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The HEART Framework | Key Business Metrics | Product Design | Udacity

Basic traffic metrics, such as
unique visitors, overall pageviews, session length and interval,
and traffic sources, can help you establish a good baseline
on how a site or an app is doing. But you’ll want other metrics
to help you monitor the quality of the user experience. The HEART framework can
help you define UX metrics that are relevant to your product. HEART is an acronym that stands for
five broad categories. First is happiness. These metrics are often captured through
surveys, and measure user attitudes for things like satisfaction, perceived
ease of use, and net promoter score. Engagement is the second category. These metrics monitor user behavior,
perhaps frequency, intensity, and depth over some period of time. For example, Udacity might be interested
in the number of videos watched per user, per day. Instagram, on the other hand, might measure the number of photos
uploaded per user, per week. These types of metrics will
really depend on the types of activities that your users will do. The next category is Adoption. You can track the number of new users
who use a product or potential feature. For instance, you might track the number
of new accounts created each week, or daily usage of a feature such
as bookmarking in a browser. The R is for Retention. You learned about Retention all ready, which let’s you track active users from
some starting time to some ending time. Finally, the last
category is task success. These types of metrics are related
to traditional behavior metrics, such as efficiency,
time to complete a task, effectiveness, which is percent of completed tasks,
and error rate. Now, you don’t need to have metrics for
all of these categories. Instead, you should think
about which categories and their associated metrics would be most
important for the entire product. You also might think about which
metrics would be important for specific features of a product.

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