The Power of Internships in Penn State’s College of IST
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The Power of Internships in Penn State’s College of IST

♪♪ The required internship is a
great feature in the College of IST, because not only do you
get to have the experience of bridging knowledge between the
classroom and the business world, you also get to explore
company values. You get to see if this company works for you.
In my first internship, I created an incident-response
exercise that Exelon incorporated into their summer
plan with all of their operating companies. They chose
my exercise over one that they got from a big consulting firm.
So, that kind of really showed me interns do make an impact. An internship is also great for
networking. Networking is a big term you’re going to hear a lot
in college because that’s what really helps you build your
professional development. I also encourage students to
get more than one internship because maybe the company
wasn’t the right fit, maybe what you were doing wasn’t
quite what you wanted. Go out there and explore other
possibilities. The technical skills we pick up, we use in
our internships. So, from programming to database
management to website creation, all of that sort of stuff, you
bring into your internship and bring into your company get to
show them, ‘This is what we’re doing at the College of IST.
This is what makes us a different breed of student.’

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