the truth about my relationships, break ups, and sexuality
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the truth about my relationships, break ups, and sexuality

Hello friends I can honestly, tell you that today’s videos is going to be unlike anything else I’ve ever uploaded on my YouTube channel ever I also think it might piss off a lot of people with how brutally honest I’m gonna be about a lotta different things but I also feel that over the last year, so many people have had so many questions about me, my love life and Bella, and Hunter and Jay and now Brad and like everything you know a part of me wants to go to think, ok like I don’t really owe anyone an explanation, it doesn’t matter I can love who I wanna love and do what I wanna do with no explanation but at the same time the reason I do everything in my life is because of the people who support me and love me and watch me and if all of you are constantly asking so many questions, a part of me kinda feels like I owe you those answers and I think I’m to a point where I just wanna make it all stop or at least try to, or at least answer the majority of the questions that I’m asked the most in hopes that it will explain a lot to you, and todays videos is definitely gonna be deeper and a lot more personal than most of the videos I film but I could literally upload a photo of my foot snd people would be like “oh mY God ArE yOu and BeLLa stILL tOgEther”, “I Ship y0u and HunteR s0 HARD WH4t aRe y0u doiNG you’r3 Br3aking mY H3art”, “wh3re’s J4y???????!!!!!!!” “who’5 BRAD” like I just, like, I think it would just like be easier if I just sat down and was honest as fuck with you and that’s what i’m gonna do. I guess before I get into it I wanna shine light on the fact that most people on YouTube are either in a monogamous relationship with one person for a really long time and then they either have a breakup or then they fucking get married and have babies and whatever or people are just really single and they’re really lowkey and whatever but the average person who’s 20 is exploring life and figuring themselves out and having fun and doing what they wanna do, I’m not gonna hide that from all of you, I see 99% of your favourite YouTubers being hoes and fucking other people, or whatever they want but hiding it all, and I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with that I’m just saying I don’t wanna do that, so people are so quick to be like ‘TAnA’s d4ting 19 pe0pl3, you’re SuCh a Hoe you’ve probAbLY slept with so many people blah blah blah, but in reality, thats not true at all, I can like count on like one hand one and a half hands haha how many people I’ve slept with, in the last year, not that that matters like I could sleep with like a hundred fucking people, do you, it doesn’t matter, I’ve just always been more open and honest with you guys about it and its crazy that people say that they want that honesty and they want that open-ness, until you give it to them and then they just wanna like slut shame you, pick you apart and tell you what you’re doing is wrong and all that kind of stuff but I’ve just never been one to back down from that like I’m gonna be myself and even if that’s making mistakes, or doing crazy shit in front of the public eye at least I’m being myself and I’m fucking 20 And i’m not gonna pretend like I have everything figured out and that i’m never gonna be a little wild as a 20 year old like that would just be so fake and I also think, while there’ a lot people who don’t understand why I am the way I am or what I’m doing or what relationships I’ve been in there’ also the opposite side of the spectrum and that’s that I meet so many people that come up to me every day and thank me for being so open with Bella because now they can be open with a girl who was their best friend that they’re in love with or me being open with my sexuality or my relationships because now they’re able to be more open with their relationships or their sexuality people who literally tell me that they’re gonna marry the love of their life because they were open enough to finally tell them that they love them and want to be with them because of the relationships that I’ve been in and me being open. The amount of girls that come up to me like everywhere I go being like you and Bella literally saved my life and I think that, even though there’s gonna be people who don’t understand it and hate on it, there aren’t really a lot of people in the space that are so ok with being so open, and I think that by me doing that if that can be something to help young girls be able to be more open or be more ok with their sexuality or to realise that slut shaming isn’t a thing and you can do everything guys do you can do whatever the fuck you want in this life and you can fuck a thousand people or fuckin zero its your body and your choice and I don’t wanna back down from those beliefs you know, I wanna continue to be who I am and if that comes with hate or a bunch of fucking questions I don’t care because the opposite side of that, being able to inspire and help so many young people who are so confused or ashamed of who they are, like that’s so incredible. With that being said I guess the way I wanna do this video its not like this is like a challenge or a tag or like people do this i’m kinda just wingin it here I kinda wanna talk about person by person, if that makes sense, just break it down and explain it to you all I guess. For the past year people have had so many questions about Bella and I so I guess I’ll start with that I’m gonna try to keep it as condensed as possible but there’s definitely a lot of explaining to do and questions to answer but I guess to start, like a year and a half ago I tweeted I wanna date Bella Thorne next 😉 as a joke, just on twitter and she ended up following me, I follow her back I run into her a few weeks later at a music festival, fucked up beyond belief haha and I look at her and I’m just like ‘let’s take a kissing picture’, I wanna kiss you right now, let’s break the internet’ and then she was like ‘oh ok I;m down’ and I was like ‘you are?’ UhhHA and then we took this photo and posted It the next day and it just WENT crazy it went viral overnight, that photo honestly changed my life, as cheesy as that might sound or as millennialist as that might sound, we saw what was happening and we were like damn like I didn’t know people would like fuck with us that much, lets hang out Haha and we like just started hanging out every second of every day, instantly I was mesmerised. My entire life I 100% was like, I’m straight, I like dick, I like dick, I like dick and then I met Bella Thorne I don’t know what you wanna call that, I think that people have wanted me to like have a “coming out video” for an entire year now but I just love who I wanna love and I guess I spend a majority of my life attracted to guys and that within itself snowballed into thousands and thousands of people constantly accusing us of ‘gay bating’ and ‘queer baiting’ and all that kind of stuff when it just wasn’t the case and that was so hard because I never knew what to say to that it was like “yo like I love this girl”. if you wanna call that pansexuality you can call me pansexual I think that people need like a box to put people in to feel ok but I’m just not like that I don’t need a box I don’t give a fuck like I’m just me ? I’m gonna love who I wanna love I’m gonna do what I wanna do And I DGAF Who doesn’t like it, and if people can’t accept that, then that’s on them Like go read a book, go get educated, its fucking 2018 bro ( at the time this was filmed). People can love whoever they want! And if you want, to accuse me of anything for that? You can! I don’t give a shit. like… That’s just the bottom line For me.. It very much was just like instant love Instant infatuation, instant obsession And my entire life became.. Bella, Bella, bella And I was fine with it! More than happy with it if anything She changed the way that I think She changed the way that I view myself She changed my confidence, she changed my outlook on the world She changed everything She is the most open , honest, creative, raw, self aware person That doesn’t give a fuck About what anyone thinks about her, and genuinely, lives her everyday, day to day life, the way she wants to For HER Not giving a fuck about what any societal norm is Not giving a fuck about what anyone has to say And she is the sweetest, most loving, selfless, caring person Who if she is passionate about something will throw her entire soul into it And the people that she loves, she will go to the ends of the earth for and I would just find myself everyday Sitting back, being like you are Bella fucking Thorn You could be doing anything in the world you wanna do right now yet you’re spending time loving me Doing nice things for me? But obviously that came with so many questions And people wanting to know so much, and so many things I didn’t have answers for And so many things I did have answers for, but didn’t care to answer I guess that’s where Mud.. (IDK) comes into the picture (Bella’s boyfriend)*nervous laughter* It’s funny because meeting Bella and going into it at the beginning I felt like there was, this like, tension Between Mod and I.. I guess you would say In the sense of like, obviously Bella’s his girlfriend, and here I am coming in and Bella wants me here But like, she has a whole ass boyfriend And he wasn’t my boyfriend And I didn’t want him to be, and he didn’t want me to be his girlfriend Like you know, it was this weird thing Of him and I like sharing her? But at the same time, after a time It became so harmonious and absolutely normal to us After the initial part of that being weird or different Mod and I ended up being just Spending so much time together Wasnt until we got in the studio and started making music and spending hours and hours talking that i was like “Damn- -this is one of the most incredible people i’ve ever met” as well but he still was just my friend you know? we both were just dating this girl and- that confused the entire world no one could ? for even a second for months my comments were always just like

