The Plan A Visit Church Website Framework
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The Plan A Visit Church Website Framework

– In this video, I’m gonna
share with you my seven part plan a visit page framework
for church websites. This page is all about new visitors, and it’s a page that every
church website needs. Well, hey there, my name’s Brady Shearer. I’m the CEO of Pro Church Tools. And hey, if you like this
video, consider giving it a thumbs up, and subscribing. This is crazy. Did you know that Google
processes more than 50 thousand searches every single second? 50 thousand. Not only that, but 97% of
consider search for local organizations online, and 46%
of all searches on Google, almost half, are local searches. So, what does this mean for you? Well, it means that
everyday there are people in your community that are searching for local organizations. And among those search
inquiries are people looking for a church, people wanting
to find a faith community that they can call home. And this is why every church
needs a plan a visit page on their website. A page dedicated to helping
potential new visitors map out their first in
person visit to your church. Because attending a new
church for the first time can be intimidating, right. It’s easy to forget what
that feeling is like when you’re serving in
ministry day in and day out. But, try for a moment to
imagine what it would be like to attend your church for the first time. Here are some common questions
that can plague new visitors as they consider attending a church. What am I supposed to wear? How long is the service? Or, what about my kids? And then, upon stepping foot
into where your church meets for the first time into
a foreign environment, a whole new set of
questions begin popping up in a new visitors mind. Where do I drop off my kids? Where am I supposed to sit? I wonder where the closest bathroom is, even practical questions like that. Here’s the bottom line, attending a church for the first time is difficult. And I think the more that
you and I can empathize with the experience of
a first time visitor to our churches, the better
that we can accommodate them, and in turn, the more
likely they are to come back and eventually become
a fully integrated part of our church family. So, how can you actually use this? Well, simply put, one of the
best places to get started is by adding a plan a visit
page to your churches website and featuring it prominently. Here’s an example. If you visit, you’ll notice that the
featured card at the very top of the page is our plan a visit page. And this page framework
has a total of seven parts, each of which I’m gonna break
down for you in greater detail in just a moment. And, to make things as
easy as possible for you, I’m actually gonna give
you pre-written copy that you can use on
your plan a visit page. Fair enough? Now, if you’re curious,
the website that you’re
seeing here in our example was built using a platform called nucleus. And a Nucleus is a new
kind of website builder for churches that we built. And one of the coolest features of Nucleus is that it comes with
single click page templates. And one of those templates
is our plan a visit page. So, within Nucleus, you
can literally create an entire plan a visit page
with just the click of a button, and that includes pre-written
copy, image place holders, the plan a visit form, and more. If you head to, you can get a 30 day
free trial of nucleus, with no credit card required, to see if it might be a good fit for you. Head to,
and you can sign up for free. Now, like I said, the plan
a visit page framework is made up of seven different sections. So, let’s dive right
into section number one. The first section on
your plan a visit page is the getting to know each other section. And the main purpose of this section is to acknowledge the potential discomfort of attending a new church
for the first time. Here you want to empathize
with your potential new visitor and show that you care. Demonstrate that you
recognize their apprehension, and then put them at ease. And it gets better, because
here’s a copy and paste script that you can feel free
to use word for word. We know meeting someone for the first time can be intimidating. And, going to a new
church for the first time can be nerve racking. We want to help make your first experience at Life Abundant Church a great one. Now, important side note here. You likely noticed how
short that copy and paste script was, right, just
about two sentences. Well, that’s what we want. Because, the way that you
and I consume webpages online is not by reading every single word, but by scanning. So, you want the pages on
your website to be scannable. This means heading, it means formatting, like bold and italics,
and most importantly, it means short and punchy
sentences with plenty of line breaks. Okay, back to our plan
a visit page framework. Moving on to section two of our seven part plan a visit framework. In the second section of this page, you simply wanna list your service times. Similarly, in section three,
you’ll wanna list your meeting location, or locations. Do you have multiple campuses? Make sure you add a link to each. Add a link to Google Maps as well. That’s very helpful. And, this is the type of
