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100 thoughts on “This is What You Need To Understand and apply to Close 10x More VIDEO PRODUCTION & PHOTOGRAPHY JOBS!

  1. Wow, I’ve just gotta say
    1) Your content. It’s phenomenal. I just recently discovered your account, and I can already tell you’re one of the content creators that I’m gonna keep coming back to. I can tell you actually care about teaching content creators, and you’re amazing at it. I’m so grateful I found your page.
    2) I have a theory: Maybe your videos aren’t being shared because they’re too damn ACCURATE. I mean shit, I felt like I got some next level business wisdom. It’s like finding a hidden treasure, I wouldn’t be surprise if people are just trying to keep the strategies for themselves! Seriously though, you’re a phenomenal channel, I’m looking forward to learning and growing through you, and I appreciate you lots.

  2. Bro this is sooooo awesome! Super valuable info I cant believe I just received such value for free! Subscribed!!!

    Sidenote: Does anyone ever tell you you sound exactly like Theo from the Cosby show?

  3. IG is up to 1 hour for business accounts with IGTV. Solutions.
    But what's your perspective on DP's selling point in the world of made movies?

  4. Excellent video man, whats your take on consultations for clients? Like developing a whole budget for them? Give them a rough draft/idea then ask for a downpayment or..

  5. Where was this video 20 years ago when I got into photography!? Great advice for new and old content creators!!!

  6. Great info! I’m selling all my gear lol! Content is very important then you can get to the camera man. Thanks guy!

  7. I think the right words for this video is… 🔥 the info is fire!!! 🔥 been pay my bills with this direction in mind.

  8. Hello Ty, I had just tuned in for the first time to watch your channel and I am very impressed with the educational quality of your approach. It seem like in these days the aspiring photographers are buying too much gear for the shoot and not making enough money to break away from the other and they are still broke. I will tell them about your channel, I'm sure they will benefit greatly from it. Awsome!!!

  9. Ty, am I glad I happened upon you!! I'm new to video, with background in pro audio. But not knew to content creation. When I got to 3:20 into your video, you are making my decision of a foray into video content creation feel good because you are stating exactly what my mission statement is, provide a solution to customers through solid content creation that captures and presents their message in a compelling manner that meets their target audience(s) and business needs. I currently provide web-based solutions through static and dynamic content using data, graphics and written content and have done some short animations using video editing software. I mostly use Creative Cloud and various open source pieces to convey these solutions BUT my biggest asset is ME because I am the one providing the solution at the end of the day and everything else is the tools I use to achieve the desired outcome. As an old boss in the construction industry once said, "be smarter than the wrench!"

    I feel that video is the next natural evolution in my current offerings (or the new wrench in the toolbox) and you sure confirm that here!

    Great video!

  10. Dude, glad I found you man! We're on the same train. I'm former USMC combat camera (I think I'm a little more ancient 😬). Now I've been shooting mostly TV news for the last twenty years and finally decided to do the one man band videographer thing (problem solving/content creator 😉). I'm totally with you on the Blackmagic thing, I've been researching for upwards of a year, and even though I got flack from friends who use Canon 300 or the Sony FS5/7 etc, … I don't but it. It made no sense to me, I tested cameras and ultimately decided, at least for the minute, to get the Pocket 6k. *Like you, I truly believe BM has a sweet next generation Ursa coming soon*!!! — So I'm gonna get started with the Pocket for now and jump on the first upgrade (BM don't let us down!!!🤞😄) — Anyway brother, your content is gold, keep it coming. Watch out though, haha, I'll probably be hitting you up along the way as I figure things out. 🤘😎Totally stoked though. — P.s.: You look into the speed booster thing? I may grab the LucAdaptor, waiting to read people's reviews as it was just released. Anyway, hope to see more, brother!

  11. Great Video Man!! I Knew This Already But To Hear Someone Other Than Myself Say It!! Made Me A Believer All Over Again.

  12. You are Awesome! Nobody is talking about this! I am not in filming, but your content is good for any business model! And the first video I have seen of yours, I did share it because it was AWESOME content!

  13. i have a cannon c100 mii do you think i should purchase the atmos ninja 4k to get better quality or instead get a canon ef 24-105 f/4 instead i currently have the original 24-105 lens ..thanks for all the info you bring

  14. The McDonald’s reference was right on point and I recently gotten a 3 month contract with a dealership with this same style of method anybody can make cool broll of cars but it isn’t just about the cars they want to sell it’s about the experience and what you can offer to help them in the long run

  15. I just want to say bro, this page has got so much bigger since I first saw you about a year ago. This page really just encouraged and showed me that YouTube success is so possible. Great job bro 💪🏾

  16. Awesome video, I keep telling people the same thing and I'm happy to say I close 90% of the clients that reach out because I provide extra value. Thanks for your advice!

