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The Truth About MLM And Network Marketing – Boss In The Bentley

– Should you get involved
with network marketing or multi-level marketing,
and what’s my take on it? What’s my view? Do I recommend it, am I against it? Well, let me just say this. That I think network marketing
is an interesting industry. (bold music) With network marketing,
myself, I mean I belong to a couple network marketing companies where I’m just a consumer. I like the supplements, I
like the products that I take, and some companies, they do
produce phenomenal products. But I think most people
got into network marketing for the wrong reason. That if you got into it,
you enjoy the products, I think that’s great, because
you can get products where you typically cannot get anywhere else, and they do have good products. However, I think most people,
they get into it because they think that that’s the magic pill. That if they join the
company, that they’ll be financially free just because
by joining the company, or the opportunity, and that’s
everything, and it’s not. Because all it is, it’s
just like it’s a vehicle. It’s nothing more than a vehicle. I don’t care if I give you a Ferrari, if you’re a lousy driver,
you don’t know how to drive, you’re gonna crash the car. It doesn’t mean that you’re a good driver. So it has very little to
do with the opportunity. It has a lot to do with who
you are as a businessperson, as an entrepreneur. And most people, I think, they
get into network marketing because they’re lousy entrepreneurs. Because if they are good entrepreneurs they would build something,
they would create something. ‘Cause entrepreneurs, I
believe we are creators. The definition of an
entrepreneur that I have, it’s entrepreneur is
an artist in commerce. We paint with our skills. We create, we engineer, we envisioned. We put a team together and
turn our vision into reality. Versus network marking attracts
people who want shortcuts. They want get-rich-quick. They want someone to babysit them. They want a proven system. Just follow these ideas
and you’ll be successful. Well by definition that’s the
opposite of entrepreneurship. ‘Cause the definition, the very definition of entrepreneurship, it’s
you create new things. You don’t follow the same path. You think outside the box. You be unconventional. And the problem is,
with network marketing, and I’m not putting it down. I do have friends who are
very, very successful at it, but chances are they are
either phenomenal speakers, they’re phenomenal salespeople, that they are very, very good at what
they do, they’re great leaders. The truth is it doesn’t matter if they’re in network marketing,
they’re in real estate, they could be in insurance,
they could be selling whatever, they would still be successful. It makes no difference. It’s not because the company
made them successful. It’s because they are
successful people to begin with, and it just happens to be in
the network marketing industry. That’s very profound, I
want you to think about it. It’s not the industry. It’s they are successful
people to begin with. That’s why they get into it and that’s where they made their money. And because of leverage,
because of the whole structure and compensation plan, it ends
up they make a lot of money. Now, however, I do think
if you’re getting started it’s not something that
I think is easy to do, because with the whole
network marketing industry, and people always pitch
about this whole thing, about oh, it’s this opportunity,
and it’s so great, and the company’s growing,
and it’s got a track record, and is all this stuff,
and that’s all good. The problem is you’re a commodity. You’re a commodity,
meaning as you are involved in a company where you are the same as everybody else. Anyone who’s your downline
or your distributor or whatever the hell you call
it, like your distributor, underneath you, well if
they can sign up with you they can sign up with anybody else. It’s the same shit. They get the same package,
they get the same stuff, they’re plugging the same system. So you are not unique at all. So when you are not that unique, they get the same product,
they get the same pricing, they get the same everything else, it makes it very difficult
to build a business. Very, very difficult,
because you don’t have that advantage, right? And also people, if you
go into it where also the timing of the opportunity, sometimes you go into
business such as, like, even bigger companies like Herbalife got into a lot of negative press. Herbalife, Amway, Nu Skin,
all these big companies, where if they’re too mature,
then it’s already saturated. Imagine when you meet someone new and say hey, what do you do? I’m in Amway. Great, thanks talking
to you, goodbye, right? That’s the end, like, you
want people not talk to you? (laughs) I was just having a little bit of fun when I was attending an event,
they have these name tags, and I attend an event, I actually don’t want
