The Trademarked 7 Day Listing Launch™ Marketing Plan to Market Your Home For Sale
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The Trademarked 7 Day Listing Launch™ Marketing Plan to Market Your Home For Sale

– Why is it important to have
a plan when you bring the home on the market? Because it can bring in tens
of thousands more dollars in your pocket. (upbeat music) Hey guys, it’s Kyle with
the Whissel Realty Group and today I want to follow
up on a previous video we did where previously we talked
about the importance of taking your time to get
the home ready bring it to the market. There’s going to be a link down below, you can check that video out. But what I want to do today
is talk about what to do when your home hits the market, and you’ve got to a plan of attack. Far too often we see realtors
list a home the market and then just kind of
sit back and be like, “Alright, the hard work’s done.” And then they just sit
around and wait for offers to fall from the sky, but
that’s not what’s going to get you top dollar. There’s a saying, “First impression “is a lasting impression.” Or you only get one chance
to make a first impression. That is so true in real
estate because when a new home hits the market all
the eyeballs are on it. That’s your time to really capitalize. So you need to make sure that
your agent has a really solid plan in place when that
property comes to the market. At Whissle Realty Group we actually have a trademarked system. It’s called a Seven Day Listing Launch. It’s been trademarked
because the system has been so successful for us. So when we bring a home on the market, it’s very, very strategic. The first seven days
are completely scripted. We bring a property to the
market much like Hollywood brings a movie to the theater. There’s got to be a very strategic
plan of how that happens. So when we bring our properties
to the market, day one we’re sending out invitations to everybody in the neighborhood inviting
them to come to an open house. Day two we’re running ads on
social media making sure that everybody in the area
knows the home is for sale. We also target some of the
other markets where people relocate from when they’re
moving into San Diego. Day three the property
actually goes on the MLS and then when it goes
on the MLS it syndicates to all the other websites,
thousands and thousands of websites all across the country, all across the world really. Thursday we’re door knocking
and giving invitations to everybody in the neighborhood
making sure they know about the property. Friday, we’re calling, we’re
texting, and we’re emailing everybody in the neighborhood
letting them know about it. Saturday we’re doing a
huge open house event. We’re bringing in food and
drinks and it’s catered and we have a huge team working the event, I mean there’s music. It’s always a really good time. And then on day seven we’re
following up with everybody who came through that open house. A lot of the agents wait a
couple days to follow up, if they ever follow up
with the people who come through the open house, where
we’re on it the very next day, as soon as the open house is over. So by the time that seven
day process is done, we are in their mailbox, we’re
in their social media feed, we’re on all the big real
estate websites if they’re doing any searching. They’ve got something at the door. They’ve gotten us on their
phones, in their inboxes. They’ve seen our signs
in the neighborhood. They’ve gotten follow up from us. That’s the kind of plan
that you need if you want to sell your home for top
dollar and put tens of thousands of more dollars into your pocket. If that’s something you’re
interested in learning more about we’d love to talk about our
Seven Day Listing Launch that’s trademarked. Give me a call, Kyle
Whissel at 858-699-3895. Thanks for watching.

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