Things to Consider When Selecting an E-Commerce Sales Agency
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Things to Consider When Selecting an E-Commerce Sales Agency

How do you go about finding a partner
to work with in the e-commerce sales space. My name is Heather Roberts. I
am the Co-Founder of RSS Sales. We help brands and suppliers with their
e-commerce account management and e-commerce account training. We find
that when we get on a call with a prospective client we really try to
figure out what their pain points are. This helps us better determine if
we’re a good fit for them and they’re a good fit for us. Some common pain
points are basic knowledge. A lot of companies just don’t have the in-house
knowledge of how to work with a specific account. They may know how to work
with but, they have no experience on Amazon or no experience on Wayfair. Another common pain point is the administrative support. Brands just
don’t have the in-house staff to handle the amount of work that goes into
not just managing but, growing a ecommerce account. We find that
they may have started let’s say with a Walmart or an Amazon or an eBay
or a Wayfair but, they be quickly become overwhelmed with the amount of
administrative work. Another the common thread that we find or pain point is companies don’t have a clear goal or purpose of what
they want out of that account. We help them set a goal. For example, I want this account to grow to XYZ and supplement my other business. There’s a clear
plan. It makes it that us or someone like us can really help the
brand grow that account. I think another kind of pain
point that Suppliers commonly ask is how do we get seen in the sea of all
the people that are out there. The way we handle this is through
completely optimizing your product listings. But better yet, we put
in a really strong advertising and promotional calendar that will rise you
up in the algorithm. We also make sure you have proper assets that your photos
and videos are up to par and are the best in class. A quick little recap on how you know to decide when to work
with an agency. Know your pain points. This can be a lack of knowledge
of the account. Perhaps, it is lack of staff or admin. Perhaps it is also
not setting clear goals. If any of those are pain points for you and you’d
like to sit down and/or get on a call to talk with with us. Please go to Click the button. Set up a free strategy session. We’d
love to talk to you. Have a great day and we’ll talk soon.

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