people to talk to me. I put I’m in MLM, like a little
ribbon, nobody talks to me. It’s awesome. It goes to show you, most
people have negative association or negative experience with
network marketing or MLM. So it becomes very difficult
to sell, to make money with it. And if you study the
statistics, most people, they make little to no money. Only the people at the top make money. They make the top because
they get into the right time, maybe early, maybe they are
opening a new territory, a new country, and they’re there early. That’s who makes the most amount of money. People who have been around a long time, and now you join now,
there’s no money in that. So timing is critical. Who you join hands with is critical. So that’s what I’m saying. If you want to use the products
and you like the products and that’s what you
want to do, that’s fine. But if you think that’s
an easy way to make money, it’s not true. If you treat it like a business,
that you’re going to do it for two, three, five, 10
years, and this is your career, and knowing you’re gonna
get thousands of rejections, know that you’re gonna be
babysitting a bunch of people who are like fucking
just not entrepreneurial, like lazy and full of
excuses and victim mentality, because that’s who the industry
attracts, unfortunately. If you’re okay with that, and
you do get in the right time with the right company, then maybe. Then maybe. I’ve also had friends
who make a lot of money with the company, suddenly
the company, the corporate, changes the compensation
plan or the structure. They were making 20, 30,000 a month, suddenly they’re freaking
down to 5,000 a month. Overnight, very short period of time. Or, in some cases, the company
got into some kind of scandal or some kind of issues. So don’t think about,
oh, it’s no different than you’re working for a big company. Just thinking that company
would always prosper, would always sustain. If you believe in that you’re naive. You’re naive. It’s not true. It is not true. So I’m just pointing out the facts. If you want to make money I
think the very first thing you want to do is develop
your high-income skill. Develop that skill, not
joining some opportunity but develop your skill,
what value you can add to the marketplace, to the
world, and make money that way, and when you’re making a
decent, high-income skill I consider a six-figure
income, then if you want to leverage that, you want to
start some network marketing business on the side, you
want to join something, now you have some kind of skillset, then the chances of you succeeding, it’s a little bit higher. Still not easy, but it’s
a little bit higher. But by the time maybe you
want to start something else. That’s why true entrepreneurs
don’t join network marketing. True entrepreneurs, I
believe, don’t buy franchises. They sell franchises. They start network marketing company, they don’t join network marketing company. The ones who I know make
the most amount of money, there are a couple guys I
know, here’s what they do. They have this amazing team of people and they will start these
network marketing companies. They will raise capital,
they’ll have the lawyer, they have an attorney craft
the compensation plan, they will start it as
the founding members. They’re not, trust me,
they’re not recruiting people. They’re the one who
started it, and if it works to a certain degree
they’re going to scale it, expand to different countries. If they don’t, they’re gonna close it down and then start the next one. And they hit a couple ones
where they could go from zero to 100 million, 200 million in sales with massive distributorships, and they go to the next
level, or it doesn’t go, the product is not getting traction, they shut it down, they
start the next thing. That’s who makes the big bucks. The guys who sell, the guys who start network marketing company. Everybody else, they make
a little bit of money but that’s not how it works. So that’s the truth. That’s my take on MLM
and network marketing. I’m not saying it’s good,
I’m not saying it’s bad, I’m just sharing you my perspectives. Maybe share your
perspectives, comment below, and just, what’s your take? Maybe you love it, maybe
you’ve been brainwashed by it, I don’t know, maybe you’ve
had negative experience and you fucking hated it, that’s okay too. It’s okay, freedom of speech, right? But comment below, click on the bell, make sure you’re subscribed to my channel, and this is what I do on my way to work, I answer your questions. Submit a question below, make
sure it is a good question. I’ll take my time, I’ll answer it, I’ll see what I can do. However, make sure it is a good question. Because a lot of people, sometimes they, I get email every single day, people, they want to mentor by
me, they want my help. This is a way for you to do that, but if I’m going to answer
your question, take action. Don’t waste my time,
don’t waste your time. I want to make sure this is
productive for both of us. Until next time, I’ll
see you in my Bentley.

