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Okay, Hi guys! So for today’s vlog, i’m going to be shopping at work. So every year at TSL, our boss lets us buy something nice for the office. A few years, we bought things like the PS4, foosball table…stuff like that. So this year, they put me in charge. TMall is actually having it’s upcoming 11/11 sale soon. And apparently, you can buy some crazy things there… Even things you didn’t know you could buy online. So you know what? I am going to check it out. But to make sure that I shop responsibily, I’m going to get the most responsible person in
the office to help me out. What are we supposed to do now? Okay, so Julian is here. We need to buy stuff for the office. What kind of stuff? Useful stuff! Fun stuff! Things that people will love. Okay, I think I know. There’s this website called ‘TMall’, they have like everything eh! Lets go see what we can buy! Let’s shop! Oh My God! It is here! Many many packages. Everything in the truck. Look at that! Okay, so the stuff arrived yesterday. It was a bit overwhelming. Overwhelming is an understatement. I think we need help eh. I know. let’s form the most athletic team we can ever think of. That guy. We getting that guy. He seems quite fit enough for our qualifications. Hey Wen Chuan, I need your man strength. Athletic guy number 2. ‘Dislethic’ club, please assemble. These are our elite soldiers – the most athletic people in the office that we could find at this time. Let the unboxing begin! Did you just ask us to unbox things? Oh my god. How rude? Ok come let’s do it. So we finally managed to get it working. The bad news is that I didn’t know it doesn’t come with the toys so we don’t really have anyting to kiap now la. Let’s just put Adria’s stuff inside. Why Adria? She’s not in the office and she always pranks me. Oh my god. We thought it was her. Go. Go. Go. Faster! So we did manage to fit all of Adria’s stuff inside. I was quite surprised eh because she has damn a lot of crap. Everything is inside, we are going to move it to her desk now. I think she will appreciate it. Jes: Are you not scared that she will get mad? Ask Julian say sorry lo. I just say sorry. I’m super charming. So… Wa damn pissed off. Oh my god. (laugh in disbelief) I’m gonna slam this thing and I’m gonna break it out. Oh I actually got something eh. What the heck man. (Laugh and cry) Adria managed to finally get her stuff out. What do you think ah? Not bad right? Quite fun right? We managed to take a few things out. What are you gonna do with it now? Put in the pantry corner then put snacks inside. So we have assembled an army. Pretty much stopped all work in the office. You are gonna help us unbox stuff. Let’s do this! Okay so we have set up the unicycle. Julian is going to go and prove that he can ride a unicycle. I lost confidence already. If he can right, I give him two bucks plus chicken rice plus roast pork. And extra rice. And the unicycle. Let’s go! Wa. Wait! Don’t move yet. Not yet. Ok. Let’s go. Move forward. Oh my god, the tyre. What the hell. Slowly ah. I bet you I can balance. Ok balance ah. We are trying again. Google said that we need a low fence to hold on to. You can do it. Jiayou. No. Cannot. I failed. It’ll be about 6 months before it can be of any use. But judging from my performance right, I was able to ride a bit using the fence. You really want to talk about your performance? So I guess it’s a decent buy. But it’s very well made. Material good. Sturdy. Popcorn machine is amazing. It’s Surprisingly easy to use. Do you want to try? Oh my god it’s nice! Guys, there’s popcorn if anybody wants to try. So these guys ask me to change into my spare clothes and they said we are going out. But guys where are going? We’re testing the next item that we bought. Actually I don’t really understand why we bought this. It’s essential for our company. We always go on overseas work trips and I think we will save money on this. What is it? Oh my gosh! We bought a boat! I still can’t believe we bought this and we are on a boat right now. It’s super legit sia. I had my doubts about whether this would actually work but it’s floating eh and it was so easy to set up. And it’s also very sturdy. There’s 3 of us here and I think we can accommodate like 2 or 3 people more. No one is harmed. No one is wet. Apparently it’s very comfortable because Xenia was sleeping in it this afternoon in the office. Xenia. Comfortable or not? Nice. It comes with the paddles and it came with the pump. So you have everything you need to get it set up and it only too us like- 10 minutes. Very easy. Okay. I think we should go and cross the border. And film some travel videos in Bintan. Ok so we are on to our fourth item now and we kinda bought a gym. Yes. We have a gym in the office now. The fun thing about this gym is that more than one person can work out at any point of time. So not bad ah. Quite good for bonding eh. It’s good for signature hunt. I specifically chose this for signature hunt. So now new people, when they join the company, they can work out and get to know their colleagues better. But because Julian and I already know each other quite well right, so it doesn’t really make sense for us to review this. So we are getting two more people to try it. I’m Xenia. I’m Joshua. When people do signature hunt with me, it’s never boring okay. We are going to play a game while doing signature hunt. You are going to put on these gloves. So everytime i ask you a question, you must punch twice before you answer me. If not, you will punch… yourself. No la. So how old are you? 27. Like that? Really ah? 27? Yup You answered me. Punch yourself. Which department were you from again? I don’t have a department. I am solo. But I am next to the events department. 23 years old. So how old do you think I look? How old do you think I look? Signature hunt success! You were working for 3 weeks straight! Oh my god. Yes. And you didn’t go home for 3 weekends! So thanks for watching us spend the entire day not doing any work and causing the entire office to not be able to do any work as well. So actually what are your favourite items? My favourite would be the popcorn machine because it really brought the whole company together. And I brought out the Kampung spirit in TSL. What about you, Adria? Okay la. I would still have to say that it’s the claw machine because honestly I have never seen a claw machine out of an arcade and in the office. Actually it’s quite hard to surprise me so I must say it was quite epic because I was damn shocked when I saw it man. Ok so now that you’ve watched us buy the absolute craziest thing we could find online. you can buy things like that for yourself as well. TMall is actually having their biggest one day sale of the year with massive discounts on the 11th of November You can get 50 RMB off every 299 RMB spent on sea shipping. So go and check it out! And if there are other crazy items you would like us to buy, you can let us know in the comments below don’t forget to Like. Share. and subscribe. And watch all our other videos over there! Bye!

