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41 thoughts on “The Vet & The n00b – Modern Warfare 3 Live Action Trailer

  1. Because of a trailer I now want to join the military even more when I get out of high school I know it's not going to be that cool it's going to be more scary but if I have God on my side I know I'll make it out

  2. YouTube
    2015:Nevermind nope
    2016:I might
    2017:I change my mind
    2018:Hell no
    2019: Let's recommend this video

  3. This video has been better than all the last 3-5 cods combined (expect for BO3 Zombies, that was actually a lot of fun)

  4. 2011…it was the best of times and the worst of…well it was actually just the best.
    Youtube is so broken.

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