The Ultimate Branding and Marketing Shortcut in 60 Seconds
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The Ultimate Branding and Marketing Shortcut in 60 Seconds

(heavy metal music) – Shortcut has been given a bad wrap and I think it’s partly
because of the fact of what most people do when they take a look for a shortcut. There’s two kinds of shortcuts. There’s the shortcut which is, oh, we’re gonna take a shortcut meaning we’re gonna cut the corners, we’re gonna compromise quality and we’re gonna offer something less. That’s the lousy kind of shortcut. The good kind of shortcut
is for those brands, those entrepreneurs, those
leaders, those people who look okay, how do I
actually get more done in the same amount of time? How do I actually increase the efficiency so I can not only increase
the quantity but the quality of my output, that’s a shortcut, that’s a legitimate shortcut. If you manage your brand badly, if you manage your process badly you’ll end up with a lot of this fat that basically prolongs things and as a result people will
be looking to do shortcuts ’cause they can’t stand
another long meeting. The higher end shortcut that is the way that we all know, it’s like
getting more done in less time, increasing quality, increasing output because you’ve figured out
there were unnecessary steps between point A and point B.

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