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Things Only A True INFJ Would Understand

Most people know that there are introverts
and extroverts, but there are certain subclasses of personalities that many aren’t well-versed
in. From finding happiness in what others think
depressing to a constant internal battle, here are sixteen things only true INFJs would
understand: 16. Homebody – INFJ is a personality type defined
by the MBTI, aka the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. This process determines a person’s identity
regarding the way they grasp their surroundings and come to decisions. It was established by the mother-daughter
duo, Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers. The system is a series of questions a person
answers which ultimately identifies someone’s personality using a combination of eight factors:
extraversion, introversion, sensing, intuition, thinking, feeling, judgment, and perception. There are sixteen different types, of which
INFJ is the rarest blend, as it only encompasses one to three percent of people. It stands for introversion, intuition, feeling,
and judgment. Taking the first component into consideration,
it isn’t surprising that people with this personality prefer to stay at home rather
than go out on the town. They need time to themselves to recuperate
after being put in uncomfortable social situations, or even after everyday tasks like work or
school. So, going out drinking and partying is more
of a stressful chore than an entertaining pastime. 15. All by Myself – INFJs are known for being
inside their heads most of the time, having more inner dialogue than what they express
around other people. Because of their neverending string of thoughts,
it’s easy for them to feel isolated, even when they’re surrounded by friends. It may seem contradictory, but people who
possess this personality type feel lonelier in a group than they do when they’re actually
alone. Since INFJs are within the lowest percentile
of the sixteen character varieties, they often sense that they’re misunderstood. Extroverted people feed off of those around
them, gaining energy by being a part of social gatherings, but for INFJs it’s the opposite. It can be anxiety-causing, stress-inducing,
and draining for not-so-social-butterflies to have to participate in interactions like
this. 14. Communication – Since people with this personality
type are so introverted, it is surprising that they are experts in communication when
they open up. INFJs are intelligent, often book-read, and
take a lot of time considering other people’s feelings. Plus, they are said to be able to sense the
emotions of those around them. So, by examining these factors, one can see
how INFJs can speak effectively to individuals and large groups if need be. In fact, there are many famous people with
this personality type that everyone recognizes for their amazing speech-giving skills. Some of these renowned human beings include
Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, and Mother Teresa. In fact, Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have
a Dream” speech is one of the most memorable and moving orations of all time. Although it isn’t set in stone, these remarkable
people are often classified as INFJs. So, even though they often prefer not to be
outspoken, some of the recommended career paths for these unique folks are acting, marketing,
teaching, and social working. 13. Organization – We’ve already discussed that
INFJs have a constant chain of thoughts and an insane amount of inner dialogue. Because their brains are never at rest, it
isn’t shocking that they sometimes feel mentally jumbled. Due to the lack of organization within, it’s
important for them to maintain a harmonic atmosphere in their homes, at work, or at
school. Keeping a calm environment helps INFJs deal
more efficiently with the turmoil they face inside on a daily basis. It’s not fun to process a million thoughts
at once, meanwhile dealing with clutter around the house. So if your INFJ friend is coming over, be
a pal and tidy up, buttercup! 12. Intuitive – Considering it is the second word
in the acronym for this personality type, it’s not surprising that these unique people
are very intuitive. Opposed to their detail-focused counterparts,
INFJs are more abstract. They pay more attention to overall events
than specific aspects. So, rather than remembering the particulars
of a conversation they had or precise interactions, they recall experiences by how they felt during
them and from the impressions they left. INFJs are also often known for “reading
between the lines.” While most people pay attention to what is
explicitly said or done to them, people with this personality trait recognize the meaning
behind incidents or individuals’ actions. Their intuition also plays into the fact that
they trust their feelings more than what actually happened to them. INFJs have more faith in their perceptions
than they do in logic, thus making decisions based on instinct instead of rationale. This reliance on intuition also determines
their thought-process regarding problem-solving and often leads to eliminating ideas before
attempting to follow through with them if they suspect a negative outcome. 11. Helping Others – Although they can seem withdrawn
during interactions with others, don’t think that INFJs don’t care or aren’t listening. In fact, folks with this personality type
care a lot about the people they come into contact with, especially if they’re close
to them. Their focus on those around them is a strong
guiding factor in how they behave. Their main goal is usually to keep things
running smoothly and make their friends and family happy. INFJs experience a lot of emotions that go
along with their aspirations to help. They frequently believe they know how people
are feeling, and although what they perceive isn’t always correct, they generally think
they recognize what someone needs. In fact, sometimes INFJs are so intent on
keeping others content, they often forget about themselves. 10. How’s the Weather? – One thing you should never do with an INFJ
is to initiate small-talk. They care deeply about other people, but they’re
more interested in finding significant relationships and having interesting conversations. This stands true for their romantic lives,
bonds with family members, and associations with friends. Since these people are always deep in their
thoughts analyzing, observing, and drawing conclusions, they desire more serious conversation. Due to this characteristic, INFJs dislike
trivial interactions. 9. Circle of Trust – We previously discussed
INFJs’ preferences of having small groups of friends, their goals of pleasing others,
and their desires in creating deep relationships. However, don’t make a mistake in thinking
that INFJs are pushovers. If you mistreat them, they will retaliate. Not in an outburst, but subtly, by cutting
