The TRUTH about Affiliate Marketing in 2017
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The TRUTH about Affiliate Marketing in 2017

– In this video, I’ll explain
why 99% of you will fail with affiliate marketing. If you guys are just getting
started with affiliate marketing, or you’ve
already begun, but you’re struggling with getting
those sales, then this is a video that you need to watch. Stay tuned. (whoosh sound effect) Hey what is up guys? ODi Productions here. If you’re brand new to the
channel, my name is Odi. I go by ODi Productions. I’m a 24 year old affiliate
marketer and entrepreneur. Two years ago I dropped out
of UCLA with a three five GPA my senior year, in order
to pursue entrepreneurship, and online business, specifically through affiliate marketing, and
just two short years later, basically, living my dream life. I live in my dream apartment
here, downtown Chicago. You guys want to see, it is a gorgeous, gorgeous day, here, on a Sunday. I should be watching NFL
football, but instead, I’m out here educating you
guys, so drop a “Like,” drop a comment below, if
you are grateful for that, but anyways, to get on with this video, basically I want to discuss
why 99%, and I believe that that, honestly, might be
kind of low-balling it, I believe that 99.9% of people who are new to affiliate marketing, and
you’re getting into the game today, in, it’s almost the Q4 of 2017, if you guys are just getting
started today, you know, I have some good news and I have some bad news for you guys. So, let’s start with
the good news, you know. Let’s start with a little positivity. Good news is, affiliate
marketing is awesome, it works. It’s completely changed my life. It’s allowed me to drop out of school, it’s allowed me to leave my job, and, make a full-time income,
for well, well over a year. You know, just to give
you guys some numbers, my last video, if you
guys missed it, it is, it was a complete banger,
$45,000, 96.15% profit, in just seven days, one week, guys. That was my last video. If you guys missed that,
you have to watch that. But first watch this video,
because, if you’re, you know, this is still extremely
valuable, it’s still gonna have some extremely good
advice that I didn’t share in that video, so, watch that
after this video is done, I’ll link to it, but, basically, if you guys aren’t following
me on Instagram either, you guys need to follow
me, @ODI_Productions. I post stuff like this every single day. If you guys see right
here, here’s one of my affiliate checks, you know,
$2,625 but if you read the caption, it says $3400 at 9:14 a.m., completely passive income,
affiliate marketing. And I share that on my
Instagram stories, pretty much every single day, you
guys can check it out. So I got full proof and everything. But anyways, you know, to
get back to this video, the good news is, affiliate
marketing is a wonderful opportunity, simply
because, it’s something that anyone can pick up, and
it has extremely low risk. It has low investment to
get into, because you don’t have to pay for inventory
or products or anything, because you’re just promoting
products and services of other companies, so the
overhead is extremely low. The only cost that you have to spend for, is the advertising mostly,
and maybe if you choose to create a website,
which I highly recommend. Secondly, the upside is unlimited. You can, it’s the internet. You can scale it up infinitely,
and to give you guys some numbers, for anyone who’s
curious about how much money you can make, you know, my last video, $45,000 in a single week, that was my former salary at my 9 to 5 job. Okay, so now, moving on to the bad news. All right, so for this part
of the video, it is such a beautiful day out in
Chicago, I figure, why not go for a drive, so, I’m
gonna grab the keys, we’re gonna hop in the Turbo,
and we’re gonna walk and talk. All right, let’s go. (breathes out) (whooshing sound effect) (car unlocks) (car engine starting up) All right guys, so we are
here in the Porsche 911 Turbo. It’s my daily driver. And, you know, we’re just
gonna talk affiliate marketing. The competition is hard, guys. You guys are going up
against people like me, who are driving Porsche Turbos, and who do this full time, every single day. And I like to think of it sort of, like, the golf analogy, where,
people think that, you know, since anyone can play
golf, that you can just jump into it, and if someone, you know, devoted all their time to playing golf, that they could go pro. Because, you know, anyone
can pick up a golf club. Now, that is sort of like the same analogy that I have with affiliate marketing. Because, a lot of people
think, because it’s easy to get started, that
anyone can just, you know, start cranking out $10,000
a day, or $10,000 a month in profit, but, it doesn’t work like that. And just because there are
people like me, who do, you know, make over $1,000 a
day profit every single day, it took me years, years guys, to get to this level. And, you know, that’s just
me being straight with you, it’s just me being transparent,
because I get a lot of people who ask me, who are
beginners, and they ask me stuff like, how long until I
start making $3,000 a month? And I’m like, to be honest with you, from my personal experience,
if you’re starting from zero, and you don’t have a
mentor, you don’t have, any sort of game plan, and
you’re just learning the stuff on your own, you’re just,
you know, just looking at the forums, and you’re trying to, like, watch free videos on
YouTube, and no offense against those, cause this right
here, what you’re watching, is a free video on YouTube, honestly, like, it’s gonna
take you probably years, if not at least one calendar year. And, you know, if you have a
