The Performing Arts Administration Student Experience at NYU Steinhardt
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The Performing Arts Administration Student Experience at NYU Steinhardt

[Intro Music] Jenny: One of the best parts of this program is really
how broad it is. Um, my classmates and I come from all sorts of different backgrounds, both, um,
just in general and also from our performing arts forums we have people from dance, opera, theatre,
music, and the program is really able to accommodate all of our different backgrounds and interests. Kristen: As I started to do research on this school
and on the program, I realized that many of the graduates are at the helm of so many of the
leading arts organizations throughout the country. [Music Continues] Millie: I used to run, um, a nonprofit, actually, in fact,
the largest self-funded nonprofit in Dubai. I think as a leadership, you always have to
stop and rethink, and have to, um, find the platform to recharge, and refresh your point of view.
So that’s why, you know, I wanted to apply for this, um, uh, program. Kristen: Most of our professors are currently working
in arts administration and they are leaders in the field, people like Linda Shelton who
is the executive director of the Joyce Theater. Jenny: My favorite, in particular, is Wende Persons,
who is our Marketing for the Performing Arts professor. She just brings the newest ideas
to the table and it’s, it’s just, it makes me excited to go into this career. Kristen: I spoke with one of my professors about an
idea that was inspired by his lecture, and overnight he connected me to someone who had
the possibility of bringing my idea into fruition. Millie: One of the professors gave me, um, an
opportunity to work on a project with him and he did allow me, um, to find out what consultancy is
like. That’s what I wanted, one of the options in the future I want to explore. Jenny: I started out entering this program not really
sure of which path I would take, and for myself that was between marketing and development.
Um, but when I started my internship at MCC Theatre, which is an Off-Broadway theatre company,
I went into their marketing department, and from that experience alone I realized that
I need to pursue marketing as a career. Kristen: The ability to take courses at the Wagner
School of Public Service and also at the Stern School of Business
is one of the best aspects of our program. We are offered courses in development, which
it teaches you the fundamentals of fundraising, which is key for nonprofit arts organization. Um, we study law in the performing arts, we study
marketing, we study the very environment of the performing arts sector, so within that
it’s natural for people to sort of figure out the definitive areas that they want to
pursue a career in. Millie: Recently, I’m taking a change management class,
it’s also at Stern. Through this class I will be able to find
out, you know, instead of just sitting there in a defensive position, can we thrive on
the opportunity when changes happens? Kristen: The Performing Arts Administration program
here at NYU is extremely beneficial. They provide a plethora of tools to set us up for
success and a network of thriving professions to reach out to. Jenny: I feel really confident where I’m headed after
graduation, and especially with the tools I was given while in this program. I feel that I’m ready to go out and start
my career as an arts administrator. [Music Continues]

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