The Toughest Trade - Episode 2, March 15th 2016
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The Toughest Trade – Episode 2, March 15th 2016

who is the toughest is it males football giant or the former NFL star what about the ashes winning fast bowler is he tougher than the Tipperary hurting captain four of the best in the business are swapping codes as pros switch places with amateurs as part of the toughest campaign club championship sponsor AIB thrusts two professionals into the blood and thunder of the parish game and set two GAA all-stars the task of coding it in professional sport last week tipper Ares brendan meyer swapped places with England cricketer Steve Harmison this week Mayo's Aiden O'Shea trades places with former Miami Dolphin Roberto Wallace can they survive the toughest trade sport Gaelic football I never heard of it before I came to Ireland never seen it after a distinguished college career at San Diego State Roberto Wallace signed for the Miami Dolphins as a wide receiver in mail he is about to get his first live taste of Gaelic football he's joined by Edna Shay's dad Jim who has three sons involved with the male team when number is 8 in haven t where t number 11 that's the central fall so you get you can balance it you're getting kick it to yourself tow it like you said or and then ah we can take four steps um you must play the ball either bones are on your core as tempers start to flare Roberto gets a seat upgrade the dumpling seem rather milking to the business how you doing buddy Herbert oh man nice lose you even thought yeah that was fun do not look really fun man my god gonna have a great time crazy be right there to go man yeah it's okay you don't get wait wait wait I know yes I'm you're excited yeah I'm ready that's awesome man or you gonna be on my side of town man I'll be fine yeah good awesome enjoy the lead up the start of an interesting week here in LA we're all building up to next Saturday the combine in Houston a star player from Mayo since his teens Aidan O'Shea is now one of the most recognizable faces in the GAA the briefie man has just 5 days to prepare for an NFL trial or combine as it's called where a lucrative contracts with the league's 32 teams are won or lost by the tightest of margins I'm expecting a very tough physical landing week I'm trying to build in years work for these guys they're going to combine their dream I'm making the draft I'm trying to build it all into one week I'm expecting to be slightly out of my depth in many areas but at the same time I'm going to try and give it my best shot and try and make an impression as much as I can aaden's first experience of American football is at a lays prestigious Notre Dame High School a powerhouse in California football that has produced numerous and our fellow stars brick hit hit hit hit nice nice get the cleats in the ground much better okay from here I want a really burst break it good and plant okay good nice and contact don't protect that ball tip plant nice here we go want to take a second for some air yeah kill me guys good adjustment okay good yeah I didn't think an Ivy universe running Buddha I even just the footwork in the on the line of scrimmage and so forgot so you don't already pay attention to that when you're when you're watching on telly it's at yourself just a nice little detail I was enjoyable okay track here baikin Mayo Roberto Wallace is about to meet his breaky teammates just excited looking forward to it a little nervous at the same time went to the match last night it looked really fun so I just want to go out there and try it and see what I could do don't give a greatly present I'm looking forward to it for sure I take it easy these photons because you'll I will take it easy on me please this is what the week ahead has in store for me and I'm looking forward to it's gonna be fun learning the fundamentals of the game and getting used to the culture and just kind of the ins and out little game the guys were so welcoming it is very supportive you know I was expecting a little bit more of an awkward reaction but it was quite the opposite oh nice to meet you okay nice to meet you this is Cottam nice to meet you a lot of names guys honey honey Jerry makes me sweet your honor yeah nice to meet you Janet in six days time Roberto will line out for briefie in a match with their local rivals Park hate down lift and pass right hand pass peak pass but off my keeper do the proper a we do the first speed alone for 30 seconds oh right so far how do you think I like it it's different yeah you're not sure stuff hope don't get so nervous and so wet so quick really yeah awesome keep it up give it is just natural ability I think I take this Mac will do any any sport you love to keep him can we keep him nice copper well with the weather I must admit no glove no love yeah that's all school on all gloves you know stressing up how cool is this so thank you he's a he's a super athlete he's a super athlete he's a he's got it all he's got it all he's a tall big fast man and a group here hands if he was here all the time he'd be blamed for me all state would briefly first and then the melting Aiden's first night in LA coincides with the NFL's showpiece event the Super Bowl in briefie it's time for a party I doing but I do my nice to meet you man are you aiding all your Carter yeah through the few big and American football