  17. This is the content I’ve been searching for. I just ran into your channel and watched two videos and I have learned so much in those two videos than I have learned all year and the most important topic is business. You are the first that I’ve seen that touch on business in great detail. I have already subscribed and I have a feeling that this channel will be the game changer for me going into 2020. Thank You..

  18. Love it. I often get blasted on reddit for giving this exact advice. But it's true. I'm pretty much a newb when it comes to photo and video, but I've been able to make some good side money, because I took the business skills I have from my first business and apply it to doing some production work.

  19. Ok, hear you, but to be 100% honest, it's not that iPhones can do the job properly, they can just get close enough to the untrained eye for the client not to care. Also, if you slap, "shot on iPhone," in the description or lower third, you'll get a bunch of apple zombie fanboys to watch whatever it is.

  20. Business don't go to bed stressing about not having any videos. They stress because they have business problems. We provide solutions that videos can solve, but its the problem we need to fix.

  21. Who makes a burger worse than MacDonald? … Square Space Ad

    Amazing content by the way. I don't know why I haven't known about this channel before!!!!!!!!

  22. Lol, noone shares because this is great info and you can't tell everybody! After I book a few, then I may share lol. Jk…kinda! Nicely done!

  23. Before this video I was just a casual watcher of your content. After this video I am now a subscriber. I'm literally experiencing this shift in mindset right now as I type. I got offered a gig that should have never came to me because there are more qualified people with better equipment who could've taken this project, but by the grace of God and my experience with sharing stories I got the gig! I'll share it with you once it's released in April. Your videos will continue to keep me on this mindset shift. And lastly, I'm not sharing this video because I want the knowledge to myself…lol.

  24. I can honestly say this aspect of my entrepreneurship has been the death of me and for so long until this video I could not figure out why. after seeing this, it helped me realize all I've been doing thus far was trying to sell quality and experience. I really hope this changes my results.

  25. Good stuff intros video, I kept scrolling past it and YouTube kept recommending it. Well worth the time to be educated

  26. Good points you've raised. Thanks for bringing them. Just one question though, I'm into wedding photography, how would I use this information to bring a solution to the bride and groom???

  27. This was a real eye opener that hit close to home. After remapping my business strategy, i got stuck trying to translate all this in terms of photo and video for clients who don’t own a business. For example models, newlyweds, parents to be, or anyone interested in either service. Any suggestions?

  28. For once I'm pretty happy my phone/desktop/laptop has listened to me and the Youtube algorithm dropped this video in my lap. This entire video was a conversation I needed to have but had no idea who to even ask to start with. Subscribed and liked.

  29. Man, you are spot on. Lessons I’ve learned and am learning as I have transitioned from part time to full time. Being able to land quality clients is important, because I’m the only provider in my home. So looking for insight like this is extremely valued!!!!!!! You hear me sir? Thank you!!!!

  30. I have been in online marketing for over 10 years and you are definitely right about a lot stuff. I subscribed 😁

  31. what if you are in a country where they only value 4k and just focus on u having a big camera or a red for an example ?
    thank you in advance

  32. Just found you today – and what fantastic videos! A real treasure. I watched this one and your latest. Pure gold – Thank you!!

  33. Coulda been said in 5 rather than 13 mins but, sure. Why not.
    That said… Your reasoning for why camera people are paid less than directors isn't really… Quite right. Directors have to carry everything creatively. They usually have to be able to shoot as well (most directors operate the camera to some extent) but then they also have to sit through and take creative control over everything from the pre-pro right through to the edit. The idea that it's just because they're better at business is totally misguided.
    Also, because they spend so much time on the project they're paid for less jobs per year(s) whereas even high end DOPs will do more separate jobs. So whilst you have many valid points, I think your comparisons are a little reductive…

    Also quick point)-70k is a lot of money to some people, and not everyone values the bottom line. Some people want to stay doing what they're doing because, actually, they enjoy the technicalities of it. Not everyone is out to make a million 😉 This is a creative industry, not a money making one. There just happens to be good money to be made if you choose to value that 🙂

  34. Love this man! Everyone out here trying to teach lighting, how to get cinematic b-roll or retouching but no one really talks about how to gain clients. What we offer is a commodity, it has no value if there isn’t a solution to a problem attached to it. I enjoyed the point of what gear we use, I did great using an older 2011 Nikon and no one ever asked what kind of camera did you use and all my last videos I’ve been doing for small businesses have been with my iPhone and they’re blown away by the end result, so yeah, find out the problem they have and create a solution and they’ll come knocking on your door 🚪

  35. Damn dude. This is great. Video production service vs. Video production solution. I love it. Thank you for the insight and tips!

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