The Hype Is REAL!! 😱 Best Products for dry 4C Hair | Miche Beauty Review
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The Hype Is REAL!! 😱 Best Products for dry 4C Hair | Miche Beauty Review

hey what’s up everyone it is Tyiece
here so I will be doing a first impressions review on my 4c natural hair
using the Miche product line so I did become an ambassador so I received all
of their hair products and their hair products are all natural they are made
with high-quality ingredients handmade black women own perfect for all hair
types so this line doesn’t contain any
silicones alcohol sulfates parabens phalates
or animal testing so make sure you guys stay tuned to my review and definitely
check out the products in the link below in my description so for this week’s
wash day I am starting off by getting my hair really wet before I shampoo it and
I will be using the Miche cleanse sulfate free shampoo so the shampoo is
creamy and texture it’s very thin the consistency is very thin and lightweight
and it has a very fruity smell with a hint of citrus it reminds me of a lemon
drop so the shampoo is pH balanced and it
does contain hibiscus root and ginger root extract which helps to stop
dandruff and it also helps to prevent hair loss so after using this shampoo I
would say my hair felt more stripped than I would like I felt like it maybe
contributed to the amount I use but yeah I didn’t feel any slip or moisture with
the shampoo rinsed out of my hair immediately the way to shampoo perform
it will probably be great for low porosity hair but I can say after drying
my hair letting it sit in that t-shirt for a while after I took the t-shirt off
my hair felt a bit softer than it felt in the shower but it wasn’t as much
moisture and manageability as I would expect or as I would like from a shampoo
so now it’s time for my favorite part of my wash day routine it is time to use
the indulge moisturizing deep conditioner so this deep conditioner is
made with raw honey and babassu oil and it is 100% protein free this is so bomb
it smells like strawberry starburst literally so the consistency of this
deep conditioner is so different it is just so luxuriously creamy I have never
felt a consistency of a conditioner like this it just feels really amazing
as soon as I put it on my hair I just felt that instant slip guys like I was
really blown away by how good this deep conditioner felt and I immediately knew
it was gonna be a deep conditioner that I absolutely loved another great thing
is that aloe juice is the second ingredient so if you love aloe juice
your hair loves it you will definitely love this it does contain slippery elm
which contributes to the intense slip it has and like I mentioned the scent is
incredible strawberry candy all the way my hair felt so good with this deep
conditioner on when I tell you guys this deep conditioner is on point I have not even deep condition my hair yet
this stuff is so amazing it feels so creamy my hair feels
instant softness I’m just tempted to not even deep condition it
that is how good my hair feels so many of you guys have recommended this deep
conditioner to me and I am so happy I finally tried it it is definitely my
favorite deep conditioner as of right now it has moved up number one on my
list out of all the deep conditioners I have tried so far you have great slip
before you deep condition even more after your deep conditioned extreme
moisture after you rinse this stuff out it is just so amazing my hair feels soft
detangled and hydrated it is everything I look for
in a deep conditioner it pass all tests so now I am using the infamous lavish
leave-in conditioner so this leave-in conditioner I love the fact that it
comes in 12 ounces yes she understands that we need a lot of moisturizer and
leave in so the key ingredients of this leave-in conditioner are aloe vera and
avocado oil and aloe juice is also the second ingredient in this
Wow this feels nice I like to apply my leave ins like a deep conditioner very
heavy-handed because I do not like to moisturize my hair every day when I
moisturize my hair I need it to last for at least 3 to 4 days so I make sure
I’m heavy-handed with the product this leave-in is incredible Miche did not play games oh my goodness
only thing is I really wished the pump work ok I really wish so after a few
tries I finally got the pump to work and it popped up and I can use it as normal
I was just so happy because I want to use my stuff as a pump
I just love pumps on products but they can be a pain when they don’t work so
this leave in conditioner feels amazing instant slip as soon as I put it on my
hair it made my hair so easy to detangle after washing it the comb just glide
through my hair it adds a nice Sheen to my hair I love love love this leave in it
also smells amazing again it smells like candy she must have have a really
obsession with candy because this entire line smells like sweet candy so look at