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  1. I would love the get the popcorn machine!! I am in a midst of planning for my wedding, and you know having a popcorn machine for my wedding will totally be cool. Getting to serve freshly popped popcorns to my guests, on top of all the typical wedding dishes! I'm sure it will be a hit to the guests!

  2. I would love to have the inflatable boat cause
    1. I always scared got flood/tsunami so got boat standby if really touch wood have then I quickly inflate and try to save some people
    2. I malaysia there got pool my neighbour then they always let me play there so I can use the boat there
    3. I need go camp at pulau ubin then like if I bring along then if need escape suddenly then can take boat paddle back to singapore

    I even got goggles in my bag wherever I go sia incase got flood then I can swim
    I also wan to roll away from all my homework cause it floods me I need escape from flood

  3. I want the claw machine because I have always wanted to put one in my house but never really got the chance to because it costs like $1000 including shipping on ebay:(
    Hope I can win it to play everyday so I dont have to spend my monthly allowance to play again haha

  4. I really love the gym set! As a female its a little bit intimidating to workout at the gym alone sometimes. So this set at home would be great for me!

  5. I would really love to have the Claw Machine!! It will be great to play it together with my family and friends ๐Ÿ™‚ Definitely one which will bring me back to memory lane, dreaming of getting every single item in the claw machine hahaah

  6. Popcorn machine. Whenever i wanna watch movie at home, i always wanna find something to munch. And then everytime i cook popcorn, it does not taste like the cinema and it always make the pot burnt. Really appreciate it if u could give it to me. Thanks

  7. popcorn machine because I've got a very comfortable sofa, a big tv screen, family and friends so all that's lacking is popcorn to bring about the deluxe movie experience at home hahaha

  8. Omg didn't know that you could brought these item online! Really got me a shocked! Haha!

    Would interested in the fitness machine it's look Damn as its can have 3 person using it at the same time. Its really help to bond with the bros and sis around as to get fit together! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I would wish to win the gym because Iโ€™ve always wanted to gym at home. Iโ€™m a power lifter and I wish I could have one at home so I can have a second session to get stronger!