you out of their lives. They have no problem deciding that someone
is having a negative impact on them, and once they’re fed up, they will cut all ties with
you. It may seem contradictory since they are so
caring, but everyone has a limit and one they reach it, they’re done for good. They’ll lose interest in keeping contact
with you, and they won’t think much about a person who has done them wrong. So if you’re close friends with an INFJ,
try not to betray their trust because you might lose a wonderful, considerate companion. 8. Not Open Books – It’s true that INFJs enjoy
talking about other people’s feelings, desires, and aspirations, but when it comes to discussing
their own, they dislike being open and will often keep their emotions and thoughts to
themselves. Although they fear vulnerability, with the
right person, they will eventually uncover who they are more deeply. This characteristic goes along with an INFJ’s
introversion and feeling aspects. They care about what others think and are
very sensitive to what people around them say and do. They want to be accepted and are frightened
that they won’t fit in. So, it proves difficult for an INFJ to be
an open book. If you’re around someone with this personality,
don’t take offense to their opposition of self-discussion. INFJs need to feel they can trust you before
professing their inner emotions. 7. Smile! – People with the INFJ personality type don’t
sport smiles at all times. This deters people from talking to them because
they believe they’re angry or uninterested in conversing. However, this isn’t true! It stems back to their constant train of thought
and their disinterest in small-talk. They don’t want to appear fake, and nobody
is happy twenty-four-seven, so don’t view their lack of a grin as being rude, it’s
just honesty. Plus, since their minds envelop them, they
may simply not be paying attention to their facial expressions. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t approach
INFJs. They seek human interaction and are genuinely
interested in getting to know people. 6. Love – INFJs are always searching for someone
that they can form a real connection with. This counts for romantic relationships and
friendships. But, once they find a person they consider
a “soulmate,” they fall in love deeply. An INFJ’s entire world revolves around forming
personal ties with others and doing everything they can to ensure things work out. So, it’s no surprise that people with these
traits tend to stay in love once they’ve found a person who they think truly understands
them. INFJs are extremely involved in everything
they do, including being with their partners. They want to nurture them and their dreams,
share their desires, and do whatever is within their power to keep their love afloat. This doesn’t mean they’ll stick around
if they’re treated badly, but they won’t give up without trying their best. 5. Nonconformists – Because INFJs are always
trying to find the deeper meanings behind everyday things and people, they generally
don’t find interest in matters that are considered “trendy.” This tends to be because most modern world
pop culture topics aren’t meaningful to people with this personality type. They won’t care about staying up-to-date
with the latest Kardashian news or celebrity posts on Twitter. They prefer to pursue things that are more
in-depth. INFJs usually enjoy things like reading books,
exploring different cultures, or discussing the meanings behind works of art. They care less about the little stuff and
more about the grand scheme of life, so they don’t blend in with the herd. 4. Questioning – INFJs are always silently questioning
those around them. They use this tool to judge how people are
feeling, what they’re thinking about, and how they can help them. But, this can backfire when they use it on
themselves. People with this personality are always wondering
how they can make themselves better. Are they good enough? Are they doing all they can for others? Are they working in the right field? Are they keeping up with their relationships? INFJs are always concerned that they aren’t
reaching the high standards they’ve set in their lives. This can turn into self-sabotage. They set their goals too high or expect to
accomplish too much in a small amount of time, which often fails. You can’t achieve the impossible. INFJs would benefit greatly by coming up with
more reasonable courses of action and taking things one step at a time. This aspect also goes along with the fact
that INFJs strive for perfection. Being a perfectionist isn’t necessarily
a bad thing, but can cause a lot of stress and anxiety if it’s expected in everything
a person does. INFJs should consider this when they’re
feeling overwhelmed at work, home, or with other people. 3. Want it All or Nothing at All – Just like
O-Town states in their 2001 hit, INFJs go full-force with everything they do. They give it their all, or they just won’t
participate. This trait has its roots in the same guiding
factor that makes INFJs perfectionists, nonconformists, and caregivers. They aren’t cursory; once they’ve set
their minds to something, INFJs will do whatever it takes to follow through. People with this personality type often think
ahead to all possibilities anyway, so once they decide on a plan they think will succeed,
there’s no stopping them from accomplishing their goals. This doesn’t only apply to their professional
lives and aspirations, however. It also comes into play with their friendships
and romantic pursuits, as we previously discussed. INFJs are loyal, supportive, and strive to
do their best in every situation. 2. Sad Songs – The slow, somber tunes about lost
love and heartbreak aren’t most people’s go-to when it comes to daily music choices. However, INFJs have a unique appreciation
for the sad songs that would bring most to tears. They find beauty in the gentle guitar, piano,
and soft voices that are common with these wistful ballads. INFJs tend to stray from the upbeat pop music
that most radio stations play because the topics discussed in them generally don’t
allow for more in-depth thinking. This isn’t surprising and goes along with
their interest in more intricate things. 1. Guilt – Unfortunately for INFJs, it is common
for them to feel guilty about things a lot of people wouldn’t. Small things affect them tremendously. Since they are so focused on being a good
person and helping those around them, it hurts them if they haven’t lived up to those expectations. This goes back to how INFJs always try to
please others, so much so that they sometimes forget to keep themselves happy. If they’ve hurt somebody, they will do everything
in their power to fix it. If they don’t know how they’ve upset a
person, they have extreme anxiety because they’re not sure how to atone. Although it isn’t a bad thing to be caring,
being too much so can pose many challenges for INFJs.