found in the club so they having a Super Bowl party tonight at all good so it's gonna be interesting that an NFL veteran joining joining a young books from laugh and briefly it's a super high level do I seem probably get more crack than this is it definitely yes there would be females here it would be a music it would be very different yeah for sure no question about it but it's fine this is fun we're in Ireland I'm in Ireland watching the super bullets how many Americans get to do that the talk and male eventually gets down to the money my second season went from 20 2013 dollars every two weeks and then the third year went from 32 to 43,000 every two weeks that money when you see it coming in you want to keep it coming in so you want to stay on that field no matter what you know your hamstring could be tore off the bone and you just tell your coach so I'm good I'm good I can play I think what you guys do stew here are still great because it reminds me of when I played football in high school were you do it for the love of the game I honestly prefer that I just wish that came with the money too you know but it's one or the other so just at one day in LA I'm heading down the coast here to San Diego yes so the idea being down here the next several days is to get into some some different facilities to prep me for Saturday the XR athlete performance facility in San Diego provides specialist training for NFL players in the offseason as well as prepping college graduates for the combine the lose won't slow its religious it's a serious business athletes attend these camps for up to eight weeks paying thousands of dollars for the privilege obviously these guys are explosive HP comes in master but that'll be quick on their feet explosive so she tries to see you can see the difference in the coach called enough the guy that's not getting the pseudo get moving a secret consorts citrus the trough business so they're trying to get it right one athlete standing head and shoulders above his peers is Travis Wilson at six foot seven and 233 pounds he is a serious quarterback prospect who's expected to light up the NFL what is that we come to the presidents to impress we combine for me I get a work on all the drills they're gonna be running in the combine also I'm working with the QB coach down here as well so I'm able to throw with him and get my fundamentals as clorbag Travis is happy to help out during Aiden's training session with Coach bilk unity who have guided more than forty players to the NFL every time you catch a ball from Travis I want you to think about protect the football to be even with all those other guys skill wise be ahead of them up here catch it and tuck it away Travis throw me a ball that's beautiful very nice you're gonna drive up five yards and at five yards you are gonna make a very square cut a stick route okay we're getting there fast foot finish I know that's exactly what I want you to do that looks like a football play right there okay the route is arrow go now Kevin turn and run tuck it over the ball good job he's doing great any yeah obviously Travis's top Cossack what about having him here to workout with us is unbelievable so obviously I'm learning the ropes and then when you've somebody just putting the ball in the per fee it's a makes it all that much easier he's gonna throw you a one go good release flatten it out score a touchdown score a touchdown if you run out of bounds on the 10 everybody at home is gonna boo go 3 on your toes that's it hey how long has he done this a couple days unbelievable score a touchdown you did a marvelous job this is like going from kindergarten to graduate school and you did it in one day way to support all of us from Ireland associate we're here this evening to recognize some of the great achievements and from 2015 from our young footballers in particular I'd like to welcome our very special transfer that we got into season Roberto Wallace got a selfie stick right here I had my first taste of Gaelic football and I can tell you it was awesome it was fun I can say I mean that sport is tough I mean it really is especially when you guys play on the field what you guys called pitch and it's pretty muddy and you have to run it almost feels like you're running on sand and thank you for having me thank you for taking me in as one of your own again and I'm looking forward to being here thank you so much for nothing so far I got a foot jump from all of a job there is no let-up for Roberto as he attends a training session with John Tobin at the Connacht GAA Center near Valley honest I'm turn around turn around want you just a little bit in attacking that's good that's good that's it that's it that's it okay oh that's okay yeah that's good that's good you're ah ah exhausting whoo scope yeah it's hard to breathe just on the way here to meet at Porat County the Flying Doctor one of the two remaining lives out of one the other Island in 1951 something that I wasn't expecting to happen coming out here just an opportunity that I couldn't couldn't miss Horace was right oh nice to meet you are you up the honour to meet you oh yeah haha hehe but I kidding pretty good Porat Kearney was a star of the last mayo team to win the all-ireland championship in 1950 and 51 at the peak of his football powers he emigrated to America to pursue his medical career every person knows you as the Flying Doctor because