year to spare, then awesome. You know, by all means, like, go ahead. Read those forums, and
watch those YouTube videos, and we’ll see how that
goes for you, all right. But, there’s gonna be people
who are willing to invest, and they’re willing to
invest hundreds of dollars, if not more, into their
education, and to learn from actual mentors in
affiliate marketing, and, you’re going up against those people. That’s your competition. So think about that. You’re going up against people
who are willing to invest, you’re not willing to
invest, they have a mentor, let’s say, a mentor who’s
done six, seven figures with affiliate marketing, how are you gonna compete with that? That’s not fair. It’s almost not fair to
you, because, you know, you have to go up against
these guys, and you have, they have an unfair advantage. But, you know, it is fair,
cause they’re willing to invest, and that you’re not willing to invest. But, honestly, the people
who are willing to take the extra step, so let’s
say, getting a mentor, finding a mentor, you know,
spending money on books, on courses, in order to learn this stuff, they’re gonna be so much
better off than you are, because you’re cheap. Because you’re cheap,
you’re lazy, and, you know, you just take the path
of least resistance, you’re gonna be at the
bottom of the barrel. And it’s competition, 99% of people fail. You’re not in the 1% if you’re
not taking every single step that you can today. And, the competition, from here on out, is only going to get harder. It’s only going to get
more difficult, guys. And, I’m not trying to be
a fear monger, I’m just, you know, it’s just
the nature of the game. If more people are playing,
there’s more competition. If there’s more competition,
there’s less people who are winning, you know what I mean? But, the good news is,
most people are not willing to invest, most people are
not willing to go the extra mile, and that’s the good news, guys. That’s the good news for you. Because, let’s say for
every 10 people who are not willing to invest in,
you know, themselves, willing to invest in education,
willing to get a mentor, there’s gonna be one person who is. And, that one person is
not gonna be in the 99%. They actually have a very high
chance of being successful. And, it’s just a simple
numbers game, guys. The people who are willing to do the most, are gonna see the most results. (whooshing sound effect) (car engine revving) (whooshing sound effect) So, here is where I’m gonna give you guys some actionable advice,
to really help you out. To separate yourself
from the 99.9% of people who are going to fail. And that’s just, that’s just the truth. Like I said, business is competition. And, most people are not gonna make it. Most people are not gonna be successful. And if you’re watching
this video, you’re actually on the right track, cause
you’re listening to a guy, who can actually help you
get where you want to go. And actually, you know, wants
to see other people succeed. So, let’s move on to
the actionable advice, for how you can avoid
being the 99.9% of people who will fail with affiliate
marketing in 2017 and beyond. (whooshing sound effect) Okay guys, if there’s one tip for success, that I can give you guys, today, for you to take home, and for you to just, learn and embed, and to follow, in order to become successful
with affiliate marketing, it’s this. Every single step that
you’re willing to take, that other people are not willing to do, will put you one step closer to success with affiliate marketing. All right, so, what I mean by that, is that, there’s people who
are going to be extremely lazy, and all they’re going
to do is take their affiliate links, and literally just
throw them up on the internet, post them on other people’s videos, and just expect people to buy. I’m sorry but, it doesn’t
work like that in 2017. People don’t just buy from
random people and links, that are posted up on
YouTube comments, all right. First of all, people
hardly buy from the actual freaking websites themselves,
and, you are expecting someone to just randomly
click your link, and to purchase, let’s say, like,
a $500 camera or something, it doesn’t work like that. The statistic is, it takes
people an average of seven times of encountering your brand, or your store, or your product, before
they make a purchase. So, the thing is, if you
are literally a nobody, and you’re throwing up
your products anywhere on the internet, chances are you’re not gonna make any sales. And I see so many people do this. I see people in my comments
post these affiliate links, expecting to get something,
and, nobody’s going to buy stuff from those links, dude. And, the thing is, honestly, that is just, it’s such a shortcut. And, in online business
and affiliate marketing, the people who take the most shortcuts, they have the least success. It’s simple as that. And the people who take
the least shortcuts have the most success. It’s very simple, but a lot of people, they try and take the easy
way out, cause they think, they think this thing is easy, you know. But to be honest with
you, online business, and creating my business,
is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life. And, you know, I’m just
being straight with you guys. I’m telling you guys what
you’re getting yourself into, not to scare you away, but
so you’re mentally prepared. Cause you have to be mentally tough. You have to be emotionally
tough in order to start a business, because, you know, for a lot of us, you’re starting off, you’re gonna be a solopreneur. You’re gonna be by yourself. It’s lonely, you’re not gonna
have people, or your friends helping you out, you’re gonna
have to do these things, like, craft emails, you know, Sunday night, at 11 p.m., midnight, while everyone is, you
