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The Katz Master of Science Program

We have ten Master of Science programs
here at Katz. We have Accounting, Finance, Management, and Marketing Science as well
as six STEM-designated programs: Accounting and Business Analytics,
Finance and Business Analytics, Management Information Systems, Marketing
science and Business Analytics, Supply Chain Management, and Supply Chain
Management and Business Analytics. The main difference between the MBA programs
and the specialized master’s programs are that students typically know that
they want to specialize in a particular business function. Those specialized
skills give them a competitive advantage over other recent graduates. With MS
programs we embrace students coming in right from undergraduate programs. We are
able to enhance the knowledge they’ve already had so it will prepare them more
as they go to work. Students can expect to be here at Katz for nine months to
complete 30 credits and during that time they can expect not only the
classroom experience but plenty of co-curricular opportunities. We like to
think of our program as being truly an immersive experience when it comes to
experience-based learning. We have the case competitions. We have the consulting
field projects. We have students who are out there working in internships with
companies to gain experience. We also have what we call global research
practicums and this is a three-credit experience where students study with
faculty to learn about doing business in a certain country or region of the world
and then they travel there for a week to ten days. What is perhaps a little bit different about our program is that for most of
the MS students they will actually be taking a majority of the classes with the
MBA students. I can not only learn like from professors from lectures but I can
also learn from the MBAs through the teamwork we build together.
We’re always contributing we’re always helping there’s some people who have
more experience with some materials versus others and I believe that Katz
really promotes this community sense. All of our faculty I think they
take teaching seriously. They’re good researchers but they take
teaching seriously; they are very interested in making sure that students
can develop to their best possible potential. You can expect a great deal
of interaction with faculty members on very different aspects. It’s not just focused
on what is expected of the course but to be overall be a successful person. If you
have anything that you cannot understand they will spend hours talking to you and walk you through
every detail. We have spent an enormous amount of time working with these
students to get them to the place they need to be either through the program or
sometimes personally. One of the most important things of a MAcc program is
the Career Services Center. Everyone in the center is more than willing to help
you do whatever you need. Our Career Services team is there to work with
students on their resumes, on interview skills, and on networking, especially
with our over 23,000 alumni. We do have a very strong Alumni Association. Students
generally are invited to sessions that are help for alums and it gives them the
opportunity to network. Coming to Pitt really made me realize how prestigious
the school i Just looking at the leader boards of all the the new
rankings that are coming out, just seeing Katz continuously increase is really
incredible. Something that a lot of people aspire to is
being able to graduate and then come to Katz and they really know the
opportunity that Katz creates for you in the future. Our entire system of
education here is to provide our students with that degree of confidence
that allows them to be productive from day one in the real world.

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