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100 thoughts on “the truth about my relationships, break ups, and sexuality

  1. Girl… need to read the book “He’s just not that into YOU.” I know it sucks, but the way you’re just not into others is the same way he’s just not that into you….

  2. Why am I in the same situation you were in with hunter, right now. I hold onto the 1 time he calls me babe and the night he cuddles me when he’s asleep. But he doesn’t want to be with me at all.

  3. Before you and bella, i honestly felt out of place because i loved my bsf. You and bella gave me the confidence to tell her and now me and her are happy and together. I know your with jake, and girl you do you! I just wanted to say that everything you do is inspirational to me.

  4. Updated version. BRAD MONDO CHEATED ON ME WITH SOME HOE FROM COACHELLA!!!! And I’m making my fans like jake Paul.

  5. Sorry I literally never comment on YouTube videos and this has already been said but that hunter story hit home. I had huge feelings for one of my best friends but I’ve always been hesitant to tell people about what happened between us because I didn’t know how to put it into words. Everything you said about people asking if you were dating, leaning in for kisses, confusion about what you are to him etc. was so relatable and thank you thank you for sharing this!!!

  6. tana your video is amazing! thank you. I needed this I am 13 and already be slut-shamed bc of this I was in a mental hospital for 6 months bc of all the slut-shaming your video saved me. so I just wanted to thank you because you are amazing and inspirational so thank you!