you flew back from the states to play for Mayo but who gave you that nickname well it came from the event itself but it was niala hair I think that first coined the expression and over the radio he said the flying doctor is back again for the finals so after that a lot of people it got into the press and that that was how it started how often did you fly back and forth they flew me back twice for the semi-final and final they're conic metals anyway they're doing one where you beat us your five collared metals now on probably another one six four six yo your six and six yet these are the two islands Sam Maguire cup Shawn Flanagan holy and I'm just behind when you side them they're younger me OSes players don't believe in the the curse of 51 they say something happened on the way on that day after you wanted is that just a lot of rubbish I think it is yeah cuz we didn't all come home together those different cars and everything else we didn't have all the fancy dues that you guys have now the bus and everything in a warm very and care Park in the new stadium we have underside of the wall we have like us lined up the Mayo team on this side wall with the 51 is one team here so it's quite a good trying to hopefully make a connection between the two so and that's the plan but it's been Tula Tula so why do you hope to accomplish on this trip I'm expecting to you but out of my depth at these college kids coming the draft your son played American football ooh yeah all my son is fed American football I've never played American football before so um I'm just gonna try and give it my best inside you have the build for RG I have the deal for a high damage that's where they're hoping to put me but yeah we'll see how we get out I hope you're successful yeah hopefully well then I might get back to me of the view are a top GAA player is swapping places with a professional switching countries and switching coats as they both aim to survive the toughest trade while Aidan is preparing for the NFL Combine in Houston Texas he's also been said a second challenge he will kick a field goal in front of an NFL scout in the San Diego Chargers Stadium in two days time he prepares for that challenge with Michael Houston a kicking coach who played nine seasons in the NFL what we'll do I'm just gonna walk you through kind of leagues if you know as you are just Abe don't know anything about kicking the rule of thumb is at your plant foot should be thought ankle bone to heel even with the middle of the ball and ideally you're making contact to the ball on top with two steps three steps back let's go three back and two over so if you notice you kind of take a little few too many extra steps there there you go good but good first field goal congratulations right field-goal the NFL okay the ball is gonna be placed eight yards behind Chuck yeah that's easier when you throw it back this was when you're watching tell you think oh he can take as many steps as he want back but obviously it's I think it's 1.2 seconds it said if you don't get it off here on your block to you and get hit so good hold on seven you were supposed to record it when I got one to fight darn good one one six where'd you get it one one six there you go there's no way they're coming off the edge of that one they go get a selection point good job in male NFL veteran Roberto Wallace's biker training at home in California he works as a high-performance trainer with NFL prospects and professionals and a host of other elite athletes guys here we go guys bring it on bring it on green up we're gonna warm up my way today okay so we're starting on your tippy toes anything with dot expertise in their midst the briefie coaches are keen to see what they can learn from him he's up pump your arms he's up pump your arms feet together back and forth over the white line as fast as you can so keep it up keep it up hope under percent hundred percent I never said full speed full speed for Speed Force before me Aalto taking it in his brain fee and male goalkeeper Rob Henley hey guys grab walk very good clearly addressing yeah pretty dirty lot like unis I suppose there's with speed and software seems to be just few percentages to be here feet shoulder-width you're gonna explode out as far as you can all right go out and up federación you got first five yards getting home from your minor if you're defending keep an open get in front thank you so much thank you for your time I think we'll get laughing last yes cheers after a successful NFL career can be very lucrative and with the wealth comes the lifestyle when a player needs a new home there are specialist companies that will organize that for them come on in its 5200 square feet five bedrooms six baths the great thing about this property is how open it is high ceilings light bright when you walk in and you have this view so if you come outside here you can see the hundred-foot docks that we have so you can have your boat this home is listed for ride under five million dollars which is a great price to be on the water yeah I can get used to this yeah not a bad place to be this could be your view you have this and this is what you wake up to every day so this is the key yep and is the property tax the property tax for the property tax is just a little over 1% of the purchase price you're fitting in well think so I'm gonna leave you alone just to kind of walk around