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  2. The best way to start is to join with Right MLM, it teach what the meed to become successful person what mental do we meed to become successful

  3. the reason to join MLM is to sell the product, has to trust the product, having good selling skill, people may come along the way but not blindingly recruit people.

  4. sorry Dan i differ with your from point about your perception on networking marketing business. Their are pitfalls and negative in every industry so as in network marketing business. Moreover much more creatitivity is required to sustain in this industry. people genrarally mistake or presume network marketing business as selling business which is incorrect. A network marketing business is a full fledge TRAINING BUSINESS, because to create as many leaders one in a network they must be trained and and the only need in this industry where everyone needs to develop in their training skills.That is it.

  5. Hi Dan, whats the most powerful mindshift someone can make, that has the “potential” to unlock all hidden and dorment skills, powers and motivation?

    Tonny Robinns talks about how being resourcefull, can get you any other resource.

    What is the most powerful mindshift in your opinion and personal exeperience that helped you and can help us the most?

  6. I love your definition of an "Entreprenuer", and I agree that if you have your own business in mind, you should work on that rather than invest time and $ into someone else's idea. But if you're an entrepreneur who is also passionate about the MLM business model, then you should find a way to implement that business model into your own Network Marketing company. That's what Kandi Buress of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta did with her Adult Toy idea. She now has women selling her products and recruiting others to do likwise. She's another inspiring, serial entrepreneur whom I respect also. Great tips, Dan!!!

  7. Yes its true…..but I do believe its a business of purpose and skill sets…without going professional then I dont see how its gonna play good…I am personally in one and everything its playing well for me since I have good mentors and I made it a priority to develop skill first..I believe it is productive when it is seen from this approach.. Gary says…“we get scammed if we want quick money”…the negativity to MLMs is because people dont focus on skill first but focus on the results too early…love the process….you're right….thank you for this…

  8. I think it depends on you and to whom you are listening to. If you want to be successful in MLM, you have to listen to those who succeed in MLM and from someone who did not even bother to work with it. I think MLM is a tool, especially for those people without money and without time but with great ambition and desire to work for it. Because in MLM, you don't need the big investments as traditional business have. And you can do it part time, if you have a current Job.

  9. I've seen your ads and they've been bombarding me. After a few months I finally cave in and took a look at what you're all about Dan. Solid content, I decided to share this with some people that can benefit. Thanks for the input

  10. You're definitely right .. I'm in MLM and I work with a great company not because of the products, services or compensation plan … Because it has great leaders.
    The funny thing is it is starting to build in my country and I'm one of the pioneers that will be the top earners in the next few years . as soon as i can I'll start investing and starting more sources for money … Then 15 years from now I'll be a freaking billionaire
    Remember my name very well (Alyesto)

  11. After going through HTC I can definitely see how being able to close would help in network marketing. Closing works in every aspect of life, just hadn't thought about it working with network marketing.

  12. Hi Dan,

    Thank you for your insights. I'd like to hear your thoughts for those of us who don't yet have those High Income Skills fully developed. I'm assuming you're referring to communication, leadership, sales ability. Although I'll confess I've not made much hard cash with the companies I've been involved with the leadership and sales skills I've developed were invaluable. Even if you fail in your MLM venture, is that not a lesson in entrepreneurship which you can use in other business ventures? True, the failure rate in these sorts of companies is astounding but at least there's an opportunity (and I stress opportunity) to learn while you earn. It's up to you to make it work!

  13. Hey Dan, You a Best Mentor for me..
    Your video is only 10 minutes, but I started this video for about 20 minutes, because I stopped and translated your video.

    goodjob dan
    my name is hardi

  14. Anytime I have a dilema or need a push, you Dan somehow always have the right answer. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Btw, I think MLM gives a good experience what so ever. Try it out, have the courage to invite people, learn to communicate and dress nicely. And after a while everybody comes to to their own conclusion, if that is the right path for them or they are ready to take action for something on their own.
    Even better might be to join 2-3 Network Marketing companies, and compare their system and structure, to take some inspiration and learn from it.

