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28 thoughts on “The H-E-B Big Game Commercial – Extended Version | H-E-B

  1. As an H-E-B partner, I always think about this commercial every time I go into work. Customers love this ad as well and I would love to see more. #HEBforlife

  2. This is funny, but I can say for a fact not all of Texas calls it home because I have a very large family and none of them like going to HEB that much😂😂 and I'm sure there's others. No offense tho HEB, only love here, but I just can't give a proper opinion because I'm never able to go there

  3. I just love it when my local grocery stores end up on tv! This is one of my only favorite ads for how it has me chuckling in seconds.
    #HEB #GoTexas #Howdy

  4. Who lives poor for 154 days then randomly finds a ice box that actually has food in it from H-E-B

  5. I'm a lifetime H-E-B member. I discovered them my first week in Texas and it's been a love affair since day 1

  6. I love H-E-B it has all are food we love this makes me wanna eat all the food and product from H-E-B this made me super hungry

  7. Hello HEB, I never really understood the true efficiency of HEB until I recently visited your store closest to me just yesterday. It truly inspired me to be a lifetime shopper.I can’t ever thank you enough. Just know that you guys rock!! And that I love you❤️❤️

  8. WORKING at HEB is a joke! I strongly feel Women are discriminated from being drivers…
    And I can prove it…..

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