information that isn’t all that exciting, but
knowing when and where your church meets is
obviously vitally important to a new visitor. So, make sure that it’s clear. Now, in my experienced, this next section, section number four on
your plan a visit page, is where you can truly
begin to make an impact on a potential new visitor. Section four is the what
can I expect section. And now that you’ve made
your initial introduction, it’s time to explain to
your potential new visitor what they can expect upon
attending your church for the first time, as
well as provide answers to their questions. Consider this, as our culture
becomes more unchurched, don’t simply expect your new
visitors to have an inherent understanding of what goes
on in a church service. Spell it out in black and white. Be precise. Because, if you’ve been living
and serving in church culture for a while, it’s easy to
assume that certain aspects of our culture are just common knowledge. But, what may come as
second nature to you, and to I, could be completely
foreign to a new visitor. So again, here I want to offer
you some pre-written copy that you can use to bridge this gap. This copy and paste script that
I’m about to share with you is meant to set expectations
for what a service at your church is like. Now, why does this matter. Well, it matters because
when you’re considering attending a new church for the first time, there are a ton of different
questions ans unknowns that are swirling around in your head. And, you probably won’t
ever vocalize them, or ask them out loud. But, these curiosities do exist, and what we’re trying to
accomplish with this section of our plan a visit page
is to respond to these types of questions before
they ever get asked. And this is a communication
strategy that I really want you to pay attention to,
because if you can respond to a persons objections and questions before they ever even vocalize them, you’re essentially
proving to that individual that you understand where
they’re coming from. And, this demonstration of
empathy is essentially powerful when it comes to earning trust
with a potential new visitor to your church. And, I cannot overstate
how impactful that can be, especially in the early
stages of your church’s relationship with a new person, or family, as they’re still trying to
actively gage, figure out, if your church is a good fit for them. Back to the pre-written script
I want to share with you. Obviously some of the details in my script are gonna be different from your church, so insert your church name
and details as necessary. There are two main questions
I’m responding to here. The first question is how long
is a Life Abundant Service? The response script reads, in
total, a Life Abundant Church service is about 60 minutes in length. Services begin with the
Life Abundant Band leading the church in music. Song lyrics are projected
onto the screen so you can sing along, and/or engage with worship however you feel most comfortable. And, after the music portion
of the service is complete, one of our pastors is gonna come out to share an encouraging and
hope filled message about Jesus. The script continues from there by proposing another question. What’s the culture like
at Abundant Church? The response reads,
Sundays at Life Abundant are exciting, casual, and relaxed. Come as you are and expect to
feel welcomed as our guest. So again, the purpose of
these scripts is to respond to questions swirling around
in the heads of a new visitor. What is this church really like? Do I have to dress all fancy? What happens in their services? And we don’t stop there,
because there’s one more outstanding question that
we absolutely address on our plan a visit page. And that question pertains to children. What about my kids? This is perhaps the
most important question and objection a new visitor
has about your church. And this is why we
dedicate an entire section of our plan a visit page to
responding to this question. It’s section five, and I’ve got another pre-written script for you. It reads as follows, we
believe that kids should have a blast at church every single week. And at Life Abundant Kids,
we make this a priority. The other thing we make a priority is your children’s safety. Because of that, we have a
detailed check in process for our Life Abundant Kids program. The first time that you visit,
you’ll want to leave yourself an extra 10 minutes to get signed in for the Life Abundant Kids Experience. Life Abundant Kids is offered
at every Life Abundant church service for kids ages
infant through grade eight. Now, a number of things
to note with this script. we’re addressing safety concerns. We’re highlighting logistics of check in. And of course, we’re
talking about how much fun a new visitors kids are gonna have in our children’s ministry. Keeping it moving, we’re
now at section six of seven, on our plan a visit page framework. Up to this point, we’ve
been sharing information with our potential new visitors. Now it’s time to call
them to action with our let us know you’re coming form. Think of it like a
