there’s someone I’d like you to meet…
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there’s someone I’d like you to meet…

I just wanted to tell you guys something because I’ve been Kind of lying to you guys, and I’ve been pulling back something, but I think it’s not time to come clean So basically Yo, what’s poppin guys so today? We are at the airport now, and we are going to Montreal because I want to show you guys on my childhood I’ll show you where I grew up, but yeah, it’s gonna be a long flight probably like six hours, but yeah, see you there And here we are back in my room back in Montreal Yeah, it’s quite a smaller room. I just want to give you guys a little tour of my humble beginnings But yeah, I’m probably gonna. Go sleep sink. It’s pretty late, but I just want to show you a few things How does check out ooh? Look at this picture. This was a high school trip and This is me There you go Yeah Then I had a little desk, I mean obviously I didn’t have a laptop here, I didn’t spend much time here, but I Labeled my little drawers like this sign means Drawings in French there used to be something else here, but if you just check out the books What is this? From the bar to the bedroom the 11 rules Come on focus the 11 rules for picking up and pleasuring women this is what I used to read and Hilarious And here you can see the diary Which is uh? Which is like a Darwin? It has an elementary school well. Let me find you the good part so here You can see clearly that I like this girl called Cheryl because I wrote you know I decided to not care about Cheryl stuff We’re just friends now. Anyways today Cheryl got mad at me again yay tomorrow. I’m going through Cheryl’s house. Hey Man, I think Cheryl hates me again. I did a big mistake Holy shit. This is quite funny. So I think I think I was graphing how much I like each of my friend Let’s see there’s Alex Martin Gabe Alex was a 87% That is so funny. You can see how I became a data scientist You know Ender’s Ender’s even like a reference chart 100% means can share secrets almost impossible negative 20 as I hated wait is there any one negative 20? No dick so All right, I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of my cringy life my cringy What was ice 12 year old or 11 11 or 12 year old self? I Enjoyed reading that I’m kind of glad that I rolled that when I was a kid, but yeah, anyways, I’m gonna I’m gonna prepare for tomorrow because tomorrow we’re having a Montreal Meetup Hopefully someone shows up. I don’t know we’ll see See you tomorrow alright welcome so this is where I grew up and yeah, it’s kind of sad because I want to go to Burger King cuz I want to tell you guys a story about why we Should you know spend a little bit more money when who are younger, and there’s like a philosophy behind it? But unfortunately it became a freaking Starbucks, so this is they feel like a Walgreens I used to go to a lot Yeah, it’s called shoppers in Canada, but in French it’s called foul my pee it’s kind like a Walgreens, and yeah, I used to go there a lot hit on a cashier but uh Good times ooh, and this Used to be my local gym. It was actually pretty cheap. I think it was like thirty dollars a month That’s where I used to get jacked Good times good times And this is McDonald’s my first job ever my first legit job. I mean I worked with my parents Yes, so I started this job once 15. I worked about a year and a half and Man like I was the first one in the history of this McDonald that did not get a raise after a year It’s pretty crazy cuz it’s pretty much mandatory for you to get a raise after a year But how was the only one that did not get one? Yeah was that bad? As you can see most of my fans are quite awkward So what’s poppin guys John was in the bathroom? We’re done, so like we’re gonna interview some people oh Yeah, honestly. I thought your mom would actually be kind of cool But like he’s actually really douchey in real life like I thought he’d been talking like kind of cool But like he’s actually still a man like This small kid he knows everything Yeah, I thought somebody was gonna be there man Okay, so so which we get Samba nothing no one really Decent we’ve done on Joel and Joel ma Way you guys about it. Yeah, well, baby, bro really oh fuck high sixes. See you guys You can come back you can go back now All right guys so that was a pretty dope Meetup Thank you everyone for hanging out with me even though they left like you know 30 minutes after but it’s okay I don’t know. I think it’s cool. So now we’re gonna. Do we’re just gonna. We’re just gonna go grab some food you know chill do some other stuff, but yeah, see you later I Wanna follow where she goes I think about it, and she knows it I Wanna let it take control Cuz every time that she gets close yeah, she pulls me in enough to keep me guessing Maybe I should stop and start confessing I’ve been shaking I love it. We do go crazy. You’re my bitch nothing You take me places Back Hey guys I Just wanted to tell you guys something because I’ve been Kind of lying to you guys, and I’ve been pulling back something, but I think it’s now time to come clean So basically, I don’t even like getting water that much Like I’m not even sponsored by them, but I just thought it was kind of funny, and you guys really liked it I should like my boy better but Yeah, I don’t really like him water. Oh and also a meet Jasmine. She’s that she’s like she’s a youtuber okay? She’s gonna be really big really soon. I think so if you want to listen to awesome covers of popular songs And you know what kind of songs you Do pop but mostly a secret? You’re interested in listening Check out my gym. Yeah. It’s pretty cool Check our channel, but yeah. Hope you like the video, and I’m gonna see you guys next time

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  1. Now i m starting programming too… cz i also want friends like he has….beauty around me….hehehe… well joma i m starting with "kotlin" language…. if possible make tutorials series…who want to learn programming…

  2. She looked happy with you. "Don't take it for granted."

    Joma, quit index 2:

  3. From watching this you don't live a balanced life at all and you never learned that yet, but maybe in time you will.

  4. Isn't it that we all have had a friend named Jasmine from high school, and who always got a nice looking face?

  5. That percentage points to rate friends, I have that too! In my diary lol. A pity that I have already lost touch with all my primary school friends

  6. i was gonna say who cares about those weird dudes you have got her. BUT, hey, it would be nice if they stay another 20mins?

    well, i can still comment even though latest one was 1 year ago?

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