The value of an internship
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The value of an internship

[Music] We effectively help companies promote themselves
online. So, anything from positioning their website higher in search engines, managing
paid campaigns, or even building new websites. They’ve joined us for the summer to get
a flavour for what digital marketing is about and in each case we’ve teamed them up with
a member of our account management team so they can get a really good experience from
working with live client accounts on a daily basis. I think it is very satisfying working with
some of the clients when you see the things that you do actually making a difference having
to work in a place like this. I think we absolutely would engage with the
scheme again. Next year will be our third year in a row. We’ve got a one hundred percent
retention rate of all of our graduates so far. The work that has been put out by these
guys has been absolutely outstanding, so I think we would definitely go for it again.

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