The Internship Experience
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The Internship Experience

My internship two summers ago was at the Flint
Institute of Art. My internship was at Sex Lab, which is a sexual
health research lab. I’m a collaborative instructor with 4th Wall
Theater Company. I did a fashion internship in New York City
this summer. I worked with Entree Lifestyle, which is a men’s streetwear company. I am the Creative Director for TEDxMSU – I’m
basically in charge of helping create the visual theme. I was in DC this past summer and I worked
with Center for American Progress as a development intern. I also have a part in planning and
facilitating TEDxMSU. I did a study-abroad internship program. I
worked with a company called Tobias and Tobias – they do design solutions for mostly financial
businesses. Half of going to MSU, I think, is classes.
The other half — I think it’s important to do extra curriculars and do internships
outside. Learning that those skills I learned in my major
actually can apply places… it was validating. My internship, I got to meet so many different
people, and some of them I’m still very good friends with now. 4th Wall has provided me with the experience
to teach, and really refueled my passion to want to pursue education as part of my career. I ended up working with production, I ended
up working with the marketing team. I kind of got the full picture of how design works. There’s not always a clear direction of what you’re going to do. So I think what this really gave me, is honestly, it gave me a direction. Take heed of all of the possibilities that are here, because you never know what you
do and do not like unless you step outside your comfort zone. You’re not going to be able to find the ones you love the most without exploring first. I think that I would really like to be a creative director, and maybe even start my own company some day, but for right now I learned a lot about all kinds of aspects of the fashion industry. I’m very interested in practicing Art law,
so I know now that that’s a career I’m going to love doing for the rest of my life. The most important thing is to actually become a part of something because you’re going to get real world experience. Your life could go down a completely different path than you thought it would go down when you first got here. It’s bottom line amazing.

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  1. The interns of Michigan State University proved to be outstandingly professional, competent, helpful and kind with all of us speakers who gave TED Talks at TEDxMSU. We all received a great deal of assistance every step of the way from the interns who helped to organize, publicize, and to even hone the talent of all the speakers so that the entire audience both in attendance and who will watch the TED Talks on YouTube in the future could enjoy the best product possible. These interns will graduate with the experience necessary to go out into the world and to serve their employers and community with excellence and pride. Thank you, interns!

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