The Scoop on an Internship at a Local Newspaper
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The Scoop on an Internship at a Local Newspaper

So my name is Taylor Farnsworth. I graduate May of 2018. Right now I’m interning at the Daily
Gazette in Schenectady. If I’m not working on an article
already, I’ll try and research events going on in the areas that
we cover and then pitch the story ideas
to my content editor and if he tells me to go with it then
I work from there and I start interviewing my sources
then I write up my stories. I had spoken to Mary Alice Mulgard
about trying to find an internship and she said “Well I have a connection
at The Daily Gazette” so I started I think mid January and I’m
here Tuesdays and Thursdays and I love it. So a lot of the connections that we make
with our professors you don’t really see that in larger schools
because there are more students and professors tend to not really have that
sort of one on one bond with them like they do at Saint Rose so I think that’s
really special. I mean when I think about it, the odds of me
being an opinions editor or maybe getting an internship through
the college would be a lot less had I gone to a school with more students So I always tell everyone I’m so glad I chose
Saint Rose. So it’s just always kind of exciting to
never know what you’re going to do. Each day is always different so I
like that.

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