  7. Yeah I had a hunter too. He would go between me and some other girl constantly and I stayed because he always came back to me, but then he'd say that we were just friends and would date some over girl and I would wonder what I did wrong. He then started dating my then best friend after she just got out of a really bad break up. They asked me if it was okay and it wasn't, but they both pressured me into saying yes because I just wanted them to be happy. They lasted a month and were constantly off and on. About half way through he was trying to get back with me, but at the same time wanted her back, but she didn't want him. Like I didn't know what to do. He then got with another girl after her and when I finally left and gave up I was called a hoe by all of his friends.
    I'm now in a happy relationship, have been for over a year now, with someone who loves me with the same intensity that I love him with. We're currently building a house together and have talked about maybe having a family someday and for the first time in my life talking about the future with someone doesn't make me want to run.

  8. I have the same relationship you had with Hunter with someone close in my life and it fucking hurts. Having someone in-between love and friendship is never easy and I am so glad I am not going through this alone. Thank you for being so relate-able, Tana

  9. I love everything about this video. I love how raw it is, how open you are, how you are unapologetically yourself. This video is honestly the future ❤️

  10. I know you probably are done with all the questions but does this mean when you marry Jake you will still be kind of in a relationship with Bella?

  11. I was going to ask why she has so many relationships but my question was answered

  12. I love her for this. She is so strong to be able to do this! I love her and Belle together too, haha! 😀

  13. The 4.9k people who disliked shouldn’t have clicked on it in the first place I mean why click on it to dislike it

  14. Just because ur in ur twenties does not mean for u to be trashy u were having her bf left overs and thats gross and i guess this is ur coming out video because ur obsessed with bella so have the balls to be like im a lesbian. UR TRASH.

  15. y did they have to have the big fight today? Bella and tana…. I love tella. tana I love you no matter what.

  16. I have this guy. Who doesnt give me any attention. But he has given me support on giving up toxic things, and has given me a great persepective of other people. That there are people out there that could have similar thoughts and openess as me and that there might be the right one out there for me. Even though I wish it could be him, he doesnt seem into it and thats fair… I feel you on loving and not being loved back but appreciating what that love has given you….

  17. hey tana, i just want to say that the first time i watched your videos it made me so interested to watch them more because you are so real! you are yourself no matter what and that makes me love your videos so much more. im just so happy to get your true self !

  18. I wish this video was out when I was in high school. Even to this day some people don’t accept a person. Love is love no matter the person they are. Being happy is the main thing . Thank you for sharing this .

  19. I really needed to hear the intro oml. There is so much slut shaming, especially in high school, and it’s awful. So thank you for saying that. I feel I can’t do the things guys do so ty for saying that. I love you💗

  20. every single thing that you said in this video, i get. each of ur people had one of mine popping up in my mind and holy shit i just get it sm.

  21. I’m not going to be mean at all but she’s sayed that I’m 20 I don’t what to tie down yet but , she’s marriaging jake

  22. I love how honest this is. I have felt 90% of these things you speak about but will probably never say them out loud. It's safer to pretend to be unaffected and cool. But, not necessarily healthy. So, thank you.

  23. there is also Heteroflixble which means you are mostly heterosexual but has gay tendencies

  24. Tana years ago: says "I will never have someone who loves me enough to want to spend there life with me

    Tana now: married, has a family channel, loves Jake, doging all the haters that call it fake

  25. just because a (normal) relationship doesn't requite fucking other people does not mean its bad. Tana has just had bad luck and its like she's trying to put her shit on others and intimidate people who are actually in love

  26. I just want to say that the thing I really like about this video (better said her) is that she doesn't talk bad about her exes. In the meaning…I like that she sees every relathionship as something that she can learn from, and not blame them, or herslef. And I think that's really important and mature.

  27. I love this video because it really shows how you know who you are and how well you get to know the people around you. I really wish I could be like that because I never realized how toxic some of the relationships I have had have been, with friends or more. and now I'm gonna use this to try to figure out who are the best people to have in my life and how they affect me, in good and bad ways. :'(

  28. Aw poor Tana she didn’t know how brad would end up 😭 but now she has Jake so it worked out ❤️

  29. You are raw and creative & you don't give a fuck and I love this video! We share the same views! This video hit me girl. I love love love this video!

  30. I have a hunter in my life for 9 years now. It’s crazy and how you describe it is what it feels and I’m sorry for your pain. 💖 but I chalk it up to the same of learning and growing

  31. As she explained her relationship with hunter I realized that I’m living the same thing and I haven’t been able to realize that it’s toxic, and maybe I did and just didn’t want to accept it. I don’t know how to feel about it rn but thank you so much Tana because even though it hurts realizing it won’t work, I don’t want to imagine the after math from realizing that it won’t work 6 months from now and being broken. We love you Tana❤️

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