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100 thoughts on “Things Only A True INFJ Would Understand

  1. This is very very very weird. A few weeks back, these "INFJ" videos showed up in my recommendation(I use in browser and not logged in), and I was like what does this term even mean.
    Now, at present, this again showed up. ( At timely intervals of weeks I clear all my cache and Google ad settings). So I thought why not check this so called INFJ, and to my surprise, I found it very close to my personality. I then checked mine on the net, and guess what? I came out as

    That's very weird or in other words, all those who shared/commented on these INFJ videos must have had a same/similar set of videos watched, and the AI kind of guessed I too was an INFJ, and voila, it was correct.
    Should we be worried about the growth of AI as in this case. This way, this single giant Alphabet could know so much of the whole population in a few decades.
    It's scary guys, it's scary.

  2. “Tidy up, buttercup”… yeah, I’m down to help others clean up, but my room and life is a disaster, haha.

  3. #17 y’all could’ve told that lil boy sitting by the tree his lips was a bit ashy lol and offered some water 💀

  4. As an INFJ

    Small talks, are my nightmare, I love those people who talks, non stop.

    I can just listen to them everyday, (something interesting of course).
    I will come out of my shell, and just join the conversation.


    Srsly tho, I won’t judge, I love knowing about people’s lives, just don’t ask mine. I want people to be happy.
    But you know people hates me. I don’t get it.

    I found a person, who I can talk to with stuff I love (space, what started the world)
    This is why I had a crush on this person, sadly he left school. 1 year ago, guess what….

    I still keep thinking about him.

  5. I really enjoy sad song, hate small talks as it just waste of time, love to help others but myself. I love have a deeper conversation with someone.. this type of personality makes me felt like a weirdo.. separate from other group… But I'm glad i'm not alone in this lonely personality . ♥️ (Sorry for my grammer)

  6. I've taken the test severe times and sometimes it says I am an INFP and sometimes it says I'm an INFJ is it possible that I could be both?

  7. So many contradictions in all these videos about INFJ… people need or want a name for everything these days… the search for answers is real.

  8. I am INFJ and no one understands not even my family… I have a terrible relationship with my mom and I’m crying right now because I wish she would just understand my personality type and understand who I am instead of making me feel awful.

  9. They are indeed misunderstood. Because they cannot explain it simple enough, as of yet. It’s funny though, I’d love to try, as I’m on my phone in an FJ Cruiser, embarrassingly having INFJ myself. 🙂

    INFJ personality type:
    Is basically, a self actualized person.

    This personality type is called passion. We should all be learning to be more like this type of evolved personality type. Both boys and girls should have at least wanted to learn how to become good men and women.

    This INFJ person learned to enjoy life.
    This INFJ person works for free, without the embarrassment of a reward or the fear of punishment on their mind. When they are finally more realized or more self aware which is continually evolving. They should be searching for their true love by helping people understand this. The ying and yang. The perfect match.

    Whoever watches this and feels as though that they are not like this “rare” personality type, has a lot to learn about psychology.

