The Promo Pathway Program at SMC
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The Promo Pathway Program at SMC

The Promo Pathway Program is an intensive program that teaches you to create short-formed content for all-marketing promotions. The program is really like a training ground. I mean you learn a lot, with all your professors who are all working professionals in the industry. I think that Promo Pathway Program at SMC is one of the best programs that exist nowadays because – it’s totally unique and gives you all these different opportunities like networking – and it also gives you the technical skills that you need to succeed in the industry as well. Some of the skills that I was learning in the program were things like graphic design, motion graphics, editing and just a lot of different things – like they really want you to know, kind of how to do everything. PromaxBDA is an organization of producers, executives – basically everyone in the entertainment marketing industry. So Promax being involved in Promo Pathway is incredibly ideal because it basically gives you that door into basically everyone who works in this business. Halfway through the program, I actually got an internship at Disney-ABC, which led to a staff position when the program was done. I write, produce, edit 15, 30 second promos to some of your favorite shows like shows like that. I work for a post-production house called Lussier. I cut spots for them for various networks like: After graduating from Promo Pathway Program – I got two internships, and one led to my dream job at Disney-ABC Television Group. It was a life-changing experience that gave me a whole new set of skills that I never thought I would have and it allowed me to work in an industry that I never thought I would find myself in.

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