know, they’re either, just watching YouTube, hanging out, going to bed, you’re gonna have to burn the midnight oil, and, you
know, put that work in. So, really, every single step that you do, so for example, it could be things like, you’re willing to create a website. You’re willing to create
an actual branded website. You’re willing to, you know, get logos done for your
company, for your website. You’re willing to create video
content, and actually use, like, a real camera, like
invest in real equipment, rather than using your phone. And, you know, every
single one of these things puts you one step closer
to beating the competition. To being above the competition. And, it’s so simple, guys. Like, do the most
things, and you will have the highest chance of success. Nothing is guaranteed
here, but, most people are trying to do the very least, and they expect the most. Don’t be that person. Be the person who does the
most, expects the least, and you will have results. And it will come to
you, and I promise you. But, when I look at it, there’s
always two types of people. It’s so simple. There’s the people who
come to me, who are like, I have no money, I don’t
want to invest any money, I don’t want to make a
website, I don’t want to invest in paid traffic,
I don’t want to run ads, I don’t want to make videos, how do I, you know, how do I be successful with affiliate marketing? Straight up, you’re not gonna be. It’s simple as that. You won’t be. Because, for every person
like you, there’s 10 people like that, who are like,
not willing to do anything, there’s one person who is
willing to do all of the above, and trust me, their chance
of success, is an infinite number of times higher than yours. And at the end of the
day, it’s a numbers game. It’s just, who has the
higher chance of success? Who has the higher
chance of making a sale? Who has the highest conversion rates? And, again, the people
who are willing to invest, who are willing to do all of these steps, they’re going to be so much further ahead, then all the people who are
still posting their links, and, you know, trying to get free traffic, still don’t have a website, you know. And you probably won’t even get approved into the affiliate networks if you don’t have a website, so there’s that. All right guys, so if I can
give you one last actionable piece of advice, that
will help you succeed with affiliate marketing
in 2017, it’s this. You definitely want to
get a mentor if possible. It’s 2017, you’re just
getting started, my best piece of advice, is to find
a mentor, find a coach, find someone who can help
you navigate the waters of affiliate marketing,
because it’s like this. My first year in online
business, I made zero dollars. Zero. Nothing. Nada. And, you know, I’m a pretty smart guy. I went to UCLA, had a three
five GPA my senior year. You know, I’m not a dummy. And, the thing is, I still,
I didn’t make any money. Business is one of the
most humbling, sort of, experiences that you
can have in your life. Because it doesn’t
matter how smart you are, it doesn’t matter how good
looking, and I’m not saying I’m good looking, but, it
doesn’t matter how good looking, doesn’t matter, you know, anything like, how talented you are, but
it will beat you down, because the market doesn’t
care about any of that. It doesn’t care about your
skin color, it doesn’t care about what you believe
in, all it cares about, is do you provide value
to the marketplace. And it’s as simple as that. Let’s say, you know, Student A, he’s like, I’m, you know, I don’t know
where to find a mentor, I don’t need a mentor, I
can just look this stuff up online, I can just look
at forums, I was that guy. All right. And I didn’t make any money my first year. So, if you guys have a year
to spare, and you know, you want to spend a year of
trial and error, and just, messing up, go ahead, be my guest. And I’m not saying that, in one year, you’re gonna get it right after that, I’m saying that it took me one year. It could take you two years, three years, five years, who knows? Now, Student B, let’s say Student B, he decides to invest. He decides to invest in a mentor. Here’s what a mentor can do for you, in affiliate marketing, or
in any sort of business. They can cut your learning
curve in half, or less. So, wouldn’t you think, let me just ask you guys a logical question. I’ve been in the game
for years now, right. I’ve been doing affiliate
marketing full time for well over a year,
and, I do four figures a day profit, easy, you know. It’s rain or shine,
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, it doesn’t matter, it
doesn’t matter where I am in the world, still pulling
in four figures a day profit. Okay, this isn’t revenue,
sales revenue, none of that. Wouldn’t you think that
I would know some things that could be valuable for you,
whose just getting started? Wouldn’t you think that
I learned a few things, and made a few mistakes
along my multi-year journey in affiliate marketing? It’s a simple question, you know. And it’s simple logic, it’s obvious. I can help you cut down
your learning curve, let’s say it takes two years
before you start making let’s just say a full time
income of $4,000 a month, with affiliate marketing. If I can cut down that
learning curve, from two years, into, let’s just say, six months, wouldn’t you think that that’s worth it? Wouldn’t you think that
year and a half of your time is worth investing, in the beginning, in order to get that
return in the long term? See, there’s two types of people who are gonna agree with that, and then, well one of them is gonna agree with it, the other’s gonna disagree,
they’re gonna say, nah man, like, I’m just
gonna look on the forums, I’m just gonna, you know,
watch free YouTube videos, like, you know, I don’t need a mentor, I don’t need anyone helping me. See, when I got started