  10. I really want to have the claw machine because my grandfather is really good at it so when he gets bored, he can play with the claw machine to entertain himself !! Hope I will win it !!

  11. I wish to win the 4-in-1 multi-gym because i feel really intimidated to go to a local gym to workout so this set would be good for me to workout at home. Furthermore, since more than 1 person can workout at a time, my family members would also be able to workout at the same time ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I'd like to win the multi gym because I have been working on improving my fitness since a few months back – going to gym, going for runs etc but it's not the easiest because I have to juggle my studies and PT work at the same time. Having this at home would be really convenient and great for me, I'll use it all the time for sure so it won't be a wasted gift ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Liked and Subscribed long time ago
    I would like the unicycle because I love challenges and especially wanted one to learn and practise it, it'll be so cool to know how to cycle a unicycle

  14. would love to get the boat. it's so convenient and suitable for water sports locally or even overseas. time to lose some weight with the paddling weeeee. losing weight works well with the gym too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. I would love to get the popcorn machine because I think that it's something that can bring a lot of joy to my friends in hostel and in school, especially when exams are around the corner! It would be super convenient for any events in school too because with it we would have the infrastructure we need for awesome popcorn ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. would love to have the multi-gym so I can pretend that I actually exercise and have people think that I'm getting fit when all I really wanna do is to get fat

  17. would really love to have the popcorn machine for my 3 years twinniesss !! they love popcorn alot !! please please !! my family loves watching tsl alot !

  18. I would love to win the 4-in-1 multi-gym so I can invite my friends over to lose weight and enjoy good food together ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. Liked & subscribed! I really want the claw machine because me & my mum love going to the arcade ever since im young to grab some toys! I have so many toys At home that i wish i can own one claw machine myself & let my youngest sister (6 yo) to play with it! It's my childhood & will be my best gift i ever receive! It's the kind of enjoyment that brings family together too ๐Ÿ’•

  20. I would love the claw machine because my whole family, including my grandmother, is obsessed with it (we just call it "kiap kiap") and it would be a great family bonding activity for us (e.g. Pranking my sister by placing her favourite toy in the machine evil laughs MUAHAHAHAHA).

  21. i would love to win the popcorn machine as i've always loved popcorn but you have to go all the way to the cinema to get it and honestly it's very pricey!!! and the moment i saw it in the video i was like jsofklsdf omg i want but obviously the price was too much for a secondary school kid.. i was shocked that they actually selling stuffs like these on tmall as i always only bought apparels from there. i hope to win it so i can have it anytime i want + also able to share with my family members and friends. thank you so much for hosting this giveaway, have a great day ahead!!

  22. I feel bad cos I don't usually need subtitles when I watch videos but when Julian's in it I find myself clicking for subtitles HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  23. I would love to have the gym set! Extremely out of shape right now bc of exams but I'll be working out daily once exam ends!!


    So, if you think you can do much better at it than Julian, head over to the description box above and enter our giveaway!

  25. I was sooo scared when they went on the boat because isnโ€™t there like crocodiles in some rivers in Singapore lol. breathes heavily

  26. Shout out to POPCORN MACHINE because i can try to make my own flavors popcorn and who's dont like to eat right? HAHA

  27. I lovee the popcorn machine…wah alot of thing can do sia…can make alot of popcorn for movie night, friends, nothing to eat at home. Can also sell it lol . Umm can experiment different flavours too haha ๐Ÿ˜‚

  28. I would love to have the popcorn machine because you guys just made me realised it would be good money to set up a popcorn shop with that!!! With 20 different Flavours Savoury and sweet included