    They should immediately learn about their perception because their health absolutely depends on it.

    4 stages of life:
    Statement maker (writer)
    Spirit statement maker (teacher + continues learning)

    The “normal” person, found usually in big groups and never alone, are afraid of being alone, (athletes) afraid of creativity, because they are unrehearsed, and they are afraid of simple true communication between themselves and anyone else. (Warriors)

    They are stuck in the lack of spirit for learning, from the fear of punishment in any mistakes made and/or embarrassment of receiving a reward for a forced type of perceived success.

    Why not love the feeling of using your brain correctly?

    Is it because someone may not be getting paid? After being conditioned to work only when it matters to a system relying on such a purpose?

    Is that the only perception that they (their spirit) have been conditioned to have?

    Writing, creating music and painting, are all perceived as work to people who would be unhappy with their results.
    But they can mop floors, type on computers and drive automobiles, kind of, so they do that while afraid of doing too much and then they TRY not to commit any crimes unless they absolutely have to, we have basic needs. They pay no mind.

    We need a resource based system which declares all the planet’s resources as a common heritage to all the world’s animals and people.

  10. Oh my gosh, this almost made me cry…it is so me and I am always frustrated being miss understood, now I know why! Thank you for this video! I would like to share it on my Facebook page!

  11. I can always tell what most folks are feeling and when I call them on it they say everything but the truth and I find myself quite indifferent to others and can see faults in them sometimes finding myself raging in my mind and saying things I regret later only to do it again , I never stop thinking even sleeping I am active minded having very intense dreams and can think about several things at ounce so numbing myself with with vice does not work but helps ! and am afraid of failure so I don't do much at all unless I do it right … Maybe I am INFJ or am I just crazy ?

  12. i’ve took this test three times got infj. then enfp finally entp soooo yea i think it’s bullshit cuz those are opposite

  13. someone explain why i got 3 different answers guess my personality just resides only with me im fine with that tho

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  15. As an infj I dont like your videos. How ironic. You take the rarest of personalities and commercialize it with adds. We would dislike you immediately because your making money off of our sensitivety and because we are way to analytical we know you not a infj

  16. Your post just have said simply what its like to be a Gemini. You just rehashed the zodiac and found people that generalize so everyone connects to your video. Sale the adds, you get money and your just a simple form of a politician.

  17. They used to call this being an American. Your honest, dont cheat and dont lie. When you keep finding people around you that dont live up to that it doesnt make you an infj. It makes you dissapointed that people are generally shit so you withdraw. I live all you peopke looking. I hope the best for you all. Yhe truth is your just generally better people in this world we live in. If course you over think everthing. Trying to figure out why people are shit when the fruit of hinesty taste so much better.

  18. Its simple people. Your either Mike Tyson physically or your Mike Tyson mentally. So who out there wants to make love to me?

  19. lul debunked. these things are not only understandable by INFJ's. These are things that are uncommon sure, but at least one or two really can be found throughout all personality types and most can be found in the general introvert. The world is too big to fit into generalizations like this. This is why Briggs 16 personalities' descriptions say that it's ok if the description doesn't totally fit. The creator might have meant that these are things most common in introverts, but I found it a little offensive (as I am an INTP) that it was titled "Things Only A True INFJ Would Understand".

  20. When they mentioned the job part I'm like hmm sounds familiar because that's what all my teachers tell me I'm going to be some day

  21. INFJ here, hardest time i ever had was during high school. People labeled me as boring because i always wanted to talk about science. Most of the people told me, why can't you talk about small stuff i can't use my brain now etc etc etc. And i never understood what is so hard in meaningful conversations.

  22. INFJ – Reading and liking all the comments to feel connected to my peeps. (Trying to decide if "peeps" is the appropriate word to use, or did it cease to be popular a decade ago? I wouldn't know because I'm IMFJ. But I'm going to worry about it for… days…weeks?)

  23. Any other INFJ "Correctionists?" It annoyed me every time she mis-pronounced words: trivial (rhymed with tribal,) vulnerable, deters (pronounced "deteers,)… there were others. I have no use for her.

  24. This is more or less spot-on for me. I've been basically told I'm autistic all my life, though whether I am or not, I don't know, but this fits and makes more sense than anything else I've come across.

  25. I’ve never felt totally understood until now. That’s the main reason I don’t share my feelings and when I do I feel that I’ve not been understood anyway, so, I feel alone.

  26. I dont wanna be a self-proclaimed INFJ but i pretty much can relate and i see there's a lot of people here can relate too. I dunno whether they're just wanna be's but yea. Then realizing the 3% of world population is 2.3 million. HAHAHAHAHA.