  15. MLM is like any other business – you don’t call everyone you know and beg them to buy your products. You call people who have shown an interest in your kind of products or services sometime in the past. You recruit people who’ve joined or are in an MLM company at some time also. If you open a cigar shop you know your market is not people that don’t smoke nor even cigarette smokers. Your market is cigar smokers.
    Of course it’s also a good place to learn business skills and the start up is usually less than $500. That makes it easy for most people to afford to enroll and learn the ropes.

  16. The problem with MLM today is, you MUST follow "the system", even when the system teach you not to be genuine.

    I was taught:

    1. On the phone, said "This is not MLM" (while I choose to be honest from beginning so that I don't need to do artificial apologetic to them later)
    2. Buy a nice Car immediately , even with credit, so that you can show you success already in fast way. But don't say you buy it with credit.
    3. Misquoting successful people like Warren Buffet that he endorse MLM. Actually, He owns MLM, not being a sales representatives.
    4. You must do edification to your upline in front of prospects, and on his side when there is dispute with his or your downline, even when he is the wrong one. I won't defense you (my downline) even when you are in a right position.

    So many more

    They do have good products, but ugly system. Many success in the system, but in ugliest manner that the fallout ratio is so high.

  17. Dan i just joined Amway, whats your opinion on them? Im in a part of europe where its not yet that saturated should i use it as a start and then move on to high income skills since i dont have much capital at the momment. Whats your take on the company and how should i act?

  18. I agree with mostly all your perspective!
    I didn't understand, you say that you are not different from others but it is critical who you start with

  19. Morale of the video, to prosper and rich you need your original product and idea. MLM can be a good choice to survive for a limited short time, but in a long term it is not a good option. As your just selling stuff and have no control about big decisions.

  20. Dear “Boss in the Bentley,” your video on network marketing is phenomenal, and it made a happy difference in my life. Thank you.

  21. Network marketing the way people approach to me with is like “ hey why don’t you join me only invest this amount amount of money and within the next 10 weeks you will earn 6 figures, my ass”

  22. You were absolutely spot with that. Entrepreneurs start mom/franchises. Not join. What you said is the most accurate.

  23. I definitely disagree with you on this, Dan !
    Let's consider for example Jeff Besos, founder of Amazon.
    If your définition of entrepreneur is good, Jeff Besos was NOT an entrepreneur in the first 20 years of Amazon.

    Indeed, In the begining, Jeff Besos did NOT create any products; he was just a distributor of products other people created… right ?

    And YES, Jeff Besos IS a great entrepreneur.

    Second, You don't have to be at the begining or to open a country to be successful.

    The people you know in MLM are not an example.

    I think you don't know anything about MLM. You did'nt succeed in MLM does not mean you have to be negative on this profession

  24. Haha love it.
    I actually am in the biz full-time.

    Love the remark on brainwashed.. haha actually brainwashing is very beneficial for us all! Cos often we have too much negative and self doubt shit building up.

    So forget the company hype and sales rar rar… etc. But the brainwashing to be confident and handle rejection and to persevere and improve your craft.

    I stand by that.


    Keep them coming boss man. Loving it all.

  25. I am from india
    In this time great business in india but some companies created bad image
    Now he is creating multi millionaire in india ..

  26. In network marketing , products should be original and honest to people, if products which are not in quality ,then the marketing will collapse.
    Network marketing should have vision on quality ,not on making money or being no 1.

  27. I think Network mktg is good as a training ground to increase your knowledge and experience on the business world.
    But i would suggest you quit after attending many trainings, seminars. I would say you quit after a couple of months, 1 year as a max or after you gained a lot of knowledge, and meet high profile people

  28. I think you made some valid points and handled the topic with grace. I am personally leverage a direct selling company and they have a board of distributors who have the final say with the compensation plan that actually keeps up with inflation. Would you mentor a person who is successful in networking marketing?