  29. OH GOD I NEED THE MULTI GYM PLEASE ๐Ÿ˜ญ it's my favourite + a super smart/practical gift(??) HAHAH Being in Uni there's no time to go out to the gym so I'm just slowly getting fatter & fatter. Also, having a multi-gym will allow the people around me in hall (we don't have a gym) to socialise and make new friends while getting fit!!!^^ (okAy tbh the claw machine is pretty amazing too & a great appliance for get togethers but) Plus with upcoming examinations the multi gym can be used for stress relief and to keep my body active/fit in preparation for interhall games!!(@Bryan can you see this pls pick me I love getting fit๐Ÿ˜ญ but yes I haven't won anything before so it'd be such a dream come true :'-) <3

  30. I want the multi-gym because it is so cool and practical . Paiseh to go out and do gym , that's why i would love a home gym

  31. TSL is so amazing and have such a fun culture! The unicycle which TSL bought would be my favourite! I would love the unicycle because I do juggling and poi spinning and am part of the local circus community. The unicycle would add a great item for me and the team! To master the unicycle, Julian needs to use his waist to balance the centre of gravity. Thats where its the pivot point to rotate too.

  32. My favourite item was the popcorn machine as my family really really loved popcorn and I think it would be more convenient and allow people to bond with each other while having popcorn and watching a movie at the same time together.

  33. My favourite item was the popcorn machine because… ย  ย 
    1. ย I love popcorn! ย  ย  ย  ย  ย 2. Everybody said that it is really easy to use ย  ย  3. I can take a bowl of popcorn and watch TSL or Netflix and relax so that is what i would do every weekend to keep myself occupied.

  34. 10/10 will want the popcorn machine so I can finally try out the many different flavours (just like how Disneyland does their popcorn) such as curry, salted caramel, cheese, etc.

  35. I would love to get the gym … cos I realised I havenโ€™t been working out as usual due to imbalanced working hours ..

  36. All items are my favourite!!! Having an arcade machine is just amazing, I love popcorn, and I love the sea woohoo. And I CAN RIDE THE UNICYCLE. I can give you free lessons in exchange for one of these items IDEA?!?!? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    My friend and I are holding a party for a wonderful friend and all these things can spice up our party!!

    Boat, we do beach party
    Unicycle, then we do juggling performance
    Popcorn, we can give popcorn to the guests
    Arcade machine, we can put the presents in or prank the birthday girl like what you did in the video


  37. My favourite item is the multi gym as the price is affordable and worthy of the quality and price. I would like to get it as I am someone who exercises and it would be ideal for me to win it!!!!

  38. Hello!! ๐Ÿ™‚ my most favourite item is the popcorn machine but since it's no longer up for giving away, my second most favorite is the unicycle!!!! I have seen many people out there using a unicycle and I thought it would be fun and rewarding to be able to ride one just like them!! My dad also seems really interested in riding a unicycle. It would be awesome if I won the unicycle so my dad and i can learn how to ride it together and strengthen our father and daughter bond as my dad is always busy working laborious jobs and he hardly has the mood to go out for some family bonding time ๐Ÿ™ if I could win this unicycle, it would be the best Christmas present for my dad and i!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you for holding this giveaway!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  39. Unicycle. It's fun and rewarding once you learn it, imagine slurping a drink and eating popcorn while riding. You can't do that on a bicycle.

  40. I would love the claw machines or the ! I've always gone to arcades to play this (and never win WHOOPS) so I would like to save money and play with this instead (and hopefully start saving some moneyz )

  41. The arcade claw machine!! because my siblings always steal my snacks. if they wanna eat, they gotta at least pay up.

    *also I can earn some side cash for their failed attempts.

  42. Claw machine DEFINITELY!! Work for ur SNACKS ppl!! Serious note, for one itโ€™s good for de-stressing. Secondly, youโ€™re not gonna see ur snacks run out FASTER than a roadrunner! Maybe yโ€™all should put incentives in there (iphone X eh hem) XDXD

  43. this video showed how fun TSL is! Why buy all the usual stuff when you can get cool gifts back in office! and because im "unusual" like TSL, i would love to have the unicycle so i can ride it on the streets and show how different (or weird) i am! haha.

  44. Hi.Can you tell me how to buy the claw machine.I went to the website tmall but i don't know how to find the claw machine.Help me please.

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