if you have any questions I'll be downstairs thank you you're welcome she definitely thinks that I'm gonna actually be interested in buying this house and I have the funds I can get down to four point five and be happy with that you know I actually love Walker motive like my room like did my own house is gonna be like this unbelievable probably taxes only 1% okay Oh percent 5 million wouldn't thank you very much where do I get a bullsh next next next purchase is the bull perfect we'll help you with that too oh yeah thank you very much while Aiden dreams of the high life it's a little more down to earth for a Berto as he's put to work on the family farm of his brief et mate Rob Henley this is my father Robert see how are you doing how are you getting on you're welcome nice to meet you pleasure pleasure nice to meet you all those hairs down along we're all them all dutiful in the next six to eight weeks come on experience the horses yeah when I was a kid um I used to I used to ride them at the fair and at the rivers for 50 Cent's oh I just know the ammonia now the most poop I've ever cleaned so child I'm which one of those de Parfum which one which one would you like to ride out on this morning the safest one yeah then either the kind is one yeah really hold her like who's very very friendly yeah she's a dog she's leading you now more than you're leading all right so pretty are you hating football no I am NOT I'm retired and did you retire with injury our dear thank goodness no zero injuries just uh but you look quite young covered yeah I'm just 29 yeah you're mourning me I haven't retired yes yeah that's probably the biggest difference that it seems like GA and American football yeah so like you're only trying it yeah if let's say you start playing the top level you go back if you pay the lower level yeah America for what puts so much mileage on your body that I mean that the things you have to do as a human being to stay on the field or things that you wouldn't naturally do you know and putting on all that pattern like you're putting on yeah I'm putting all the padding except that's one of the things in three days a bee will travel to Houston Texas to take part in the NFL Combine a key part of the trials will be running routes which he practices with the San Diego night Hawks he also need to be ready for speed and agility tests Prince Daniels jr. and Jason Carter both NFL veterans themselves around hand to offer advice the journalist to stay as linear as possible straight lines figure eight around the cone come back in main thing is to lean got 708 7.18 back mark 10 fire drill I'm gonna open up within hand down and slow exploded we've got four six five you got stuck right here yeah that man that won't do it yeah yeah it was but it's okay yeah four point five one it's the 40-yard dash pretty is one of the toughest in events or drills that Stewart to combine you have to run as fast as you can but you have to not think but me but be more reactive so he just has to just go go go go go go go and don't think about it five-oh five-oh you get it under five or six-point that's your life hey that was I want to see it hey for six months nice stay relaxed you know and make sure that you maintain confidence appreciate your guys take the plane move chirps are you ranking with no let-up in the rain Roberto is on the hunt for gloves before his next training session yeah ready for mail there's a Type C I usually pay in gold so I spend a lot of time near fall for it yeah yeah Bhavana didn't having proven himself on the Hanley farm rob has invited Roberto to Mikael Park for a bit of shooting practice I just kept y'all feel good all right welcome to straight otto so nice it's unrealistic when you're homeless travel yeah and he actually caught it but you only have someone on Muller exactly so usually you're gonna be shielding some of your left side and shooting like that it's more chair of shots and so we were trained from different angle yeah I'm gonna say Oh a little bit off-balance kick it up Paulie shake is a great guy I'm so impressed and loves these physical specimen he's unreal boy and and he can move and the shardana my god I don't envy the keeper on Zaire dip so in the bars coming in this time I'll be up behind jabber he's actually getting me personally to think about I look I am to have what I have on my scores he's making me question everything around me not just the way we play the sport but everything that goes with it and I think having that perspective more we can do and look outside ourselves and bring a package of what we're doing ourselves the better and he's definitely been a breath of fresh air ray for this week that's pretty and finishing very very good at the Chargers Stadium in San Diego the first of Ayden's two challenges is a partner so we know what Saturday I'm gonna be heading to combine but one of the challenges for the week is also to kick a field goal probably one of the only things that maybe we can translate from eye against the other bush as I know from that earlier in the week it's not quite as easy to look so let's see how we go in order of importance direction elevation and rotation in that order assessing his performance is Super Bowl winner John Carney John played as a kicker in the NFL for a staggering 23 seasons and is a third highest point scorer in NFL history John will time the field goals from snap to