reservation at a restaurant, except for church. When a new visitor fills out this form, it puts you on high alert
to be on the lookout for a new visitor. And on the flip side, by
filling out this form, a new visitor is that much more likely to follow through on their
intention to attend your church for the first time, because
they have made a commitment to do so. And as a new visitor,
it’s comforting knowing that you are expected,
and are gonna be getting the VIP treatment. To break down this form,
it’s fairly simple. It begins with name, and email fields, and then we ask which service
that they are planning on attending, and on what day. And feel free to omit the
service time part of the form if you just have one service each week. And finally, we ask if they have kids, and whether or not they’d
like a pastor to personally reach out to them ahead
of their first time visit. But that’s just part of the story, because when a new
visitor submits this form there are a couple of
things that should happen. Firstly, your church should
receive an email notifying you that a plan a visit
form has been submitted. That way you can prepare accordingly. Secondly, your new visitor
should receive a follow-up email automatically. Now, the great thing about
a platform like Nucleus is that you can trigger a
notification email to any email address you want
when a form is submitted. And, you can also integrate
your form directly with a platform like
MailChimp, which is free, so you can send follow-up
emails automatically in mere seconds. And to make this as easy as possible, I want of give you pre-written email copy that you can use to write
that initial follow-up email. Here’s what that email should say. Hey first name, this is Brady
from Life Abundant Church. Thanks for filling out
our plan a visit form. We’re so excited to meet you. Here are three things you
need to know about attending Life Abundant for the first time. Number one, as soon as
you enter our building, head straight for the big blue wall. You can’t miss it. Here, we’ll have a welcome
bag waiting for you with a few gifts. Number two, Life Abundant
has kids programming for children ages infant
through grade eight. Click here to learn more
about Life Abundant Kids. And number three, our
church meets every weekend on Sundays at 384 Concession Road 7, in Niagara on the lake at 11 a.m. We’ll see you soon. Brady Shearer, Life Abundant
Church, PS if you have any questions at all for me,
first name, don’t hesitate to ask when you reply to this email. It will be sent directly to me, and I’ll make sure to
respond as soon as I can. So, that’s the follow-up email
we recommend that you send to new visitors as soon as they fill out the plan a visit form. You can set this email
up to send automatically, and immediately, using a
free tool like MailChimp. A few things to note about this email, a couple of the key items
from the plan a visit page itself are repeated in this
email, namely the information about Life Abundant Kids, along with service time and location. But the part of this email
that I really want you to pay attention to are the
instructions that we give to new visitors upon entering our building for the first time. This is a very key
moment for a new visitor. They walk through your doors. They’re looking around, maybe
they have kids with them. Where do I take my kids? Where do I go? This feels awkward. I don’t want any of that to happen. I want them to know exactly
where they need to go as soon as they walk through our doors. And, I also want them to know
that we’re expecting them and we’ll even be waiting
for them with a gift, just to welcome them. So, I put those instructions explicitly in the follow-up email. Lastly, the seventh and final section on our plan a visit page
framework is the testimonial. I like to close out our plan a visit page with social proof from another real person who’s walked in the same
shoes as any other potential new visitor that might land on this page. Up to this point, a potential
new visitor has heard a lot from us, the church. But now, I want them to
hear from someone else. And I especially like tucking
this testimonial directly underneath the plan a visit form. Because it’s just another
way to instill confidence and trust into the minds of
a person who may still be on the fence. One final tip here, make sure to pair your
testimonial with a photograph of that person, to lend
that little extra bit of credibility to it. Did you learn something new in this video? If so, make sure you subscribe
to this YouTube channel by clicking the subscribe button below. Also, make sure to click
the link in the YouTube description to visit the
full post for this video, where you’ll find all
the pre-written scripts that you can copy and paste as needed. Now, I’m gonna turn things over to you. Which part of this plan
a visit page framework is most exciting to you. There’s two stand out items
to me that we talked about. And those are the VIP reservation form, and the automatic follow-up email. Which is more exciting to you? VIP reservation form, or follow-up email, let me know by leaving
your answer in the comments on this YouTube video. (groovy music)

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