The Power of Brand Story to Dramatically Transform a Brand
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The Power of Brand Story to Dramatically Transform a Brand

Turning an Australian hospitality company to a place of dreams. I love Aussies. To me, being a native New Yorker, Aussies are kind of like New Yorkers, except they just “talk a little bit funny.” So I’m dealing with the owners of this particular location what they previously were called is something that did not convey the incredible attention to detail. Now, there are a number of other hotels that kind of played off of this in their competing space. Let’s say well we have this “Platinum standard” blah! Platinum, Platinum, Platinum… all of a sudden, Platinum meant nothing. But besides that, this is the way the brand looked: It did not reflect that higher quality standard. ”What name would actually make it have it — have meaning?” So it became MOSS & DAWSON and the slogan which I actually love is “Where dreams come to stay in Australia.” You want to take what you have is a brand and transform it. It is our job as brands to take the person that we are proposing to do business with and take them on a journey. Take me on a journey. Or take me nowhere.

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  1. David, you mentioned that the old name/look did not convey "that higher quality standard". Question: How does the new name/logo convey that? If I never knew the brand was in hospitality, I'd never be able to tell that by looking at their name and logo. Frankly, to me, that sounds more like a law firm, rather than a luxury hospitality brand. Thanks for your comments.

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