The Role of Marketing, Sales & Customer Success
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The Role of Marketing, Sales & Customer Success

– The role of marketing, sales and customer success in your business. If you do this right, you
will get a growth engine. It’s something that I’ve
created and the framework and thinking about it,
because many entrepreneurs have challenges, they don’t know like where do I focus my time. When people talk about marketing, it sounds kind of like
sales and what’s the activities that are different between them and I’ve never even heard
of customer success. Is this something about making sure that my customers are successful
using my product? So that’s what I want
to share with you guys. I really want to talk about this, what is different and unique? When I was building my company Spheric I also went through these ups and downs. I don’t know if you’ve
ever experienced this in your business where
when things are good, things are good and then all of a sudden they go bad and then you’re like, I gotta spend time on marketing or I gotta figure out my sales
strategy or how do I get my current customers to buy more? So that’s what I want to
talk to you guys about, is these three distinct
buckets and how do you spend time on each to really get the value that you’re looking for. So marketing to me, to me marketing, the first part of the engine is called demand generation. It’s getting people aware of your business and generating demand,
so it’s everything from sponsoring little hockey league to running Facebook ads to attending events. It’s really just making other people aware of your business, your
offering your services. Right, so that, if you look at
all the different activities, that’s that bucket and what happens is demand generation feeds into sales. And sales could be online and automated but it’s still a sale, it’s
taking something that’s a lead or a prospect and
converting that opportunity into a customer, so all
the activity around, taking that person
through the buying journey and making sure that they
either buy or they don’t or whatever it is, that
is the sales process. I call that sales conversion,
that’s the second part of the growth engine. The third is customer success. To me, it’s not about just
getting a new customer. It’s really to me about turning a customer into a raving fan, somebody
that’s so passionate about your business that they not only tell people about it, they
put them in head locks and bring them through your front door and this has happened. I don’t know if you’ve
ever had such a great customer experience, a great moment in a business and you’re like I gotta have other people experience this, you know, and that is a very focused
area of your business that you can think strategically about and build activities around
that or tasks or projects to improve that, and
that’s why I wanted to share with you guys those
three specific buckets because together those
create the growth engine. You have, again, I’m gonna recap: demand generation, or
what most people call marketing, right, and
that’s awareness and demand for your product or services. The second one is sales
conversions or sales. How do you get people that are interested in my business to
actually become customers and once they become customers, it’s customer success,
which is turning them into raving fans, really cool strategy is maybe just have a schedule
to always call them and thank them for their business. Whoa, crazy idea, right? Or maybe a hand written
note, again thanking them for their business
or offering some kind of free upgrade like free
shipping or some other kind of bonus add on to their order that they weren’t
expecting, again to increase the word of mouth. Those are the three main parts together and those are the specific roles and area of focus you should have
so that your business doesn’t go like this because
you forget to do one. You should always have them on your radar as part of your weekly planning to kind of increase the value in
each one of those buckets. That’s what I want to share with you guys. If you know somebody that
needs to watch this video, feel free to share the video with them. I would encourage you to
subscribe to my channel and as per usual I want
to challenge you guys to live a bigger business
and a bigger life and I’ll see you next Monday.

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3 thoughts on “The Role of Marketing, Sales & Customer Success

  1. I agree. I teach that marketing and sales fall into 2 different but related buckets. And having customers who are raving fans is just about a requirement in our social economy ­čÖé

  2. I love it. I developed my eCommerce Growth Formula which includes some of what you mentioned Growth = Strategy + Awareness + Conversions + Retention

    My favorite is retaining customers and delighting them because it's lot cheaper than acquiring new ones.

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