  29. Eric worrie said "your ability to get a group of people to certain number of things consistently over a longer period of time makes you financially free"

  30. I appreciate and absorb a lot of videos and have learned a lot. Thank you. I have been a corporate banker / broker for 20+ years, and MLM for 8+ years. We have built teams of thousands of people in a couple different companies. MLM actually taught me more about sales skills and leadership skills than my banking/finance experience. You can't lead people without understanding how to deal with them. It teaches true leadership through inspiration versus fear of losing a paycheck. I do agree it attracts a lot of bottom feeders who don't want to put consistent or massive effort in but somehow think they will make money that way. It's a great indicator of self-discipline. It has it's positives and negatives just like anything else. IMO.

  31. Dan you say that mlm is neither good nor bad…. But what about countries like India, Africa… Etc, how can they develop their capitalism without these type of industries……???

  32. Is there a difference between associating yourself with a network marketing company by yourself compared to being mentored by someone that is already successful in life in that field?

  33. Great Video! I have been a football coach my entire life. I am 46 and am eager to take my motivational skills to the market. I have been creative and my brand has just started to grow using only social media. I trade motivation for money. Do you have any advice that will help me launch.

  34. I joined an MLM company before, just for the experience. But within a year, I quit. I didn't feel they really teach me how to build a business. I got tired of asking people to their events, seminar, etc. I had gut that it's not gonna work, what if everybody has joined the company what's gonna happen? I could not see the business can last forever.

    But now, this video explains it to me. Now I understand what MLM really is…. and I'm glad i quit.

  35. I was in an MLM for a few months. They told me: It's easy – just do what you are told. Turned out to be the most difficult thing. I hate to follow. I want to create.

  36. I joined two MLM companies, but my purpose was to develop my Sales Skills. I was reading Kiyosaki's books at the time, trying to invest my time and effort to stack knowledge that would help me become a very successful entrepreneur. So that mindset helped, I actually made a good profit with this industry. But that's not what I desire to do with my career. I'd rather be a HTC than a networker every day of the week. So right now I'm working at a International Investing Holding with business in 4 continents. My aspiration at this moment is to convince this millionaires investors to invest in your HTC program, Dan. What do you recommend? How can I make this make me money? Would be willing to create a next videos for people like me to share the video with people like them to close this deal? Just wondering. Thank's for everything one more time. I'll keep watching your videos and asking you this question until you answer it. Do it now! Come on 🙂 How can you make answering this question make you money? I'm sure YOU can find this answer now.

  37. So I definitely agree that it's a vehicle. That's all it really is. However, if someone doesn't teach you how to use it properly following a value system and truly based off a personal relationship with someone who will guide you in life. The actual MLM business should be about 1% of what you do and mentorship should be the other 99% Furthermore, saying that someone who uses a proven system isn't an entrepreneur doesn't make too much sense. Try saying that to the person who owns your local McDonalds. The point was to make it scalable and duplicatable. We no longer need to try and duplicate ourselves through employees who don't have the same vested interest as someone who put a lot at risk in the sense of buildings, equipment and other major costs.

  38. Dan, thank you for what is network marketing & MLM….. it's really gives some light over why people successful in networking
    marketing and some are not.

  39. Thank you. I was just invited to this opportunity about this company how you can become an entrepreneur and they made it seem so professional but when i payed 150$ to join I realize it was just not what i was looking for no. Professionalism and I decided to not get the license to become a sales person in my opinion i just felt like they were all actors trying to sell you an image of you can be a Millionaire anyone with no skills can be one and for me it don’t make sense thanks.

  40. Good day Sir Dan!

    I am an avid follower of your channel but with this, I am sorry to disagree your opinion about Network Marketing.

