The post-study Masters graduate internship programme
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The post-study Masters graduate internship programme

Flashsticks is a company that produce foreign
language resources for schools and other users that are interested in learning a language. We’ve actually launched a new feature called
‘scan-object’. It’s a world first technology, it measn you can literally point your phone
at any object, it’ll recognise what it’s looking at and translate it for you into over 40 languages.
The University reached out to us and asked us if the internship programme might be of
interest and we just grabbed that because it’s a fantastic way for us to bring great
quality talent from the University into the business and to give them real responsibility
to contribute to our journey moving forward. In Flashsticks I’m the Chinese Project Coordinator,
so I’m responsible for creating the Chinese Mandarin content for the company. Bing’s had the specific responsibility of
developing Flashsticks for Mandarin, working with a colleague and together they’ve been
working with our designers and our developers to actually bring a completely new product
range to life so I think that’s been really exciting for her and it’s been really exciting for
us to watch her in that development process. Flashsticks has been so welcoming and my teamworkers, they are super-talented and super-interested in the job that they are doing. We have a
team talk every Monday morning to get together and put together everything we have done in
the past week. Apart from that I’m really surprised by the team sports part, because
every Monday after work we are going to do a team sport such as football and badminton,
especially for football, it’s my first time to play football so it’s quite challenging
and interesting. Bing has been a tremendous addition to the
team, and I’d say that not only has she settled into the culture of the business, but she’s
actually helped to shape some of the culture of the business and I think it’s fascinating
having individuals from different countries from all around the world mixing together
in a languages business and from them all learning from each other and it’s a great
interaction in the team. It’s great to have a fresh approach from these
students coming into start-ups who can give creative solutions to challenges that we may
face. I would definitely recommend students to do
a post-study internship in the UK. As an international student myself, I’m immersing into an English-speaking
environment so that my language skills has improved a lot. Besides that it’s great to
have the opportunity to know business culture in the UK and to meet people socially and
professionally. I’m really supportive of the Masters Internship
Programme, and I’d certainly recommend it to other companies that are out there that
are looking to bring talented individuals in for specific project work where they can
give them real responsibility and they are looking for somebody that can really make
a contribution to their own business.

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