The scoop on entrepreneurship: Julie Domicone (BSBA ’17)
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The scoop on entrepreneurship: Julie Domicone (BSBA ’17)

So Jubie’s Creamery is a family-owned
ice cream shop. We opened a year ago in Fairborn, Ohio, right outside the Dayton
area. We are Fairborn’s only local ice cream shop. We make everything homemade,
in-house. We have 32 flavors. We kind of have a reputation of some traditional
flavors and then we messed around with a lot of non-traditional
flavors. I wanted to be an entrepreneur from growing up and having the role
model of my dad as a small business owner. The opportunities that I was
given through Fisher for the internships that I had, kind of
solidified that I wanted to do and build something that I wanted to do. And I knew
that Fisher College of Business would give me the tools and the foundation
that I would need to be able to be successful in whatever small business
venture I decided. Learning all of the different facets of
business, you know, learning about the HR, the marketing, the operations,
finance, and kind of getting a view of the whole business world, I think
that it gave me kind of the confidence to be able to wear all the different hats
that I wear every day, you know, because I do all of our HR, all of our
marketing, all of our operations. We did a lot of group projects and I think
that really helped prepare for a lot of different things that I deal with today
as an entrepreneur. So, we kind of would talk about the challenges that different
businesses have, and the common things that businesses struggle with and how to
kind of combat those and how to move forward from them, and things like that,
which I have been able to use even today, which is pretty cool. What’s really exciting is we’re starting
to sit down now and look at what we’ve done in this past year and figure
out, you know, what’s next for us and where are we going to kind of
focus our attention so that we’re able to expand this brand as
far as it can possibly go.

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