how easily my hair is detangle on my wash day it definitely cut my wash day
down the deep conditioner and this leave-in made detangling a breeze and
yeah I didn’t even spend much time detangling my hair after wash day I mean
I think I detangle my hair in like less than 10 minutes literally after applying
my leave-in I am using the Polish hair and scalp oil so this is a very very
lightweight oil it has argan oil jojoba oil sweet almond oil extra virgin olive
oil apricot oil and vitamin E oil so you can use this as a hot treatment or use
it like I am using it to seal in my moisturizer or you can use it on your
scalp so the scent of this oil is also like candy it smells
like peach candy to me and this oil is very very lightweight it sinks into your
hair even my hands didn’t feel greasy after using this oil and I do not use a
lot by the way so the oil is basic in my opinion I’m not really a big fan of oils
I just feel like oil is oil so I don’t know how to rate an oil
I just feel like oils just all do the same thing so the final product for this washday is
the quench hydrating and twisting butter so this butter is a water-based butter
meaning that water is the first ingredient so it definitely defines the
hair it moisturizes the hair and it seals the hair all-in-one so this butter
contains capuaca butter which is much more lighter than shea butter and again this
butter feels so good I don’t know if this line is a hit
oh my goodness I’m on product 5 so if you are looking for a product that
doesn’t contain shea butter or coconut oil this product is definitely for you
so it does contain water infused with green tea like what their water is so
fancy but I love this butter it is just so so moisturizing I love it more than
the lavish leave in I feel like it is much more moisturizing I’ve always been
a fan of really thick heavy products so the consistency is extremely extremely
heavy and thick so if you have low porosity hair be mindful of that this
butter definitely elongates my hair so well it stretches my hair I mean look
how easily my hair is to comb look at that this butter is incredible I’m just applying a bit
more of the polished oil to it just to give it more shine even though I didn’t
really need more shine it’s just a habit I have to apply more oil and I just take
down these twists and look at this definition though like look at that
definition nice stretch and this definition lasts I get a good four
days of definition with these products like look at that it is just so shiny so
defined no frizz I definitely love the way this line performed so I’m just
carefully taking it out and I’m just so amazed by the definition I know the
butter have a lot to do with the definition but my hair felt so soft days
after using these products so the moisture do last I love a good product
where the moisture lasts beyond wash day my hair wasn’t completely dry so I’m
just lightly blow drying it just to get rid of some of the dampness but it
wasn’t that damp it was like 95% dry it was just like 5% damp and I’m just
loosing out the side so that I can twist it up this is my signature look I just
like the sides twisted up it just adds a bit more pop to my hairstyle but
overall I am really impressed with the Miche hair product line I definitely
love this line this is one of my favorite lines I tried so far since
going completely natural it definitely hydrates my 4c hair well
it makes my hair a lot more manageable and it keeps my hair moisturized for
days I love it especially the hair butter and indulge deep conditioner
those are my top two favorites I also love the lavish the lavish comes in
third with the line so I am so happy I tried it definitely check them out in
the description link below and yeah this is
the end of my hairstyle guys it came out really pretty thank you guys so much for
watching this video don’t forget to give me a rating leave some comments down
below and thank you all for recommending this line to me thank you I heard you
guys suggestions and I’m happy I finally tried it the only thing I didn’t use
from the line yet was the protein deep conditioner so I will be doing a
standalone review for the protein deep conditioner in a few weeks but yeah I’m
just gonna let you guys continue to enjoy the rest of the video so you can
see my take down and thank you all so much for watching again

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  1. After watching u wash your hair, u make me want to wash mine'sπŸ˜‚but my wash day is tomorrow. I 4ceen this coming oh how cool u make wash day be so easy πŸ˜‚ and your hair came out so moisturize beautiful!!! πŸ’―β€

  2. Your hair looks great! I use the Miche leave-in and oil. I haven't tried the butter. Thanks for product review! 😘

  3. Congratulations on the Miche endorsement deal(you are one of the classiest,most beautiful women on YouTube πŸ’–πŸ˜)

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