    But to make it fair to you Sir, I have lot of friends who really want to be entrepreneurs but they do not have the right amount of money to start a small business. Can you recommend any business for them Sir Dan aside Network Marketing?

    I am in AIM Global a Philippine based company Sir. Our full company name is Alliance in Motion, Global Incorporated and we will be celebrating our 13th year this May 19 in the biggest indoor arena in the world.

  41. i have a cousin who's a great achiever in mlm business. he's never worked a day in his life and i think mlm is damn difficult and getting more difficult as time goes by, not easy.

  42. When it comes to success there''s no specific one way to get you there, go for what makes sense to you.Network marketing has taught me a lot of things and i would recommend it to any new person who wanna build their own companies later

  43. I was very successful in my first MLM company and continued to progress steadily for roughly 2 1/2 years before I started to question my own morals and how we as a team (and company) were making money. I personally signed up over 200 people and it was great at the time. I met a lot of great people, including a few millionaires and learned so much but at the end of the day it just wasn't worth it for me. I'm not afraid to admit that I was guilty of a few things that Dan mentioned in the video. It really does attract lazy people. It took me years to realize I couldn't motivate everyone to work as hard as me because I wasn't offering something that enticed them as much as it did me.

    DEFINITELY a great way to break out of your comfort zone and become more open and outgoing if sales is something you're seriously interested in. People still find it hard to believe that I'm an Introvert.

    TL;DR: MLM can be both scammy and great at the same depending on how you approach it and what you make of it :-p

  44. Hi Dan, I love watching your videos every morning. This one in particular is something I was looking for, I really dislike MLM/Network Marketing. I went to an event today to learn more about this company. I first joined them for Game Night on Wednesday night. We played Cashflow and they explained real life scenarios which I thought was cool. I was interested because I thought I was going to learn about Real Estate Investing and nothing else, that's the reason why I showed interest. So today during the seminar, I started to notice that they were talking more about sales and recruiting and not so much about real estate. I realized then that this was just another Network Marketing company. Anyway, just when I thought I found the right place, I was wrong again. I am working on an affiliate marketing company, but it's a business that I created myself, my ideas my work so I am so glad you the defined the true meaning of entrepreneur. Anyway I really want to learn how to build my businesses, and I definitely want to get into real estate investing. If there is anyway that you can help me please let me know.

  45. Respect your knowledge but I mlm is not any type of short cut to make money, it requires all the type of stuff which any business requires. There are many up's and down's. You are very experienced but let tell something, you are not always correct sir

  46. കേരളത്തിൽ ആർകേലും ബിസിനസ് ചെയ്യാൻ ആഗ്രഹം ഉണ്ടെങ്കിൽ,can message me ,i will help you.

  47. Success is not easy at all, MLM just like success is dirty you have to put the work in just like any other thing. The only thing is that MLM is an accessible vehicle for anyone with no experience.

    By the way Dan Lok offers trainings.I’m sure he also gets the lazy people who wants to get rich quick. Just my opinion

  48. I start mlm to improve my skill and gain experience bro.send reply bro! I know u are a busy men but I need to know that.

  49. Are you even listening to yourself? "They are successful because they are great leaders." Isn't that the whole point of success??? Are you not supposed to grow into a leader to succeed? I just think because you didn't succeed at it that's why you're negative about it. I got in late and still make money. I'm sorry you don't know much about this. Stop killing someone else's vehicle because not all of us can come to you for consulting.

  50. I'm actually very disappointed in the response. If you've had results from it then we would have had a matured conversation. If I have people who have made more money than you and are in it and you who failed at it is giving negative vibes, who would you listen to. It's bad for entrepreneurs to just put down other people's businesses. You don't have to create a product from scratch to be a success. Amazon, Ebay, etc don't have their own products. They create the platform for others to sell their products. I loved your channel and I've been sharing it but from today i'm just off. I wonder what next you'll discourage my business friends from doing.

