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This is Lawrence – Summer Internships

It was really interesting to be finally out
in the real world. Mr. Scott Myers has been a great mentor for
me because if it wasn’t for him I don’t think I would know about World Sports Chicago or
know about the amazing work that they do. I’ll be helping to launch my own project that
I’ve been working on since day one, and the fact that I’ll actually contribute to something
and leave an impact is what really excites me. Next week I’m meeting somebody from Google
who happens to be from my country but is also a Lawrence grad. There’s a big world out there and Lawrence definitely
prepares us for it. I’m an environmental studies major, I’m doing
a concentration in innovation and entrepreneurship so a lot of the work that I’m doing reminds
me exactly of the things I’ve done in class. I do a lot of work with excel but I also do
a lot of research and a lot of analytical work. I found my way here through the Lawrence connections
and the alumni network. I met Shelly that way through the alumni network
and through career services and it has given me the confidence to know that there are people
here who are looking out for me. The alumni network has been great. They’re helpful in giving advice and they’re
helpful with introductions. I think the most fun thing about having a
Lawrence student in the office is that we can just share stories about campus. We have an automatic language and familiarity
because we come from the same place. My favorite thing about this internship in
particular is that I’m getting to learn about marketing and sales for so many different
industries. It’s surprising how many of these very high
level executives actually do have a liberal arts background. You can have any major, especially from Lawrence,
and get into any field that you want. I definitely feel very prepared. I’m going to be taking photography next year
and yet I’m a psychology and Spanish major. It seems like none of that correlates, but
all of it really does when it comes down to just being able to wear many hats. This marketing internship, we’ve had to do
so many different things and I really think that’s going to help me when I’m applying
for future careers. I think a Lawrence education really prepares
people for very wide range of potential careers, and I think thats very important in todays
world, particularly a world that is changing so rapidly. So, we’ve had nine Lawrence interns, we’ve
kept in touch with all of them, and they continue to do very well. I think that’s one of our big goals is to
help current students have an edge in the job market.

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