The truth about the teatox craze (Marketplace)
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The truth about the teatox craze (Marketplace)

[ ♪♪♪ ] You’ve probably
seen posts like these, influencers and celebrities
claiming they have never felt or looked better, they
can’t believe their results. [ ♪♪♪ ] There’s a lot of buzz
around teatoxes but we’re going to kill it. Not familiar? Take the detoxing craze, add
tea and you’ve got teatoxing. [ ♪♪♪ ] Let’s boil it down. So you’re eating normally,
just adding a cup of tea in the morning and another at
night or every other night. For 7, 14, 28 or 30 days. And the goal? A flatter tummy. Here’s what some people say… I have definitely gotten
a flatter stomach which is what I wanted. You can see after four
weeks, it did slim down. Down about maybe 8 or
9 pounds in two weeks. That’s kind of a big deal. Sounds convincing. But for starters,
they aren’t cheap. Kits range from between
$25 to $200 Canadian. Some ingredients you’ve
probably seen before. Others, maybe not. There is one ingredient,
though, that takes some teatoxes to another level. It’s called senna
leaf, and usually, it’s in the nighttime teas. Senna is a proven
natural laxative and, sure, it could temporarily slim
your tummy area by flushing your bowels and reducing
your water weight. Yeah, that could explain
some of the results people say they’re seeing. But experts say don’t
confuse that kind of weight loss with fat loss. Thing is, senna can also
cause stomach problems, cramps and diarrhea. You know how some companies are
advertising month-long programs? Well, the FDA says you shouldn’t
take laxatives for longer than a week unless a
doctor tells you to. And Health Canada
has a similar warning. Part of the reason why? After using senna for a
while, you might not be able to poop without it. And then there’s this. Vomiting and diarrhea can
affect your body’s ability to absorb medications,
including contraceptives. Yep, senna may affect the
way your birth control works. So if you’re having
sex and teatoxing, doctors say you should
consider a back-up. Many of the companies
brand their teatoxes as one part of a healthy lifestyle. Some teatoxes
don’t contain senna. Most of the ones that do
warn about its side-effects but few warn about the risks
of using senna long-term. Bottom line… It’s an attractive idea but
dieticians and doctors will tell you teatoxing is a myth. There’s nothing you can eat or
drink except water that will help detoxify your body. Your kidneys, liver, and
the bacteria in your colon, well, they’re already
doing the job, and they’re
doing it just fine. [buzz]

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33 thoughts on “The truth about the teatox craze (Marketplace)

  1. Funny how people charge so much for "Sene". Here in Brazil, we all know the effects of the plant and cost cents for 300g.

  2. Several cups of organic green tea from Japan with some organic honey keeps me healthy … haven't had a cold or flu in over 15 years.

  3. Why didn't you guys say the 30 yr old woman shot by police in Hamilton was first nations? And on oct 10th a white woman was filmed at tim hortons on sanford street in Hamilton was waving a knife around at 5-7 police officers and was JUST tasered 2 times but not shot!?!?! You pick and choose what to cover and aren't fully honest with facts but want to act pro first nations? Lol FOH

  4. “Detox” means nothing. Anything that advertises detox is a scam. It makes no sense physiologically and we were born with all the systems needed to eliminate waste. Have a glass of water and spend that money on healthier food options.

  5. More people should watch this. Some of my coworkers getting into this craze and they gave up less than a month (no one get into finishing one full package)

  6. Absolutely LOVE this video. It's straight to the point and very well explained. Sharing this with my clients! Thank you!

  7. So it's an expensive diarrhea tea, that is bad for you, that you should talk to your doctor about and ecouranges methods that's is common in eating disorders. Great.

  8. I used to know this elderly lady who in her younger years was addicted to senna products (there not new) along with other things. Her stomach, lower bowl was a nightmare for her as she got older.
    Be warned.

  9. Celery juice is also having a moment thanks to celebrities and social media but dietitians say there's no scientific evidence that proves many of the health claims made by its supporters. ^nr

  10. Ah yes a cup of warm water with leave removed “toxins” that your kidneys can completely filter out just fine.

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