cake Aidan has just three attempts to see if he is up to NFL standard there you go all right that's a 1.6 not bad timing let's go 28 yard line on the hash okay that was a 1.55 it's getting close getting close to our NFL time all right well bounce around now we go to the right hash lucky lucky and that's a 1.35 which is acceptable in the NFL with good protection good thank you sir obviously you don't do this in Gaelic football so to pick this up as quickly as you have is fantastic the one thing we would work on if we were really pushing you into the NFL was the elevation Ireland has just showed up thank you for a good job sir Cheers GAA club championship sponsor AIB have taken two sportsmen a professional and an amateur and asked them to swap places they are thrown headfirst into the unknown striving to thrive in the toughest trade hey Murdock coach nice to meet you good night sir good to meet you former Miami Dolphin Roberto Wallace will tug out four briefly in a challenge match against their local rivals Park in two days time his final training session is with former male manager James Horan towards the president good good music tell me it's time to jump to 38 inches right so just just put that in perspective what if you like on the volleyball and then his footwork he's one of those guys that could play any sport I could finish the wounding a sound off your feet are so quick yeah if you're a receiver in the NFL especially at the end I tell ya you gotta have quick feet quick hands quick feet you got it therefore I thank you having worked up an appetite Roberto accepts a dinner invitation we're having salmon head would hate it but we're having to Sonya also because when my boys come home on a Friday night they slag that I had the nicest dinner for shimmy our Conner Aidan lives here all the time and he says man I'll come Friday and Saturday the best dates for dinner okay I wish my sister was here because she's much better cookie than I am and I'm not to bed at the cachaça but this action are getting very warm now will that do you for a minute hey how you doing man nice to see you with dinner served Aidan's mom Sheila asks Roberto about moving to America as a teenager panamania so I was born supporter raised America sister I'm an American citizen because my dad you should be a US military action um Panama was a territory back in the days it was really a perfect situation until 1998 where the Panama Canal treaty ended with the US and that's when we had to leave because my dad's job was leaving along with the Americans San Diego was the choice I had not there one of his sisters was there so he sent me out there well you spent about six months or so with me there and then he left in Sanibel here you go here you go make it out the best you could do he said uh here you go figure it out man I did I mean look at 100a to for peanuts that was a great story you know in place or not with pleasure and clear it is lovely speech and I really hope you enjoyed over the past few days Aiden has been getting some insight into what's involved in pursuing a career in the NFL part of that process is securing an agent the average top starters in the NFL at this point are making some the top 15 average making about 14 15 million dollars per year that's kind of where the market is and it's going off another Ryan Buescher of paradigm sports represents many athletes including Conor McGregor so obviously go knowns the combine in Houston on Saturday with all these kids that are gonna be the combine have agents will be represented going into the combine and have been for a while yes these college kids essentially typically in 99% of the time they're signing more or less right after the season has ended with you obviously you're not coming out of a college program so you can be that the fastest the biggest the strongest and show the player that you can potentially be that allows me as an agent to use hey look he hasn't played football but look at the numbers compared to the football players somebody has the opportunity to spend very little and potentially get a lot what I'd like to be affectional at least yeah this pros and cons but at the end the day you play the game that I look at it this way I play the game that I love you know obviously Penton blend if somebody came in offered me a contract in the NFL it might be a different story because it's such a such a massive sport and seeing professionalism over the last couple of couple of days and the facilities alone and just the coaching and it's just it's such a massive deal over here and my peewee with different border I'm lucky that we're very competitive a male and briefie and obviously hugely passionate on my club and and that's where it starts and finish I know it's a cliche but I play the game I love and that's that's where where I'm happy tomorrow Roberto will play full forward with Bray fee in a challenge match against their local rivals some of his teammates join him on a climb of called Patrick hopefully I've learned enough the game and a technique that it takes to play the position so hopefully I won't disappoint just want to go out there and help the guys out and hope that I have something to contribute and bring to the table in the short time I've been here yeah a lot of people do travel all over the timers so I think it's about time we we've done core Patrick cheque and I said bucket list yeah ever