with online business, I was super, I had an
ego, you know what I mean. I had a lot of pride, I had
an ego, I thought I was smart. I thought I was smarter
than everyone else. But again, it’s one of the
most humbling experiences, cause I got into it,
and, I was so, you know, bright-eyed and I was just
so optimistic, and thinking, I’m gonna be making millions of dollars, in just a few months, you know. I can’t wait to be driving
super cars, this and that, and, it didn’t work out
like that, you know. A few months passed by,
three months passed by. Six months passed by. And, you know, you’re making chump change. You’re making 30 bucks a
month, 50 bucks a month, 100 bucks a month, and, you realize that, it’s a lot harder than you thought it was when you were getting into it. And, you know, right now
this is just me sharing my personal story, it’s me
just sharing my personal experience, that, when you’re
getting started, you know, you don’t know these things. You don’t, you haven’t
been humbled by business, so you, you think you know everything, you think you know way more than you actually do, and you overestimate. And, that’s the problem with
so many kids these days. The first thousand dollars
a month, was much harder, than me scaling up from a thousand, to, over 10,000 a month, and I,
you can put money on that. Like I believe that 100%. The first zero to a thousand
dollars, compared to, scaling up from a thousand
to 10,000 a month profit, is insane, because going
from zero to a thousand took years, going from
a thousand to 10,000, literally took less than a year. And then going from 10,000
to 20,000 took three months. So, guys, getting started
is the hardest part. But, what you need to do
is you need to invest. You need to invest in your
education and your niche. All right guys, so that
wraps up this video. I hope you enjoyed it,
and found value from it. Again, if you guys like
this video or like me making affiliate marketing
videos, please give a thumbs up, and comment, it helps so
much more than you know. And, I know it was a little
bit of tough love this time, but, other people are
not gonna tell you this. And I’ll be honest with
you, a lot of people who, especially ones who are
teaching, and sell courses on this, they’re not gonna
tell you how hard it is, because, they obviously,
you know, want you to just buy their course, and,
you know, think it’s like the easiest thing ever,
but I didn’t make my money from selling courses, so
I can be real with you, I can be 100% transparent,
cause my money, like, I don’t rely on it, you know. I don’t rely on selling these courses. I do it because I provide
mentorship, and I provide a solid step-by-step
process for people who want to get into the game,
and who want to succeed, and get results as quickly
as possible, then obviously you want to follow my
lead, because, I teach my proven step-by-step method, and, I also give that one-on-one coaching, I answer messages,
emails, texts, 24/7, 365. You can ask any of my
students, they contact me any single, you know, any time of day, and I’m always answering
their questions, in-depth, thorough detail, and
they’re always so grateful and thankful for it, and
I’m grateful and thankful for every single one of my students, so, if you’ve joined my course
recently, or you joined my course when it was
released a couple weeks ago, thank you so much,
seriously, I love you guys. You guys are the best. I can’t wait til, you
know, we can work together, and just keep building these
affiliate marketing businesses, and seeing that success, so,
again, thank you guys so much. Last but not least, follow
me on Instagram, guys, because that’s the best way
to contact me, if, you know, if you want to ask me any
affiliate marketing questions, I am completely open, I’m an
open book, and, as you guys can just see right here,
this is my Instagram, it’s @ODI_Productions, let’s
get that focused in there. You guys can see some more
pictures of the Turbo, and you guys can DM me on
there, and ask me any questions. Also, alternatively, you can
always leave a comment below, on this video, and I’ll get
back to you as soon as possible. So, hope you guys enjoyed
that, onto the next one. Have a good day, guys, peace.

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  38. Excellent video! Thanks for breaking down the realities of this business. I have a clearer understanding of what it takes to be successful in Affiliate Marketing.

  39. The information he was presenting to me at least felt genuine. Don't know much about his course but I'm motivated to except loss.

  40. I’m a 14 year old boy but I’m not sure if I’m old enough to start his online course. I am really really prepared and ready to work hard.

  41. Good morning. I just set up a website being an affiliate for Amazon but need some advice on how to drive people to see my site. Please give me some advice.

  42. I do agree with the work hard play hard point of what you are saying. But with all due respect to you and others who may read this . What if a person takes thw short cuts for other reasons such as lack of income or maybe not catching the longer route. I do agree but there just may be a few other reasons. I have some issues with catching on to some stuff. I do thank you for this info and please keep up the good work. Thanks😁

  43. Always appreciated!!
    As far as getting a mentor, seems hopeless because without x amount of dollars up front, seems nobody has time for anyone. I mean, I get it. So, some of us who may be experiencing financial hardships, have to study the free content and try to figure it out.
    Either way, I am grateful for all you share.

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