re selling. Oh, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme.
The Office – Dunder Mifflin Infinity [S04E02] – This could include someone
who doesn’t know they need you yet, but it doesn’t
include the entire world. That’s important to understand. Number two can and is willing to pay for what you’re selling. Shut up and take my money!
Futurama – Attack of the Killer App [S06E03] – This may seem obvious,
but too many companies try to target the wrong audiences
who are happy to get freebies and discounts but won’t go
on to be paying customers. And number three talks to
others who are just like them. I know a lot of people, sure,
Arrested Development – The B. Team [S04E04] – This is really important
because you may have several eligible mindsets of customers,
but the best one to start with is the one that will
help you spread the word. It’s also helpful to find the
customer that is underserved by the competition, but
having competitors for their attention is not a deal breaker either. I have no competition.
American Dad! – The Unincludeds [S11E11] – So notice how we don’t say
target market, or persona, or any other term that
dehumanizes this customer, finding your best customer
means that you understand how you can connect with them. What are their hopes and dreams? What keeps them up at night? It’s about listening and
really understanding them. You’ll also find out
where they’re most likely to come across your message. Once you’ve found your best
customer, you can map out their buying journey. Are they going to search for the answers? Are they hanging out on LinkedIn? Maybe they’re not online much
at all and they’re getting most of their advice
through like, I don’t know, magazine or local community events. I mean, you know, the human being is
[My Dinner with Andre (1981)] a complex and dangerous creature.
[My Dinner with Andre (1981)] – Knowing the audience, your
best customer, will help uncover the right
opportunities to appear along their buyer journey. The channels, the tactics, the
messaging, the brand building versus activation mix,
that’ll all flow from there, from that understanding. That’s all that strategy is. It’s simple. That’s it? – That’s it. That’s it? – That’s it.
Bob’s Burgers – Like Gene for Chocolate [S07E12] – I mean it’s simple, but
not easy because finding that best customer and
mapping their journeys and getting all that right
takes time, and listening, and patience that I know
many of you do not have, which is where the mix of that
short-term tactical approach can also help speed things up. The important thing is that
it isn’t at the expense of that long-term relationship. (laughing): Sounds good to me.
Bob’s Burgers [S07E04] – My name is Tara and this
has been Truly Strategic.

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    OMG you words are as sweet as Roberta Flack because you are talking about my business and hopefully my business strategy. Thanks whatever force is out there that I clicked on to your link today. Love this. Will feed back. Lots of good stuff in here for me to process and I want to watch more of your videos. Great job! Thank you! MW

  2. Nairobi. Close to 8pm. After clicking and watching one video, I bought data bundles. The plan? Watch all the videos on this channel. I need this badly. I can't afford school or consultant fees. Never been a fan of planning. But I've been out of work for three years surviving on Voice Over jobs that are few and far between lately. I just finally got enough money to complete a basic home studio setup I've been struggling to put together. I have a good voice, an interesting life story and the drive and determination of starved tiger. The issue has always been what to do. Hopefully, by the time I'm halfway through the channel, it will be clearer than ever. Thank you for sharing all this information. 🙏🏾


  3. Our podcast is back! In this inaugural Anatomy of a Strategy podcast, Carlos and I build upon my recent video on short term tactics, how the number of marketing channels are infinite and growing, and how it's easier than ever for individuals and companies to buy ads themselves making the competition even more fierce.

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