is next this is it final trek no more stopping go definitely intensifies the experience here in Ireland it's just been beautiful here we made it stunning it's just incredible I really don't have words to describe it kind of have to come up here and do it yourself and see it yeah at this stage and obviously getting very close now to the combine so just have a couple of routes you got your stick route the brown trout arrow corner route seem rough so just basically they're the ones there and more than likely going to call for on the day of the combine and trying to print it in the mind for when I get into the dress just looking forward to being involved in this so Huston here we go on arriving in Houston Aiden has a concern about where in the order he will be placed I'm thinking not first and not last let's just hope they don't do enough but in order by first time Aiden O'Shea because I'm pretty sure that some of these are designed gonna clear I'll to do so I'm gonna be quick learner and I'm watch the guy the enemy a lot of errands hey guys we can say with tremendous confidence that the game of football is the greatest game ever invented correct and we're gonna put you on a platform so that we can decide whether you can play at the next level fellas it's your time this is your time it's not easy to get to that NFL it's not easy to get up we'll need elite making and you guys have that opportunity today and that means give everything you got don't leave anything on the field because what happens is you're gonna go back to your house and you're gonna look in the mirror and say you know what I didn't give it everything I got don't let that happen your chances now make sure when you go back to that here you're able to tell it you gave it everything you've got everybody got it that's the geyser I'm obviously very nervous and tired even talk to each other so glasses massive bulging contention with it seriously we're night runners and I just got a text in please can you mention that brief Egea will take on Park GAE in a challenge match which will see NFL american footballer roberto wallace lining out with the briefie team I'm good well I've got a good night's sleep ready to go turns it over there Adam is a gold quantum drive is a – I'm your daddy 13 Roberto is 14 15 ready to go ready to see what I may want to do today these guys have been waiting all week for this so that's trying got a good mix life I've run on the ball like I get long diagonal balls into Roberto foot forward okay regard to the caption for today right thank you so much for having me here I'm gonna you know leave it all out there as best as I can and just help you guys produce as much as possible okay I love with everything thank you Oh Showtime let's go fellas so the first sign around was 507 when he made a prove it on the second one with a 5 over 30 yeah yeah wouldn't happen if I brought too broken to Forrestal forty nights even come in it for 900 not to go I don't yeah what stuff they can jump you a cast aside my head I'm glad enough out on that sit for sighs uh Michael sighs I'll be right there are freaks of nature seriously those guys look at the corn berry water I'm not sure first time bone is right four point seven one little slippy a second time all right second time 4.6 a lot smoother if we're never doing it bro good job yeah happy no fear she's decent tight tight as difficulty if conditions are pretty pretty talking oh so it's hard to get used to do not use a brand Anakapalle occipital jejunum Oh he's got a lot of chances he's a large entities throw himself around his there is he's on the ball favorite it's just been unlucky BAM would fear if we make a mistake get open recorder play without fear I'll make them make it up thank you yeah yeah he's doing very well and handling is good maybe the pickup was catching him a little bit but we might keep him for the championship hi Roberto keep it going Roberto let's good work thank you so much thank you for having appreciate it thank you I think you know I'm I sucked what it's I give me one more year and I'll be good throw me the football ah it's one shot one opportunity mrs. mrs. yeah you know we're looking at your numbers you know you're just slightly off but part of that is not playing the game you're not that far off you can see the athleticism you've got some of that explosive stuff so I mean for a guy that's learning in a week it's a big step to come to here you don't compete with the guys that have been doing this you know 15 16 17 years since you know they're little kids thank you very very much I just guess a few words just from my behalf just thank you so much I mean really to the guys you know the whole the the town the city I mean everyone just the whole country thank you so much for being so welcoming and just so wonderful I mean it's the week has been amazing I mean this will be a memory for the rest of my lifetime whether aside everything else had an amazing no words cannot describe my appreciation and my gratitude for you guys taking me in and showing me a good time thank you so much appreciate a guy definitely something you know I look back on in 20 years time and say well preparing an NFL Combine it's something that I would never Molloy – angel thought that would happen so and I'm just just great for the opportunity and I'm very private repair Oh

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