  51. Network marketing is all about sales. 99% of people don't have proper communication or leadership skills to build a monster downline.

  52. What I think is … MLM is a vehicle 🚗 yes.. every body is not as smart .. to make it to big time entrepreneur .. while MLM if it’s done right … even to the lazy ones whom we make realize, and if it’s done like it’s your last ship or die in a underpaid job and let your up coming generation follow you .. it’s a success .. but never the less check on company credibility/profitability and compensation plans .. let’s face it we all cannot spend million bucks to start up business not everyone is smart enough to generate superb ideas .. yes it’s a proven thing to create your own system and it makes money .. one thing I agree with u is it’s not easy yes.. but it’s possible for everyone

  53. In network marketing there are quitters and winners…there are no losers at all…..because if u stay in the field… One day u ll definately goonna be successful…. For sure…but if u quit then…your perspective get changes about that industries….
    By the way…in the whole world max. Number of millioners and billioners are from network marketing only!!!!so never judge sir….u dislike it because u quit it….
    Its a life changing industry
    Thank you!!

  54. sir Dan
    what about a student joining MLM for small businesses experience so that when they graduate they will more experienced in business. In that way students can earn and will value them as they will understand what business actually is.
    2nd question.
    is it possible to join MLM and earn so that we can start our own business where we can be a boss?

  55. Should i join network marketing?? I dont have capital to invest so what shud i do? Should i join this so that, i could avoid my debts!!?

  56. Network marketing is not for all. I knew people who did great in this kind of business, and I do knew people also who failed in this business. Network marketing business is just like any Entrepreneurs, there is ups and downs, sometimes you failed sometimes you win, its the toughest who will win. Warren Buffet and even Donal Trump are investors in Network Marketing companies. Richard Branson a billionaire support the idea of networking business.

  57. Thank you Dan for sharing your take on Network Marketing

    Since couple of years I have been a party of Network Marketing industry and prior to that I was exposed to could of similar opportunities. The reason I started for the third time is because of the compensation plan.
    Like most people think people on top make most money and I was one of them. After looking at compensation plan I was surprised to see a company is giving same opportunity to the person who has started today as to a person who is many levels above and has been working for couple of years.

    Another major reason for me to start this business is the start up cost. I didn't have the resources to start my own business and I don't have any experience of a business. With the Network Marketing company which I am a part of is giving me an opportunity to market there products and services while they take the risk of manufacturing, R&D, logistics, customer service. And all I have to do is promote there products and services.

    Dan I would like your opinion on this, If this decision of mine was correct.

  58. Start your own thing. That is what my friend and I do. My friend owns a network that will explode and show the whole country and world about shipping and logistics.

  59. I like creating new businesses and creating my own thing. I have joined companies and businesses in the past and never made enough money.

  60. Atomy is re-writing the history of mlm industry. It is backed up by a South Korean Govt institution (KAERI).

  61. I think Network marketing is great for learning enterpreneur-Skills
    Because everyone can start with little money.

  62. Dan. I started Network Marketing 24 month ago, without any experience. Today, i have 20.178 partners in my team and only need 3 more ranks, than i am the highes rank in the company. MLM is an amazing opportunity for people that are not creative, like me. I started to sell the best product in the world(Blockchain-products), without hiring a single person. No office or store place needed. No employees that i have to take care of and no bill collecting in the end of the month. I am creating my own products, beside my work in MLM and my own brand. So, for me MLM was the best think that could be happened. But, i share your opinion, that most people don't make it that far. Thanks for sharing…Best regards from Germany

  63. You are exactly right that it is another tool or platform. But the person has to have the mindset of an entrepreneur and is prepared to work hard. I tried to start my own company before but failed. Trying network marketing and see where it leads. What is good though is that the company I joined is in line with my goals which is to travel with my family. I am willing to be a follower for now so I can build my network and earn so that I can also start new businesses in the future. I have been wathing your videos and it has helped me a lot in terms of educating my self and learning new things that can make me excel at my craft. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

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