The Luxury Strategy  by Vincent BASTIEN
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The Luxury Strategy by Vincent BASTIEN

my name is Vincent Bastien for over twenty five years I’ve been CEO of international
companies both in luxury like Louis Vuitton Yves Saint Lauren Sanofi Beute and International Industries glass industries perfume bottles and printing industry since 1996 i’d been
teaching the luxury strategy at HEC paris in this video, i’m going to explain what the luxury strategy is about, my book. quote the luxury strategy in this broadcast i’m going to explain
you what the luxury strategy is about I named the strategy “the luxury strategy
strategy” and it is called luxury market but it has been first implemented this happen forty years ago in the 70s and 80s about time some prestigious brands European Luxury Brands among them Louis Vuitton which played a leading warned the
process Globalization they wanted to grow that they wanted to grow but stay luxury too and they discovered that the twenty-one
marketing strategies as taught in old business school didn’t work at or on the market that even harming the brand by applying them, it did not work at all there were no longer luxury so those winds decided to set up a
totally different strategy of the marketing side of course but also with the financial in human resources
management aspects they started to happen to be extremely
successful it explains the moon all the non-stop
success of repeat all scenesLV since 1972 put to use it go as of today the strategy is implemented but almost
all this texas for luxury brand whichever market to consider axis was in bags and actually too of
course casa b_m_w_ hotel services and so on it has been very successfully
implementing markets accountant not lecture you want and for product one doesn’t consider asLuxury as APPLE did, smartphone, iphone ipad with a mac and a small phone IPAD the strategy is also extremely powerful for health
care management lasted at least for all what calls on sustainability
unfair trade which opti issues fault two days
business unlawful to mow partitions costs it she seeking envy incense and in measure marketing but also in triumph and other executive education programs these teachings based on my personal
experiences as c_e_o_ in addition to my list of courses in case studies the participants has two team by full
fight each one will work on the
implementation of the luxury strategy for specific brand conduct on the market and these when publica market is chosen
by the seemed itself i want them to work on the said they’re
delighted to see what we can do now this podcast will consist of seven episodes the first one this bill actually strategy and actually market the second one is luxury market and
prestige when strategies un this market it actually fashion all premiums package the food lion is about luxury and the
full peas and i would explain without actually
marketing ngos the fourth one is about because our aspect of election
strategy namely the brand the finance and human
relations management if its length is about luxury business
models and how to connected actually fashion in premium strategy on the
luxury market at the end hard actually strategy works
increases time the six one he’s about lecture
stratagene digital work which is a very sensible question as of today and as you
know we actually companies is a very specific postion and the last one is how to implement
reduction strategy out of the luxury market mainly in high-tech in health care in beach will be and of course in
sustainable development an infected thank you an enriching michael sichuan
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