  27. I have infj personality type but I also on the autism spectrum so communication is weird for me. I have all these thoughts I can only get out in writing because when I try to speak them my mouth doesn't keep up with my brain and I can't focus on emotions and talking at the same time. It's… weird and sometimes hard.

  28. The validation from this video is reassuring. Now I understand why being in a crowded party/event feels unreal/nervewracking. Oh god, here comes small talk. I loathe small talk and make a hasty exit. Now, I am outside in the quiet standing under a tree and the world is real again. This part takes a little while, but it ALWAYS arrives. Lovely. I get this now.

  29. I was worried about mistyping for 10 min yesterday but I'm undoubtedly an INFJ & wouldn't say I'm proud. I told my mom, "I spent 3 hours doing yardwork and got a horrible sunburn so I'm "burned" out for today!" & she said, "Sorry you had a rough day." …..maybe other people would take her comment as empathetic but it put me off and I stopped talking to her, because I actually had a very good day and was proud of myself for working hard. It's such a petty thing to take seriously but I felt like she just doesn't get me at all and became disinterested in talking about anything else. 😅 Eh.. I understand my issues & they're annoying, I want to be more flexible though my heart just doesn't accept surface conclusions.

  30. How have I not known about this till a few days ago. I've always thought I have an undiagnosed mental condition idk. Nope, it's just my personality. 😅😅

  31. It’s like almost everyone here believes they’re infj. All those “extroverts” are “introverts” who have guts to break the ice. Damn labels these days.

  32. It is great that this video is informative on the INFJ personality type, I'm one myself. However, this is a pretty stereotypical approach and geared towards entertainment. Everything is there as far as foreseeable traits go. Parts of the mentions can be even just subsets of a more undeveloped INFJ. If anyone wants to know how the mind of an INFJ really works in depth, I highly recommend this video/podcast:
    It is also very helpful for INFJs to listen to.

  33. At first, I really dont know that I am an INFJ when I saw a video about INFJ , then I realised that this traits and a personality of an INFJ really suits me. I took several personality test on the internet ,but the result is always the same which is INFJ . I am an INFJ and I am proud of it ❤

  34. Video: ‘Less than 3% of the population identifies as an INFJ’

    Over 99% of the comment section:
    ‘I AM AN INFJ’

  35. i block everyone who talk disrespectfully i just blocked a 10 year old friend its been 2 month i haven't talked with him and i will never talk until he initiate

  36. I was told back in college that I looked like an asshole because I'd be at the gym all tatted up, working out by myself and if anyone tried to talk to me about pointless crap like who they slept with, how much they drank, or party stuff I'd basicly just walk away… then i'd out of nowhere become an animated talk when talking to the person from japan or Argentina who was actually interesting…..yep the struggle is real

  37. 5:52 this is so on point. My so called "friends" think that I'm way too vindictive and there's something wrong with me. Seriously I wish they can see this video because this is all me and I can't just change it unfortunately. It is what it is. 🙋😒

  38. I used to be a perfectionist but after years years years of abuse torture and rape I stand back to avoid more of the same so duck it all when I am 51 years old. Done with interactions with awhile fucks bloody done being hurt can't take anymore pain a word to the wise never Ever join the military that's a bad idea to the fact of being singled out for more abuse trust me. I KNOW. Don't be like Carrie abuse bye yep yep

  39. My day is tucking weird as shit think of this 2 4. 6. 8 even bloody numbers as a bday I shut you not that is written by Gaia in the sky take care dudes see ya bye

  40. Okay guys, I need your honest opinion on on this.

    Why is it so damn hard for me to say my thoughts out to people. I might have a brilliant Idea or someone asking me a simple question like, say "tell me about your self", my tounge will get all tied up, my brain will be busy trying to play out all the possible answers and responses before finally answering the question.

    At a point I thought I was just an introvert, despite being able to socialize well with people, I very much prefer to be alone, growing up sometimes I'll cover my head with a pillow and just let my mind wonder, ponder and fantasize all sorts of things, i liked being alone so much that going out into world and interacting with people sometimes freak me out, I'm constantly afraid of people emotions, always trying not to offend someone,
    So is that normal or am I just bat shit crazy?

  41. I love INFJs… We're the only ones who can truly understand each other. I wonder how the environment be when everyone is INFJ? 😊

  42. I use to think as a kid smthing was wrong with me cuz i could tolerate so much n spend the rest of my time in my room reading alot as a adult i understood more but until now that i see stuff like this i like omg yes n now im more concern for my 15 year old daughter who also is lot like me n now i have the tools

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