The Pace Path: Jamie DelToro
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The Pace Path: Jamie DelToro

My name is Jamie DelToro. I’m a sophomore education major with a concentration in history at Pace University.
I chose Pace because my goal is really to work more with special education
students and they have a very good program here. I have a sister with autism
so I’ve always wanted to do that. Our sophomore year we start using the avatar
room, which is a computer program where you’re allowed to teach a course with
them before you start going out into the field. So by junior year when you’re
placed in those schools you’re comfortable, you’re ready to go, you have
this idea of how to go about certain situations because you had that
experience already. Good morning class. Has anybody noticed anything about the weather? I want to see some hands. Pace places you your junior year into the schools where you’re going
to student teach, and you start building a connection within the staff,
and next thing you know they’re offering you a job and you haven’t even graduated yet.
And I’ve heard that from countless students who already graduated. I love
Pace so much because it’s very supportive. One of the organizations that
definitely helped me on campus is FEA, which is Future Educator Association. FEA allows education majors to talk about the topics in our field. It has allowed
me to take a little bit more of a leadership position. I was able to
create what’s going to be a new annual event called Teach Talk, which is an
event centered around TED Talks brought to by students and faculty from our campus.
It’s been nothing but a great opportunity.
At Pace we have great resources not just with the professors but at the tutoring
center, at the Writing Center. And Career Services has an internship fair every
semester and students go out and meet local organizations who are looking for
internships. And that’s where I met Latino U. They deal with a lot of
first-generation Hispanic families that don’t know English, they don’t understand
FAFSA. So I go in and help them a lot with the backwork of their FAFSA boot
camps which allows students to understand what FAFSA is. I’m also a Alana mentor,
which is a first year mentorship program that Pace provides. It allows freshmen to
be paired up with a mentor who’s an upperclassman.
So I currently actually have two mentees that I work with and we’re there to just
be another shoulder to lean on, someone to just go and talk to. It’s great to
know that I can help them with whatever it is that they’re doing and helping
them make their own Pace Path. I think Pace is going make me a better
teacher because it allows me to dive into the education system in a different
way than just my courses and your professors they’re supporting you but
challenging you at the same time and they’re definitely making sure that
they’re producing the best teachers out there. I’m Jamie DelToro and this is my Pace Path.

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