The Importance of Summer Internships
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The Importance of Summer Internships

I think it’s really important to have an
internship during the summer on top of the school year because you can really
immerse yourself into your work rather than balancing school with it.
I get to kind of invest more into the Grand Forks community and meet people
through the community in Sarah’s studio so that’s been really cool. I was a
marketing major at UND and also have my MBA through UND and I did internships when I
was in school and now to fast forward to X amount of years later and I have an
intern and it’s my own business and I have a student from UND working with me
it’s amazing. I feel way more confident and competent to be able to go out into
the workforce after like having this experience because you really see how a
business works through and through and the work that it entails to grow a
business. I also am very passionate about fitness and healthy living so being able
to promote a spin studio has been fantastic. Her and I have such a great
working relationship. She’s so smart and mature and she has been vital to what
we’ve done at The Pedal and I’ll never forget that. She’s part of The Pedal too!

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